Coffee Shop AU

Louis: It’s kinda funny, he thinks when he looks back on it, because he’d gone into the stupid little shop to be ironic. He swore to himself that he wasn’t gonna become one of those dumb struggling uni students that relies on shitty sugared up coffee and searches for inspiration in a dimly lit cafe. But. Here he is. Scrawling into a tattered notebook with more pages torn out of it than are actually in it, sipping noncommittally from a warm mug english breakfast tea with far too much cream in it, that’s when you walk in. His eyes snap up at the sound of the bell over the door, and his hand is still writing, but his eyes aren’t on the page. He pauses his movements, trying to act nonchalant as you sit at the table beside his, he sends you a polite smile. There’s so much he wants to know immediately, and so much he wants to say but what he oh-so-cleverly blurts out is, “Chai, then? Never really been a fan…”

Harry: It’s small-town coffee shop, tucked away between a laundromat and a real-estate building, and it never has a line. Most of the customers are regulars. It’s quaint and furnished by a few tables and cushioned love seats and decked in old record sleeves and an incredible playlist, if Harry has anything to say about it. The shop is empty when you stumble in from the rain, and he’s immediately hopping over the counter and hurrying into a back room to find a towel, handing it to you with a grin. When you apologize for causing a fuss, he smirks, “Honestly, how very dare you,” he begins, the smile growing on his lips, “just look at all the customers I’ll have to ignore to tend to you.” He gestures to the empty shop, and when you let out a giggle, if his heart stops for a moment, well, no one has to know.

Niall: ‘jst ask her out already, fuck sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ is all the text reads, as mentally curses Louis’ less than subpar advice. He tucks his phone back into his pocket just as he throws the door open to the shop. It brings a smile to his lips everytime he walks in; it’s a whimsical little place, and he really likes the idea that everyone here is tucked away in their own little world, hidden away from morose feelings about what’s going on at home, they all share something, he thinks. He’s so bloody dumb, he thinks immediately after that. Then there’s you, legs curled up under you as you flip through a battered old novel, something sweet and warms sits in a cup beside you, and you glance up to meet his eyes fleetingly as he walks about. Niall sighs because t’s been a week of this hopeless admiration. Or three. Whatever. Something’s different though today, and as the warmth of a salted caramel mocha fills his palms, he ventures into the seat beside you.

Zayn: The shop is empty when he strides in, bring a gust of cold air in through the door with him. Head held low, cheeks flushed from the cold, his eyes are bright and his voice is warm and sweet as he approaches you, grinning when you ask what you can get for him. “I’ll have a caramel latte, shot of espresso. Name’s Zayn.” He flashes a smile, shrugging off his coat and hanging it on the back of a chair. You make a comment about how his order probably won’t get lost, it’s a slow day. He sneaks a glance in your direction, feels something twist in his gut at the way you blow the fringe-y bits of your hair out of your eyes to perfect his order, pushing up on tip toes to reach for a lid for the cup. And he’ll tuck his bottom lip under his teeth, taking the cup from your hands as your finish the order, “I know. I just figured that if I told you my name, you’d tell me yours.”

Liam: It’s been a few months since you and Liam had made an unspoken agreement to come to the little coffee shop every thursday morning. And it’s on one particular thursday morning that you get there earlier than he does, which is unusual, but you take your seat, curled into your jumper with a warm mug of some holiday festive drink in hand, eyes fluttering shut in content as wisps of steam fan over your cheeks. Soft and sweet music rings out around the room, the soft buzz of early morning chatter filling the area, just as the door creaks open again, and your eyes snap open. A smile stretches across your lips as he stumbles in, snow sprinkles across his hair and eyelashes, he shakes the could out of his limbs, before sauntering over and pulling out a small bouquet of flowers from behind his back, “Sorry, I’m late. I was a little nervous on the way here, but I was wondering if you’d want to accompany me to a meal that doesn’t involve pumpkin flavored drinks, hmm?”


