You’ve seen our new HIVE weight; now here’s what we’re really excited about. HONEY in yellow bronze has the same shape but with the addition of stone seats featuring hexagonal amber cabochons meant to resemble cells full of beautiful sweet honey.


HONEY will be available with standard amber in nicely matched sets, or it can be upgraded with pairs of botanical or insect inclusions (1, 2, or all three pairs of cabs).

The weights in the photo include cabochons with ~25 million year old leaf inclusions alongside beautiful cuts of our standard Chiapas amber.

Pairs with rare inclusions are extremely limited in quantity and we’ll have just a few available to start.

Hand carved Chiapas amber plugs in the style of our “Pentafilon” five petal flower. These pieces are unique because we were able to use material with a rare red skin and leave them rough on the back to create the brilliant red light effect as seen when the pieces are backlit. They also have a marvelous green sheen in natural sunlight. SOLD. We have enough of this material left for a few sets of jewelry at 16mm or below. Contact

We are ready to show a sneak peek of our new hand cut copper and glass enamel flowers, and we’ve just finished up a few pairs to take to the Cape Fear Tattoo Festival in North Carolina this weekend. This pair is 1” (25.4mm) and features a double layer white 12 petal flower with a 6mm prong set amazonite cabochon. Stop by the tattoo fest for a look, and keep an eye on our website for forthcoming pieces available for purchase.

Charoite teardrops in 1”. This is a very difficult stone to carve due to unpredictable breakage, which is a big bummer considering how expensive the rough material is and how difficult it is to find high quality material. If I had a least favorite material to carve, it would be charoite, despite loving how it looks.

This pair is available now on our website.