I wanted to draw myself in the style of all of my favorite cartoons, both now and growing up. These are all my influences and the ones from my childhood are the reason why I am an artist today. So it was a really fun challenge. My style is really influenced by a lot by shows like Avatar, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, and obviously Disney so it was kind of cool to channel the core of my style and isolate all the individual variables. 

Anyone who has actually watched all these shows gets brownie points from me.


This show got me through a lot of hard times.


I Am Swen 

Hi there! My name is Antonia, bisexual, 19 years old from Sweden. I’m graduating the Natural Science program from High School (or gymnasium as we call it here) in two weeks and aim to study marine biology later. My biggest passion is pole dancing. I love it so so so much, it’s like ballet but on a pole and it makes me feel sexy and strong  and beautiful as hell. I’m a vegan and I love cooking, I eat like a horse (literally…). Writing is also a passion of mine, right now I’m writing a lot of poetry but I do love writing (and reading) fanfiction. I love TV shows, I recently started binge watching a lot of them, OUAT being one of them and I fell in love with it because growing up, fairy tales were really important to me so OUAT found its way into my heart (but my favorite show is Orphan Black, sorry). 

Here you have a pic of baby me with a horse and a pic of me on my pole. 

I love Swan Queen

I love SQ probably for the same reasons as many of you; their amazing chemistry, their development, the way they always have each others backs, the eye sex, the “I must find your happy ending”, the “I need you”, Emma’s willingness to do everything for Regina and vice verse, they are so different but so very much alike, the allure of “the Evil Queen and the Savior” etc. I love them, Emma and Regina. Regina is my favorite character, she had me wrapped around a finger from the start because even though she was problematic, the Evil Queen was just amazing and woaah incredible and I love her so so so much, (plus Regina is such an inspiration). Tbh, I don’t really know when I started shipping them. I remember seeing gifs of them on my dashboard before I even knew what OUAT was about and I actually believed they were canon at first (the disappointment when I found out though), so I think I shipped them before I watched the show haha. Favorite scene… Hm I love Emma with a chainsaw and the complete eye fuck and sexual tension in that scene holy shit. I also love The Scene in Going Home, do I need to explain why? Okay I love every scene with them together. 

Swan Queen is THE OTP for me. 

Gif from swanqueen-morrilla, not mine! (x)

I love Swen

I love Swen, I really do! You are a huge group, nation, of amazing people. We are so strong and no one involved in OUAT can deny that. Even though we go through a lot of hate, homophobic assholes and other forces trying to push us aside, we are still going strong. Even media has acknowledged us and starting to take us seriously as of late. You are so inspiring, creative and funny. I feel safe and even though I’m very new in this fandom and haven’t found many people to talk to yet, I feel like I’ve found somewhere I belong, people who understands. I feel welcome. 

Let me just say this, the fanfiction, AMAZING! There are so many of you who really have a talent, you write novels about our fave ladies that are better than many books I’ve read. You write hot, funny, angsty, fluffy fics that make me want to rip my heart out and let someone run over it with a truck. 

The gifs and the videos, oh my god, you are so talented. And those of you who draw and paint, just I have no words. I love what Swan Queen is doing to us, giving us a home and encourage us to let our creativity free. Swen, you help me move forward, you bring a smile to my face and I get through the day because of you. There are so many blogs I visit daily that post and reblog amazing fan art in different forms and you never cease to amaze me.

You create a clusterfuck of emotions in me and you are the group of people fifteen y/o little me needed, getting comfortable with my sexuality and myself. I thank you for that.   

ethan-8  and dakota829snow, awesome idea! Thank you for doing this, I will enjoy scrolling down the tags and get to know more of Swen. 


HIIII TAYLOR! I’M REBECCA! You followed me at some point last night while I was sleeping. I woke up at 5 this morning and checked my phone then BAM there you were! After that I proceeded to spam my girlfriend (who I met here on Tumblr because of you and Ed Sheeran) with ecstatic messages even though she was sleeping. I’ve been smiling all day! So, I actually met you back in 2008 when you were opening for Rascal Flatts! I was 13 years old and it will always be one of my favorite days. Since then I’ve been to 6 more of your shows in 2 different states! I don’t know where the time went but it has been a huge privilege growing up with you and your music you graciously share with the world. I can’t wait for the 1989 tour! I’ll see you in July, okay?

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If you could dress up like a superhero today. Which one would you dress up like and why?