Do I wanna know?

based off the Artic Monkeys song, Do I wanna know? Enjoy - m


Ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few? ‘Cause I always do.

He was drunk. Off his ass, eating shit in the pavement because he was unable to walk. When his friends had offered to take him home, he had said he would walk. Said the cold London air help clear his lungs and sober him up so he wasn’t such a wreck the next morning. For some odd reason they had let him saunter off, not exactly in the best decision making state of mind either. The world was a constant blur of colors and sounds as he stumbled through the bustling streets of Central London. It was a Friday night, or well, an early Saturday morning he figured it was now. Niall took a glance at his watch, opening his bloodshot blue eyes open wide as he held the watch far away from him, before narrowing his eyes and pulling it up so it touched his nose. Three in the morning. They had left the bar around two thirty, so that meant he had been stumbling around in a drunken stupor for nearly a half hour. An obnoxious drunken laugh bubbled past his throat, and he doubled over, slapping his knee. What in the hell was he doing out so late? He had an interview with the other lads to promote their new 2015 tour at eight in the morning.

Niall looked around, trying to decipher exactly where he was. Left, right, behind, and straight ahead. As he looked forward, a sudden pit opened up in his stomach, swallowing whatever alcohol had sloshed around. Somehow, his feet had walked him all the way over to your side of London, right smack in front of your flat. Niall swallowed, clenching his fists that had started to sweat. He was a nervous wreck ever since you two had broken up. After all, management had set him up with you, an up and coming actress, as a publicity stunt. One Direction’s new album had dropped and shortly after, the relationship between you had ended. But the thing that got Niall, and he was sure had gotten you as well, was that feelings had actually developed. Most publicity stunt relationships occur with as little communication as possible, only really going out on one or two dates that went out in big style. But Niall had liked to think that he had treated you like a princess, because in the early weeks of your relationship, his perception of you had quickly changed to that.

It was in the way that he kissed you, your lips so soft and tasting like cherry chapstick. In the way you giggled at a joke that he had told you that wasn’t even remotely funny. How you managed to carry yourself so beautifully, like the world couldn’t scathe your beauty. Niall Horan had been completely wrecked by you, and he was a mess despite the brave face he put on for pictures and interviews. He pulled out his phone, dialing your number which he had practically memorized by heart, calling you for the first time in months. He ran a hand through his hair, tugging at the blondish brown as he waited for you to pick up. If you were going to pick up at all.


Niall closed his eyes in bliss at hearing your groggy voice, a voice that he had gotten so much when he called you up in the morning to take you out for breakfast every so often. “[Y/N], please, I’m outside and I need ta see ya.”

“Niall, it’s three in the morning, why aren’t you asleep?”

“I was out with the lads, but that doesn’t matter. Please [Y/N], just let me up, yeah? I need ta see ya. I need to hold ya again, just please.”

“Niall you’re drunk, go home.”

He grabbed at his hair in frustration, letting out a strangled sounding groan. “No, I’m fine [Y/N], please ya gotta let me come up, I’m going crazy thinkin’ about ya. I’m gonna haveta check meself inta a fuckin’ hospital. Please, I’ll get down on my hands and knees if I haveta. Look outside yer curtains darlin’, I’m right here.”

Awkwardly dropping to his knees, phone still connected to his ear, he waited for you to pull back those beautiful lilac curtains that he remembered standing in front of from this spot months ago, making sure you got in safe when the lights turned on. His heart was beating a mile a minute as he waited for that same lamp to turn on that little curtain to illuminate your beautiful figure. He let out a screech of excitement when it did exactly that. Surely enough you peeled back the curtain, poking just your head around the corner, hair in a messy bun and glasses framing your face.

