Bianca Del Rio I am disgusted and disappointed that your humour only works by degrading and demeaning the already oppressed, even if what Ru was doing and saying was okay, being a blatantly transphobic like that is not cute and makes you look incredibly ignorant.

As for the “Nobody would know her because of Drag Race”/”Biting the hand that feeds you” argument, just because someone did you a favour, large or small, doesn’t mean you have to swallow everything they say and do, Carmen was on Drag Race years ago, and is allowed to disagree with something RuPaul is doing, just as any of the other queens are, it doesn’t make them less grateful, it just shows they’re aware and open to issues and that they know it’s not fucking hard to stop using words that oppress and offend a community that you gay men in dresses are not a part of.

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A bit of fan art of Chris Cox(as Pun-Pernickel) and Brian Salisbury(as Sass Berry) from Oneofus.net, partly for a contest to win a DVD. Mostly I did it as a bit of tease, because for the longest time they ragged on the Brony Fandom, but recently came to realize they where wrong in doing so. They still may not like the show, but they now understand that the fandom is much like any other fandom, and shouldn’t be treated any differently. 

Go check out their site, because they are awesome. 

Good luck SuperMario. Thank you very much for everything. Forever one of us 👏🔴⚫🔴⚫🔴
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