Project of the Week: Seed Paddy Comes out Trumps!

This is one of 5 projects that will be funded by OneYoga in the Park 2012,  on Aug 12 in Riley Park, Calgary.

To see the other 4 projects, click here.

Project Snapshot:

Total Cost: $4,650

Lives Affected: 80

Dollars Raised: $1,989

Dollars Needed: $2,661


Living conditions are very difficult in the Kiribamunagama village, part of the Karunegala District in Sri Lanka. This very poor area has just about 65 acres of Seed Paddy acres combined in storage, with most families having no land at all. Most of these families with almost nothing receive income support under the official ‘Poverty Alleviation Programme’, Samurdhi.

This village and region still remains poor due to high production costs and unstable prices given for the harvested crops. All farming must be done under supervision of local instructors and officials, and must meet quality standard minimums to be eligible for paid harvest. Most often this results in the farmers being in debt due to poor quality crops as a result of many hardships.

That is why this project, headed by ‘The Sri Lanka Centre for Development Facilitation’, is designed on using the funding received for this project to create a Revolving Loan Fund for the farmers to be able to afford the farming process. This should enable most of the farming families to farm efficiently, and as a result, produce quality crops for harvest to ensure that their fair return in pay is received.

To learn more about this project, click here.


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Get warmed up for #OneYoga2012 with Calgary Outdoor Yoga!


Why limit practicing Yoga outside to once a year?? These guys have a great thing going at Calgary Outdoor Yoga. There are still several weeks before One Yoga in the Park on Aug 12, which leaves you plenty of time to work on your yoga-top tan lines with Calgary Outdoor Yoga!!

You can join them at 12pm on Sundays in Stanley Park, and the cost is $5-$10 by donation. You can feel good about that too, since a portion of what’s donated each class goes to (and we love what they do!)

For more information including updates and announcements, check out the Calgary Outdoor Yoga webpage here, or go to the Facebook page, here. And you can follow them on Twitter: @CgyOutdoorYoga.


Why not give it a try THIS weekend? ;)

OneYoga in the Park 2012


Sunday August 12, 2012 we’re gathering for a massive, karma yoga session in Riley Park, Calgary, Alberta, and we hope you’ll join us.

OneYoga in the Park is an annual event where over 200 people get together and share stories, enjoy great music, and participate in nearly 2 hours of yoga. OneYoga in the Park 2012 will be led by one of Calgary’s best teachers, Jamie Cameron.

This year, UEnd is taking donations to help fund the following projects:

Seed Patty

The Eco Stove Solution

Women’s Education Programs in Tihueliske

Micro-Credit Bank: Fine Boy Town Centre #2

Secondary School Construction

Before the event:

  1. RSVP on our Facebook event page by clicking here
  2. Tweet #OneYoga2012 to spread the excitement
  3. Get friends/co-workers together and create a team
  4. Raise money on your own or with a team



Pledge forms are available on our website and prizes will be awarded to the individual who raises the most money as well as the team that raises the most money.

Visit or just click here for more information.

See you there!


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