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I just want to apologize, one evening a while back I hit post limit and you posted some amazing things about Sherlolly shippers I loved and agreed with and SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO REBLOG. And as much as I reblog Johnlock, I LOVE SHERLOLLY LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW, so thank you for being one of those superb rare blogs I can count on to provide me with much needed Sherlolly! :)

Aww, there is no need to apologize! I’m glad you liked what I said. I really appreciate it. I’m glad I can provide you with some Sherlolly because it really is amazing! 


ou mean from the Doctor Who soundtrack?

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1. Favorite go-to movie/series for when you’re sad?

When I’m sad I don’t really go to tv but if I do

Series: new girl

Movie: Anastasia

2. Favorite physical attribute in a partner?


3. Last song you listened to/first song that comes up on shuffle?

Last song I listened to: L.A. Story - Sammy Adams

Shuffle: Baauer - Dumdum

4. Show/movie that you’ve been meaning to watch but haven’t often around to?

Show: Supernatural. I got up to the 8th Episode and my computer shit out on me.

Movie: the conjuring, anchorman, and idk this one movie w/ Hannah the rush or something

5. OTP to rule all OTP’s?

Idk I don’t really have a lot of OTP’s

6. Dream car?

I want one so bad that when I’m with my family and we see one I yell or whisper softly in their ear JEEP JEEP.
but I just wish a jeep could be better for the environment cuz idk I really like the look.

7. Dream vacation?

Well hopefully next year in April I’m going to be going to France for approximately 2 weeks or something like that. And I’m really really excited. Omg I’m gonna buy so many shoes.

8. What does your mind palace look like?


my what

9. If you could be a plant, what would you be?

One of those trees in Africa so cheetahs would sleep in me and I could see giraffes and shit.

Yeah okay that’d be cool but why the fuck would I wanna be a plant can’t I be a bird or some shit.

10. Book that you’ve read by far the most?

Artemis fowl book 1 or the hunger games. I READ IT BEFORE IT WAS A MOVIE.

11. Real or fictional roommate of your dreams?

okay real as in real person that I know Challen Or Shelby or Hannah

Real as in exists then Logan Lerman. ey lil mama lemme whispa in yo ear.

Fictional … uuhhh….. Ummm. Percy Jackson? Played by Logan Lerman? Or holly short.

Choosy time. How many people do I pick? 7.

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12. Last book you read?

13. Favourite pass time?