“There ya are darlin’,” he breathed out, a cloud of cold breathe lifting into the air. “Darlin’ I think I’m in love with ya, ya gotta let me come up, please.  If you tell me no this time, I’ll go home and won’t bother ya ever again.” It was a last attempt to get you to let him up. Though Niall was almost completely obliterated by alcohol, he knew what he felt and knew it was more real than anything else he had ever felt in your life.

Moments of silence passed as you stared down at him, chewing on your lower lip, not knowing that the little nervous twitch drove Niall practically insane. You fumbled with a necklace around your neck, thinking over what to do. In the end you gave a soft sigh, knowing that Niall was good to you and for you. Publicity stunt or not, you two just fit together like pieces of a puzzle. “Okay Niall…I’ll buzz you up.” you said softly, hanging up the phone but watching him as he scampered into your building.


'Cause there's this tune I found that makes me think of you.

You had been dating the famous pop star Liam Payne for two years now, a steady relationship that had its shares of ups and downs, but never something that you two couldn’t seem to work out. Ironically enough, you had met at his favorite club, Funky Buddha. An electric song that had come on, some kind of Far East Movement song that just got bodies naturally grinding was sounding through the speakers, and like two magnets, you smacked right into each other. Or well, you had accidentally knocked Liam in the back of the head, jumping up and down and swiveling your hips to the beat with a couple of girlfriends with you. Liam was a level headed lad for the most part, but a sleeping bear when it came to his anger.

He had turned on you, ready to ask you just what the fuck you thought you were doing, when he met your wide eyes scared of what exactly was about to come out of this transaction between two drunk people. “I’m sorry!” you blurted out, hair sticking to your forehead with sweat, makeup smeared slightly but not in a way that came off as scary. To him, it was like you had walked out clouds from Heaven to descend and lead him to the path of happy living.

“No, no it was my entire fault,” he chuckled, sticking out his hand to you, using it to pull you close as you took it. “I’m Liam.”

“I know,” you replied.

And the rest, as they say, was history. Two years later and you were currently cruising down a long strip in Vegas, a personal vacation for just the two of you, courtesy of Liam for your anniversary. Since you couldn’t do a lot of things special during your actual anniversary due to them being on tour, he swore he’d make it up to you by taking you on a nice two week vacation in Vegas. And who were you to argue, Vegas was as beautiful and enticing as Funky Buddha. Windows were down, hair blowing freely in the wind. You were staring out the window at all the different attractions, all the different casinos and exciting little things you wanted to try during your stay. Liam’s hand was holding yours, thumb stroking your hand lovingly as you drove.

When suddenly, a beat that was all too familiar spilled through the radio. Liam pulled his hand from yours, causing you to look over as a Cheshire Cat’s grin spread over his face. “This is our song!” he said, turning the song up so loud that it mirrored how it sounded that fateful night two years ago. A smile crept over yours as he placed his hand back in yours, kissing it before it came to rest back on the console.

You pulled it back up to the kiss the same spot, only this time on his hand. “I love you Liam,” you said before reciting a part of the song, causing Liam to laugh like he was a child all over again.

“And I love you baby girl, forever and always, you wanna know something?”


"I want this song played at our wedding," your heart skipped a beat at the mere mention of marriage. Now while you and Liam had jokingly spoke of marriage, it was never something that could be taken out and planned properly.

You smiled before looking out the window, your eyes widening beneath your sunglasses. “Well, well, there’s a little wedding chapel right there.”

Liam didn’t need to be told twice as he pulled into the parking lot. “You know what they say doll, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”


That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day.

He thrust into you wildly, his hips slamming into your pelvis, spreading your legs wider if possible. Your moans filled the room as he leaned down to trail kisses down your neck, quick to finishing as his thrusts became more erratic, sloppier with the need to hit that high and hit it hard. Zayn buried his head in your chest as you cried out, reaching your own orgasm with Zayn following just a few minutes after. Rolling his hips in and out slowly to ride it out at its entirety, did he fall beside you in bed afterwards, both your breaths labored as you entered a recovery stage of the most raucous sex of your life.

