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Best Friends With Neymar: IG Version

neymarjr: We all know how bad @y/n_igname is at telling jokes 😂

y/n_igname: I’m way too tired to continue movie night @neymarjr 😴

neymarjr: She eats my food and wears my clothes…what are best friends for 

y/n_igname: Ughhh I really hate plane rides. The things I’ll do for him 😢

neymarjr: I had to do it big for her birthday!! Love her so much, happy birthday boo 🎊💕😁

Visit to the Principal's Office.

“Oh, what now?” I groaned as I saw the familiar number pop up on my phone for a call. I was sitting at my desk at work but I knew better than to ignore it. I had no choice. It was Kai’s school calling me and I assumed it had to have been because he was in some sort of trouble.

Per usual.

The young child always found a way to be mischievous and wreak havoc on his teachers. He had the ability to be conniving in only the way a six year old child could be. He was always the center of attention in his class as he told jokes that amused his classmates but made his actions unbearable for his teachers who tried to keep at least some type of order in the classroom.

It never worked.

I picked up the phone. “Hello?” Immediately, the voice of the principal sounding through the receiver as pleasantly as she could possibly pretend to be given the circumstances was heard. “Hello, Mrs. Alcantara. I was calling in regards to your son Kai as I’m sure you’re already aware.”

I emitted a sigh and responded with, “Yes. I’m aware. What is it this time?”

“We’d appreciate if you and your husband could come by at some point so we could speak to you both. It’s nothing serious but we figure this could remedy any future issues if we discuss this with you both and your son present.”

“I will call my husband and figure out a time we can both make our way over there. Thank you Ms. Benedict.”

“You are more than welcome. We will see you here later.” And with that, I hung up the phone, beginning to dial Rafinha’s number next. After a few rings he finally picked up the phone.

“Yes?” He rushed out, sounding as if he was breathless.

“What a way to greet your wife,” I playfully scoffed. He countered with a chuckle of his own. “I’m sorry I’m in the gym making sure my wife is still attracted to me in a few years. What’s up? Something wrong? Are you not at work?”

“Oh no, I am. I got a call from your son’s school. They want us to come in this afternoon so hurry up, shower and meet me there.”

“I don’t know why they call you instead of me. I’m the more understanding parent.” And though his tone rang off his words as a joke, I knew he was also telling the truth. I was much harder on Kai than his father was. Rafa was willing to let a few things slide and simply laugh at his son’s antics, being reminded of his younger self, while I was thinking of the effects his current behavior could have on his future.

“Well maybe because you never answer the phone. Text me when you’re getting dressed.”

“You’re right on that but okay. I love you. See you soon.”

“I love you too.”

I walked into the school and towards the principal’s office, spotting Rafa standing against the wall typing on his phone until he looked up in time to see me. He put his phone into his pocket and began walking over to me.

“Ooh, nice. A button up, collar, no sweats? You are really trying to impress, eh?” I taunted with a smirk as I neared him placing a sweet kiss to his lips in greeting.

“Well I am a parent. Isn’t this what parents look like these days? Old? Besides, I want this lady to not kick Kai out of school so I figured if I look nice enough she won’t even be able to think of the idea,” he smiled only causing me to laugh. “Baby, I don’t think she even cares how you look.”

“That’s what you think.” He took my hand into his as he lead to the way to the all too familiar room where the principal’s office was. We were greeted by her secretary before being led into the room, spotting our son already seated in a chair in front of her desk. His hands were folded in his lap as he looked down pitiful until he saw his father approaching and smiled, jumping out of his chair to run up and hug his legs tightly as if he was being rescued from some form of torture. When he saw me standing behind Rafa, that look of gratitude changed into one of fear.

“You called my mom too?” He whined in that small voice as he looked at his principal in horror, as if she was the scariest figure alive for even dialing my number. All she did was nod to Kai and then look to us. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Alcantara. Please, take a seat.”

We took a seat, Kai seated in between us but I could tell he was slowly inching his chair closer to his father afraid I would be shooting him sharp glares this entire meeting.

I probably would be.

“I know you all are here…quite often,” Ms. Benedict started. “And I apologize for always having to call you both away from your work but today Kai got into a bit of trouble that we could not ignore.”

“What did he do?” Rafinha questioned curiously.

“Well he was out on the playground and his teacher saw him pick up a handful of sand and dirt and toss it into one of his classmate’s hair.” Immediately my neck jerked to turn and look at my son as he hung his head in shame for a moment. It didn’t hang long as he jolted up with energy and pointed to his father by his side. “Pai told me if you like a girl you show it by teasing or play fighting with them. He said they like the attention.”

Rafinha was now trying to stifle his laughter behind his hand while I looked at him in shock. It had to have been a conversation I wasn’t present for or I would have quickly advised Kai to not follow his father’s advice.

I immediately began to apologize in embarrassment. “I am sorry, Ms. Benedict. Please excuse my husband. He is just like my son.” I shot Rafa a glare, who was still trying not to burst into a cackle.

“It’s fine but please know, we cannot have this happen again.”

“Thank you. I will fix it. No worries.” I stood up and quickly shook her hand, ready to escape away and scold my husband. I turned out of the room as he said his goodbye as well. As soon as we were out in the hall, alone with Kai, I turned to Rafinha first.

“I can’t believe you told him that!” I had tried to keep my tone low but my slight bit of anger was apparent. He, on the other hand, was amused by my seriousness.

“What! They do! You’ve never had a guy toss sand in your hair when you were younger?”


“Welp. That explains why you married me and not some guy from your childhood.” I immediately drew my hand back and punched his arm which again, only made Rafa finally let go of the laughs he had been holding in in the office.

