some statistics:

number of phillions in the world: roughly one million

number of actual lions in the world: roughly 23,000

number of times phil has said “hi guys!”: 155

number of times a lion has said “hi guys!”: none, hopefully

combined times phil’s videos have been viewed: over 67 million

combined views of the lions at the san diego zoo: nearly 5 million each year

amount of krave cereal phil can eat without proper use of his arms: a bowl, sort of

amount of krave cereal a lion can eat without proper use of his arms: 75 pounds, but he’d prefer zebra



Here’s to whatever comes next!

Congrats, PBG, on 1 million subscribers!! (Am I late? I might be…) I just want to say I am a huge fan of your videos. You were actually the first game reviewer I ever saw, and because of you and your funny videos, I wanted to watch more and more reviews from the rest of Normal Boots and Hidden Block!!! And I even love your gameplay channel! (Goofball Goals with Jeff is my fav :D) Keep doin’ what you’re doin’, PeanutButterGamer!! :)