Wonder Woman. She was my favorite growing up. I watched the TV show. I had the Underoos. My grandmother even had a giant Wonder Woman doll made for me for Christmas one year. And probably the greatest thing that’s happened to me as an adult was Underoos coming back because I got to have them again.

I guess I kind of do get to dress up as Wonder Woman sometimes. (tee hee).

So, in the latest Ever After High episode, we have Blondie Lockes using her magical ability to break into not one but two houses. And we get a small window into how she’s wronged the three bears. Despite that, she remains completely oblivious to their seemingly justified wariness- or frustration, at least in Baby Bear’s case- toward her.

And sure, some people like obliviously insensitive characters. That’s fine. That’s one of the human flaws that makes me so interested in Apple. But this…this is taking it up a few notches too high, don’t you think?

She’s had enough redeemability up to this point to remain a candidate for my second-favorite character(even if she has been slipping after showing just how judgmental she is a couple of episodes ago), but now? Let’s just say that Mattel better be setting Blondie up to grow conscious of her flaws real fast, preferably within this arc, or I won’t hesitate to drop her.

I’m really excited about the Supergirl TV show but I’m scared it’s not going to get the attention it deserves because it’s a series centered around a woman. And it’s not fair. I swear to god, if this shows gets cancelled after one season I will lose my shit. It’s made by the same producers as Arrow and The Flash. There is no reason it shouldn’t get just as much attention and ratings. The preview shows quality special effects and it seems written pretty accurate to her origin. Melissa is a good actress, I liked her in Glee. I’m just scared it won’t make it because we live in such a sexist fucking world. You all don’t understand the impact comics had on my life when I was growing up. Supergirl is one of my favorites (along with Superboy and Kid Flash). This show doing well will help pave the way for more and more shows. Let’s give it the attention it deserves. Hell, Smallville had ten seasons, and as much as I love Superman (trust me, he is my all time favorite) the show wasn’t that great…

Also, actually watch these shows and stop illegally downloading everything. That’s how good shows get cancelled.

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I was recently watching one of my favorite shows. And it made it clear how much kids grow in a period of time. Within a season's time, the kid began to go through puberty, shot up in height, and his voice became deeper. THAT's what makes the casting of teens in teen roles complicated. Kids grow fast.

Yep. Plus all of the legal issues.

The Garden

Vaelrin reflects/thinks back on piano things. I don’t know. Something something piano. It’s sad I don’t remember my own writing.  June 13, 2012

One of my favorite past times as a child growing up was being able to listen to my mother play with her heart at the piano. It was a love of hers that showed through the course of her music, an energy my father often dismissed as nothing more than noise. I on the other hand took a quick love for it right at the beginning. She claimed it was likely because she often played it while bearing me as an infant within womb. Whatever the reason was for my interest, I knew that I had to learn if I wanted to tell a story through music. Every evening was ours as we’d sit together at the bench learning the basics of the art until I was able to fully master it.

The piano is capable of being the only melody needed for a singer to sing her song. Joined with other instruments, one can easily create a mix fit for dance or casual mingling. It can even stand on its own two feet without need for an entire band or performing artist, a masterpiece that can create and tell a story so as long as someone knows what they are doing. Even the construction is often a work of art and fine craftsmanship for any carpenter. When crafted, care and precision is given to every ivory key, every string, and even the outer layer of wood or metal. It is by no means a traveling instrument which is probably its only downfall. Where a flute can go as far across Azeroth, a piano is limited to just a single room. The piano is often overlooked these days in favor of guitars and rock bands ( like this Tauren Chieftans I hear so much about ). But there are a few who still treasure the classics. I of course consider myself one of them.

Learning took years of practice and many more to develop my own understanding without the guidance of sheet music.  During my adolescent years I was able to create my own songs that had absolutely no meaning. I believe it was mostly used as a manner of trying to appear fascinating to anything that had the shape of a goddess. It worked, surprisingly, as many young women often flocked to listen. A charming young high elf playing melodies out of thin air and promising it was just for them. So unaware they were that it was the same song for all of them. Of course it wasn’t until my mother asked the meaning behind one particular number I played for her did I question my ability to play at all.

“So it’s just… a string of music? That’s it?”

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I just saw the trailer for the Jem and the Holograms movie … my heart hurts. 

I know the original series was made for the soul purpose of selling dolls and I know it was not very well written because lets face it few 80s cartoons were, but the trailer makes it look like they didn’t give a shit about the source material and are just hoping to cash in nostalgia. The original show had technology working for it. There were holograms, a super advanced computer, her father was a missing super genius and instead they go with what looks like a lifetime style movie mixed with Hannah Montana. 