“Am I in trouble?” Kai spoke up and I looked down to him. “No, this isn’t your fault this time. It’s your father’s.” I bent down to his level, kissing his cheek and resting my hands on his arms. “Next time please come to me before asking him for advice and don’t go throwing sand at girls.”

He simply nodded in response but I knew he would probably not follow that. “Now get back to class. Be good, okay?”

“Okay. I’m sorry you had to come here.” A look of sincere regret crossed his face which only made me offer a small smile in return to reassure him I wasn’t too upset with him. “It’s fine. Love you.” I kissed his cheek again before standing back up.

“I love you too. Bye pai.”

“Bye Kai,” Rafa responded.

“Oh! And I guess you were right. She told me she liked me,” the child added before breaking into a grin.

I knew Rafinha was trying his hardest not to encourage it, knowing it’d only get me to hit his arm one more time so he just nodded calmly but that was only meant to be a deterring reaction to his follow up.

As Kai walked away, he turned back briefly to look at Rafa before winking and throwing him a thumbs up to which my childish husband reciprocated with a wink of his own.


Henry walked into the closest diner to get out of the cold. He was in the US to meet up with Alistair, because he needed to tell his brother about Finn’s upcoming nuptials. Henry wasn’t watching where he was going and bumped into someone. He caught the person quickly and laughed. “I am so sorry,” he righted the person, “Are you okay?”






“I’m so excited for you to meet Davi Marcela.” I grabbed onto my girlfriends hand, pulling her into the house. She had an unsteady smile on her face. She’s probably just nervous. This is a big deal.

“Ah—Neymar are you sure I should be meeting him now?” She pulled away from me and stood by the door. “We’ve only been together for three months now.” She says with a hint of annoyances. “If you’re worried about how he’ll react it will be fine, lets go.”

It’s been a little over six months since me and my ex dated. Her name was Y/N, she was my everything. I loved her so much and do did my family, especially Davi. I don’t know how things turned but what I do remember was all the arguments we would have. All the yelling, screaming and cursing. It gotten to the point where we didn’t even look at each other or speak a single word to the other. We had to end it, we both sat down on my couch and ended it.

“Thanks for watching him Rafa.” I gave my sister a kiss and she rolled her eyes, snatching her purse off my sofa. “Where you going, don’t you want to stay.” Marcela sat awkwardly on the sofa, playing on her phone not really caring.

“No, I have no time to sit here and talk with her.” She hissed looking at Marcela. “I’m meeting up Y/N for lunch. Bye Ney” Y/N? My heart cracked at the mention of her name. I didn’t know Rafa and her were still friends.

“Let me go get Davi ok?” I turned towards my current girlfriend and she was still on her phone. This girl, I swear. I left her alone on the living room and headed to Davi’s playroom.

“Papai!” He shouted. Leaving his race car on the ground and jumping in my arms. “How are you, you had fun today?” I kissed his cheek. “Good, auntie and I played all day! And we had McDonald’s.” My son sure loves McDonald’s, I swear he had heart eyes whenever he talked about the Golden Arches.

“Now Davi, I have someone who once to meet you.” I held his hands as I talked to him. “Who? It’s Y/N?” He smiled, I know he misses her as bad as I do. “No Davi, someone else.” He frowned at the fact his best friend isn’t in the living room to see him.

“Marcela this is my son Davi, Davi this is papai’s girlfriend.” Davi hid behind my leg while Marcela stared at him like he was some strange creature. Has this girl never seen a kid before.

“Uhm hi.” She waved at him. She’s nothing like my Y/N, when Y/N first met Davi she got up and have him a hug. She asked him how old she was and if he thought his papai was cool. She even asked him if she can play with his toy, Y/N and Davi were best friends. Two peas in a pod.

“I don’t like her!” Davi stomped his feet and Marcela scoffed. “Davi, that’s not nice.” I scolded it him. “She’s mean Papai, she looks like monster.” Truth be to,d I wanted to laugh but I held it in.

“You know what Neymar?” Marcela got up. “We’re done, and to be honest I don’t even like you. I just needed a bossy in my modeling career.” She walked passed me and my son and out my house.

I knew something was up when we first started dating. She was young, an inspiring model. She’s always on her phone and she’s always telling me it’s her manager. Now that I think about it she’s probably been sleeping with him.

“Papi I’m sorry.” Davi pulled on my fingers. “No it’s fine okay, don’t worry about it.” I kneeled down and rubbed his head. “Can you call Y/N, I miss her.” He rested his head on my shoulder and hugged me. “Yeah, I’ll call her.”


Ahhhhh look who arrived today!! I bought him from Mandarake last week. I vowed to impulse buy dolls less (aka dolls not on my wish list) but I kind of cheated as I’ve wanted another Volks MSD for a while. So when I saw him on Mandarake I slept on it for a few days then jumped on him. ^^;

He’s a Volks f-03/Mario one off painted by Ciera with his Zoukeimura eyes still glued in! It’s always hit or miss what problems Mandarake dolls have and this guy had little black marks all over his face. I was able to clean him up almost perfectly though and preserve his amazing face up.

His name is Cedar. He’s friends with Mio and is a kind of quiet, anxious boy who can see ghosts. He’s so precious I can’t wait to get his wig in the mail and get him his own outfit.


Fangirl Challenge: [3/40] Romantic Relationships » Nathan and Haley

"Stop it. What? Whatever you’re worrying about…just stop. How do you know I’m worried? You didn’t even open your eyes. You think I need to see you with my eyes to know what’s going on with you?”