It wasn’t the first time Maggie had waited.

She made games out of it; she would guess the number of cars that would pass before the Buick pulled into the driveway, and allow herself a cookie if she got it right. If she did, her suspicions were true and she was psychic; if not, whatever.

She was an innocent child, not a simple one- her games in the backyard were filled with made-up creatures and alliances the neighbourhood children had long since given up trying to follow. No problem- she would wait for someone who knew what she was doing.

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All day they’d traveled, and all night they had tried their hardest to grasp the lithe maiden sleep. The gaunt blond had been keeping watch in all technicality, but they were always awake. Always aware.

Before the sun rose, they were packed. the fire had been stamped out, and the pithy excuse of a meal had been rationed out. Six people, six grown people. Some dried fruit and water of questionable purity. They’d have to eat wild berries from now on.

The golden ring of morning shone across the lake, and they at once became aware; they were not alone.