500g down this week for #weighinwednesday. It’s probably exactly to be expected considering I was on track with food for half the week, stuffing my face full of carbs for a day, dehydrated the next, and trying to replenish the day after. My muscles are still sorting themselves out post Sunday, too. I’m happy with it. But more excitedly, I earned my first carrot! I’ve got this appπŸ” called Carrot, and you can list your rewards for mini goals you have. I’ve been wanting a pink One Active bag ever since I saw them at the 12WBT Sydney finale One Active fashion parade. I didn’t get one for so long but still really wanted one. So I decided if I wanted it so much then I’d have to earn it. Good little carrot to get me working! I wrote it down on ‘Carrot’ that I had to get under a specific weight and then it could be mine. I bought the bag and have had it sitting in my room and I wouldn’t let myself use it until I hit that weight - even the other day when my usual training bag broke! As of this mornings weigh-in, it’s now mine to use 😎😎😎 #weighinwednesday #weightloss #weightlossjourney #goal #goals #minigoal #12wbt #mishbridges #oneactive @one_active

The full outfit! However like last time I had a wardrobe malfunction with my jacket lol. Can’t take me anywhere. It was so cool, we actually got to choose our clothes! We walked into Big W and got to take what we wanted from the shelves. Could that be any cooler?? Including pink crop top and socks hehe
#supermodel #oneactive #mishbridges #michellebridges #bigw

Most amazing afternoon!!!! So much to tell you so will be back later. So hungry, I got a bit unwell coz I haven’t had breaky or lunch, just a tiny snack this morning. Have been on the go and my blood sugar got low and I almost fainted in Big W so finally managed to get a hot cross bun so throwing that down my throat before I drive home. Is this what models do? Don’t eat? Not a fan of that! But was an awesome afternoon. NEED FOOD. Chat later xx #supermodel #supermodellife #lol #nofood #faint #mishbridges #michellebridges #12wbt #oneactive

Just last-minute decided to try out for our school’s OneAct Play. Just waiting for the insults to start

Never thought I’d shop for myself in the kids clothes section but here I find myself! There are some really cool kids clothes out there - and they’re so much cheaper. Here with girls who’ve all lost weight. WE FIT INTO KIDS CLOTHES OH YEAH!!!!!!!! #clothes #kids #oneactive #loseweight #thisissocool πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—