I honestly wasn’t expecting too much from the movie but I was at the very LEAST expecting something that looked like one of my all time favorite cartoons growing up. From what I see so far it looks like they didn’t bother to watch any of the original. 

They took what should be a sci-fi story, sucked out every ounce of originality it had, and made the same coming of age/rags to riches story we have all seen a hundred times only now it has crappy out of place face paint.

Good job!

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What's the song of Achilles?

Hello, lovely anon!

The Song of Achilles is a fantastic novel by Madeline Miller. It takes place in ancient Greece before and during the Trojan war and the main characters are Achilles and Patroclus. It’s Patroclus’ point of view (and he is a sweet, angel, darling you will fall in love with~) which gives readers a unique experience since his role in the Iliad, though small, had a huge impact. This basically shows you why that was. 

But the main thing is that this novel contains the brilliant love story between Achilles and Patroclus. It introduces them as children and shows them as they grow up, fall in love, and face everything together. Patroclus is seriously devoted to Achilles and will not leave his side for anything.

It’s probably my favorite book and I recommend it a hundred percent! Patrochilles is one of the most beautiful and most painful otps ever, and you might cry but idk I think it’s worth it. xP

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This episode wasn't really sad so... Why I want to cry?? T_T (between the four episode, which one will be your favorite and less favorite? :v )

You know what I think this one is my favorite. I don’t have a least favorite. It’s really sad because Karai is conscious of what’s happening and can’t do anything about it. I loved how this episode showed how much Leo is growing up and how much he deeply loves his family. At the same time I want to cry our baby boys are growing up into respectable young men and I want them to stay babies(that’s not realistic I know, but, I still have not come to accept my 15 year old BABY niece is 2 inches taller than me).

I had a recorded VHS growing up...

It had a double feature of Back to the Future and Joe Versus The Volcano both recorded off an old scratchy ABC channel in the 90s. I always knew it by sight from its sticker label with black and red sharpie marker. it was my very favorite VHS tape. 

 In fact VHS tapes are really cool because growing up we never labeled them effectively or reused them regularly just getting new shows and movies that would come up on weekly basic TV (unless they were really old and worth saving aforementioned) so when you popped one in you never knew what you were gonna get or what would come after that or what episode of Bobby’s World you had or if this episode of The Legendary Journeys of Hercules would cut out halfway through.

man… I was not expecting to have this feels today.

I was tagged by the lovely minhothemighty​ - thanks <3

Name: ella
Nickname(s): lmao none 
Birthday: August 27
Star Sign: Virgo
Gender: Female
Height: little bit more than 5′7″
Sexual Orientation: bi
Romantic Orientation: bi
Favorite Color: black 
Time and Date at Current Moment: May 8th, 7:54PM
Average Hours of Sleep: like 8?
Lucky Number(s): 29
The Last Thing I Googled: miles davis all blues
First Word That Comes to Mind: sugar
One Place That Makes Me Happy: my room.
Favorite Famous Person: idk maybe emma watson or something? 
Celebrity Crush(es): none currently
Favorite Anime(s): - 
Favourite TV Show(s): ugh idk
Favourite Musicians/Band(s): does the hp soundtrack count?? otherwise ed sheeran
Favorite Game(s): i’m sleepy and i can’t think of anything sorryyy
Favorite Movie(s): aLL THE HP FILMS. 
Dream Holiday: amsterdam…? or sydney or something 
Dream Job: writer. (lmao i wish)
Wearing Right Now: a really big, really comfy sweater and leggings
Last Book I Read: maze runner (again.)

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2. 3. 4. 6.

2. first anime crush oooh it was either Goku from DBZ or Matt from Digimon, I can’t remember which was first 

3. favorite anime character this one is tough, it really depends on the show I guess. Some of my favorites though are Bakura, Vegeta, and Inuyasha 

4. least favorite anime character I hate Kikyo from Inuyasha so much, she makes my skin crawl 

6. popular anime you didn’t like I haven’t actually seen too many animes (suggest some good ones!) because I was never exposed to them growing up (my family judged a little too hard and I was always too self conscious to watch them/admit I liked them) and I haven’t really been able to actually “watch” them till a little over a year ago, but all of the ones I have seen I really liked. I guess if I had to pick one I would say Yugioh Zexal, I know a lot of people who really liked it and maybe it was because I was expecting so much from it that I couldn’t get into it (the actual show, the characters etc are cool to me still)

thank you for the ask!  (▰˘◡˘▰)