With it being National Transgender Day, I just gotta say I love ya Cremisius “Krem” Aclassi. You’re aclassi guy.

I keep seeing Jason and Cl.exa shippers asking for the Bellarke fandom to help with this poll and that’s all well and good bc the show needs the spotlight and everything but idk maybe more of us would be more inclined to help if a few didn’t keep trying to tell us Bellarke is non-existent and all the typical judgement this fandom gets for shipping Bellarke.
It kind of bothers me that it was all like: 

“you’re homophobic if you don’t like cl.exa” 
“it is non-existentant” 
“bellarke is forever platonic” 
“bellarke fans are just bitter bc we got a kiss” 
“bellarke lost way early cl.exa is obvs better”

and now they’re losing this poll bellarke suddenly exists enough for us to help them? and then getting upset because not enough are voting? 
I mean really? don’t get up the fandom for not wanting to help, I’ve seen some of the crap people say and it’s no wonder some people wouldn’t want too tbh.
There are some Bellarke fans who post and reblog Clarke and Lexa gifsets bc they’re worried they’ll get hate and get called homophobic and I find that so sad. 

If you keep in mind it’s for the show getting more spotlight, I do encourage you to vote. But if you feel uncomfortable about it — well I can’t really blame you tbh. 


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ohmigod i just finished liarb last night and now you're talking about it what the fuck. so happy YOU UNDERSTAND THE PAIN. THAY FIC WAS LIKE TIF LEVELS OF GOOD. LIKE RNTM LEVELS. THE THREE OF THEM NOW OCUPPY THE #1 FIC SPOT IN MY HEART ALL AT THE SAME TIME. boyy am I glad I got in this fandom, everything is shady but at least the fics are awesome.

the motto of the larries: “everything is shady but at least the fics are awesome”

Don’t attack people

I see a lot of people are upset and attacking other people for shipping Jaspidot, Lapidot, Jaspis and Jasper/Peridot/Lapis or Jasper with anyone in general.
I understand why some are mad about it because honestly, in a way, the ships are problematic but only in canon.

I myself ship these ships but here’s the thing, I don’t ship them in the canon verse.

The ships, especially the ones involving Jasper wouldn’t work in canon, at least to me it wouldn’t unless maybe if a redemption happens. Lapidot might work but still.

Have you ever thought people might want to see and play around with these characters in a healthier or different light.
Just because Jasper was gross and ‘evil’ in the show doesn’t mean we must always portray her in a horrible way in our own works.
That’s why aus exist, so we can portray the characters differently and put them in different settings. Jasper is a pretty interesting character all of them are and there are things I dislike about Jasper but there are also things I like about her too. you can love a character and dislike them at the same time. That’s usually the case with me.
I mean I love the fact that we now have an equivalent to crystal polygems.

I see nothing wrong with people shipping those three if its an au or whatever and not in an abusive way. And if people ship them in canon *shrugs* well there’s nothing I can do nor say that will make them stop.

There’s nothing wrong with people not agreeing with these ships either but don’t go out of your way to attack and tell others “you’re disgusting if you ship them” or “You condone abuse if you like them”.
Don’t say that, especially to people who portray them in healthy relationships.

If people portray them in a bad way, you can always choose to block that person or blacklist the tags of ships you have problems with. Don’t attack people!

I’ve gotten a few nasty anon messages recently even though I haven’t drawn my own content of those ships yet except one and now I decided to turn off anon for a good while maybe even for good.

What those anons said was very rude and disrespectful and on par bullying but its really no skin off my back and I could care less if you have to come at me like that. I have long since developed the skill to not let petty things get under my skin. It doesn’t even affect me but what pisses me off is that you anons keep cluttering my ask box and I have to constantly clean it.

Why couldn’t you just talk to me and voice your thoughts in a respectful polite way instead of being jerks to me? I’m not a mean person and I wouldn’t have bitten your head off. Don’t be afraid to talk to me.

I don’t appreciate the childishness nor do i have the patience for such behavior and I will not tolerate it anymore. I will no longer allow anons. This goes for my other blog too.

I could’ve easily found out who you were and put you on blast but it would make me no better then the people who attack me. You want to act a fool, throw a tantrum and play this silly game but I got news for you.

You’re going to play it alone. I’m not stooping to your level.

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Wait what is going on with Naughty Boy? What did he do?

Oh man, brace yourself. 

So, you know Zayn left the band and all that drama and whatever the fuck happened like it happened, I have moved on. Whatever.

Anyway, so because of the statement of facebook where Zayn said he wanted to have a normal “out of the spotlight” life we were like aww little cute baby boy you should cause your life has been hectic af like seriously I wouldn’t want to even be in his shoes like good for him. Few days later, dude gives an interview where he says that he wants to start a solo career…

Like, that’s when I was like, what even Zayn? what does it has to do have a normal life and have a solo career like what? 

