i know we talk a lot about bucky finding out that steve jumped on a grenade


imagine bucky’s face when someone tells bucky that steve crashed a plane into the arctic to save new york 


imagine it

The Process

*lines up MnMs in a line according to the colors of the rainbow*

*stacks like colors to make bar graph of color representation in MnM pack*

*eats most numerous color until it matches the second most numerous*

*proceeds to eat most numerous colors in rainbow order*

*continues by numerical and rainbow order until MnMs are gone*

au where levi lands a job as a librarian and since the library is so understaffed he has to do a lot of the shelving and shelf reading besides manning the counter 

eren has to do 10 hours of volunteer work helping out at the library for extra credit in one of his classes 


Ben, Charlie + Rachel | Flashback | 1.01

"I want you to really, really remember what it tastes like, okay?"

I feel like a constant thirdwheel

Teachers, actually, adults mostly, who take responsibility for something wrong they said or did to a kid are people I usually like

Okay, so it just ended, but for a good 10 minute period my host mom’s tv was showing a picture of clouds with the word “Russia” in the middle and the same 5 second clip of soothing synth music kept playing.

It could be a conspiracy, however I did think that the streetlights all cutting out on my walk to school was a conspiracy too (apparently they just turn off before sunrise, which, you know, right now in St. Petersburg is just after 9 am).

I need to find a summary of Susan Brownmiller’s beliefs before I have to register for classes on Tuesday. I have the option of taking a Women’s Studies class with her in the Spring

  • Mom:You had a great weekend, of course you're happy!
  • Me:That doesn't mean anything.
  • Mom:Happiness is a choice you have to choose to be happy!
  • Me:That's not how that works. Happiness is a chemical reaction in the brain...
  • Mom:Well then get some chemicals! Isn't that what you're going to school for?

In case you’re wondering, the whole ‘high school boys shaking hands when they arrive or leave’ thing is still really cute (in an aww way, not an mmmhm way, I’m 20, and I haven’t gone mmmhm over any high school boys in about 4 years).


I feel like one of my roommates is judging me. It’s making me uncomfortable and I’m starting to not want her to come into my room

for how much I love designing clothes I don’t actually know that much about clothes

I can make things that I think look cute but. what level of formal are they? what level of mainstream are they? what style are they? what is everything called? shrug.

same with a lot of things tbh, like music, I know what I like but idk.. what anything is….

News Flash: The woman who didn’t like space in last week’s discussion club also doesn’t like movies (what the theme of this week’s discussion club turned into after the original theme ‘Planning a Family Budget’ ran out of steam.  I’m not the one who thinks of these themes, by the way.)