Anyways, he said he was doing music with my boy Naughty Boy (and this is sarcasm obviously) and everything was cool and alright UNTIL…

March 30, 2k15, producer Shahid Khan known as Naughty Boy releases a song featuring Zayn’s vocals called “I Won’t Mind”. Less than a fucking week. I repeat LESS THAN A FUCKING WEEK that Zayn left the band. Seriously. SERIOUSLY?!!?!?!?! Like, how insensitive can you be? I mean, literally there’s nobody in the world that has access to the news to be indiferent to Directioners pain and later mourning about Zayn leaving and yet this asshole releases this song saying that we should “let the music talk” and that Directioners will “thank him later”

And also, dude retweeted a video that… oh man, it keeps repeating and repeating “Naughty Boy saved my life, Zaughty will rise Naughty” and it was like fucking putting salt on the wound like I can’t even type of how upsetting I find this.

So, then, my boy, my lord and savior (and seriously, he should have more love from the fandom cause he literally defends us like any time he can, he’s the true MVP) LOUIS WILLIAM THE TOMMO TOMLINSON tweets this:

And it was like the most glorious moment of the entire process from One Direction to One Direction and Zayn. And the best thing is the amount of support this one has, not only from the fans but even from little tiny Daisy Tomlinson who tweeted this (and I literally cannot with this child, I want to give her a massive hug really. That family is wild I love it)


I mean, this is even better than The Wanted-gate like seriously. And now he’s been playing the victim like tweeting this:

And then this happened:


So, you know, the boys have been pretty pacifist about a LOT of things so Lou was the only one saying this as usual, but then BAM, shit got real when:

My youngest son known as Harry Styles unfollowed Naughty Boy. This has been a wild ride.

And that’s the story of the Naughty-gate, hope you stay tuned for more things if actually something else happens. If someone wants to add a little bit more, feel free to do it.


its trans day of visibility!! i almost forgot om g

anyway at school today i wore a dress for the first time there and the teacher thought it was so cute she asked if it was ok if she took a pic!! it made me feel rlly cute but somehow i couldnt take a decent selfie at all today after that OTL

 they/them please im agender ;v;

I promised myself the not-exactly-a-winter-soldier-AU AU wouldn’t become a thing and yet somehow it has become a thing.  

my new stress-times punching bag

It’s a good thing the singularity hasn’t happened and we can’t upload our brains to computers because I was just idly thinking about old age and dementia and the limits of the storage capacity of the brain and how even if the organic matter is surpassed surely there must come a point when you need to collect more memory in order to not become senile and how that memory couldn’t be just standard computational memory it would have to be human and-

I casually thought myself into murdering people’s virtual consciousness in order to steal their memory capacity for myself.

So. Uh. It’s a good thing that this isn’t an option for me. Because apparently my moral code is just… not even remotely equipped to deal with those possibilities.

RvB: Esse Quam Videri

“Okay,” Carolina said, tapping her foot on the metal floor in a poor show of patience. “What does that mean?”

Connie blinked at her. “Uh, I don’t actually know, Latin is kind of, you know. Outdated. Literally a dead language.”

Woming scoffed from across the room. “Outdated in your crappy and primitive education system, maybe,” he muttered, and the group of freelancers crowded around the new book “50 Facts About Each of the 50 States” all turned to stare, glare, and expertly roll their eyes.

“Can you translate it, then?” Carolina demanded, and Wyoming pulled on his budding mustache before unfolding from him chair and walking over to grab the book out of Connie’s slightly reluctant hands.

He glanced at the plain text, and then at a skeptical Connie, and an eager Carolina. “Ahem,” he said in lieu of a throat clearing cough while flipping through the nearby pages. “It means: to be, rather than to seem.”

Carolina leaned back in her chair. Connie almost looked shocked with her reluctant surprise. The others, New York (”Just go by York, we’re all friends here.”), Washington (”And he goes by Wash! Because we’re all friends here.”), the twins, Maine, Virginia, a couple of others he hadn’t really learned the names of yet, they all regarded him with various levels of begrudging respect.

“You can read Latin?” Connie said, genuine awe in her voice.

Wyoming grinned. “Nah, mate, the translation’s on the next page. See?”

Connie snatched her book back from his offered hands while the other Freelancers laughed, scowling and adding a half-hearted punch to Wyoming’s thigh as he walked away with his head held baitingly high. Even Carolina was trying to suppress a few giggles by covering her mouth with her palm and looking anywhere but at Connie’s face.

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You are worth so much to this community, dont let that anon bring you down. Theyre shoving words down Marks throat to make their own awful opinion feel justified. You and everything you do is appreciated in this world and this fandom. No one deserves to be treated like they are less than anyone else.

(( Thank you anon. I should have realized Mark would care. He cares about all of his fans. And I should know that what anons say are always wrong. Thank you so much for the message. This community is the sweetest community ever and I love being a part of it every day. Thank you so dang much for the message. ))


so i heard it was transgender day of visibility? that’s pretty chill i guess. so i selfied. Keith, he/him

idk if this is dumb but I’ve been reading all the tags people have been adding to my tdov selfie set and for the first time I’m really starting to feel like people actually see me as a boy.

like i know my boyfriend knows im a boy and i know im a boy but that’s sort of it cause even when my friends use he/him pronouns i sometimes feel like they see me as a girl trying to be a boy (if that makes sense) and are just trying to be nice

idk im just glad that this day exists I guess