Or well, to be truthfully just today.

Zayn and you had been fuck buddies for a couple weeks now. Mutual friends for years now, an accidental kiss between the two of you had started this whole thing. And now here you both lay, sexual frustrations satisfied.

When you had gotten your breathing under control, you went to roll out of his bed, rummaging for your panties among the clothes the two of you had managed to shed in seconds. “Where are yuh going?” Zayn asked to your back. You heard him roll over the bed, his fingertips massaging your hips, his swollen lips trailing lazy kisses down your spine.

The sensation of his lips on your back was something new, and it sent a shudder through your spine, closing your eyes to relish in the intimacy of it all before looking back over your shoulder at him. “Home?”

“I was kinda thinking, yuh could I don know, stay the night mayhbe?” your body froze up, despite his ethereal fingertips, soft kisses, and warm breath on your exposed flesh. This was the first time Zayn had asked you to even stay more than a minute after orgasm. It made you feel weird, like you were crossing a boundary that hadn’t been set in definitive lines. But still. You and Zayn fucked, remained friends. That was it. There weren’t any feelings, or there weren’t supposed to be at least.  You caught Zayn looking at you sometimes, when the group went out to a bar or to dinner. And despite you telling your heart to knock it the fuck off, you caught yourself staring at him too. Just taking in his features, the way his eyelashes brushed his cheekbones, how his eyes crinkled up and sparkled with laughter. In your mind, you could fight this feeling; in your mind you could fight the fact that you were developing a crush on the one and only Zayn Malik.

“I mean, yuh don haveta, I just think it’d be nice to have a littleh company, ya?” Zayn noticed the frigidness in your back, taking away his lips and his hands.

“I liked that,” you murmured, falling back into bed beside him, your exposed body turned to face him.

“Liked wuht?”

“When you were kissing me, it felt nice.”

If you hadn’t known any better, you could have sworn that Zayn was blushing. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you against his tattooed body, head burying into the soft spot between your neck and shoulder. Moments passed as he breathed out a lot sigh before kissing along that area with the same tenderness that had been used on your spine. You closed your eyes again as his fingers started to knead the flesh around your hips in the same motion as before. It felt nice, being held by someone. Someone that knew you emotionally and physically inside out. Zayn’s teeth grazed the soft spot on your neck, a soft gasp coming from you as you felt his smile on your skin.

“I like this,” he said into the crook of your neck, wrapping his arms around you now, holding you closer to him than you ever thought possible.

“I like this too,” you said quietly, looking at his beautiful eyes, looking for some sort of sign that he was going to break your heart in just a matter of minutes. But all you saw was a secret affection bursting through his eyes, wanting to give you the world and more. You decided not to fight anymore, and nestled your body against his, feet intertwining and bodies becoming one.


Been wondering if you heart’s still open and if so I wanna know what time it shuts.

To say you were livid was an understatement. Harry had been out for the fourth night in a row later than he had told you. The first two nights were okay with you, you had expected so much. Harry was a popular topic of discussion, and having him around to promote something or take pictures with fans was something you had come to terms with. After all, this was his life, and he had come to you wanting to form a relationship in it. But the fourth time, tonight, was your breaking point. Harry had said he would be home quarter past ten, still enough time for you guys to have a late dinner and maybe a movie and some sex. But now it was half past one in the morning, and the pizza was all eaten. But surprise, surprise, still no Harry. You were sat on the sofa of your home, a bottle of beer in your hand as you scrolled through your phone, texts, and eventually playing some games.

Closer to two, did Harry stumble into the house, smelling and looking like a tall black bottle of vodka. His cheeks were a ruddy pink, eyes unable to focus on anything until they came to rest on your pissed off looking face. “Hey baby, s’up?” His voice was thick with the tinge of alcohol, slurred to the point of almost being incomprehensible. You shook your head, standing up and heading towards your bedroom.

You had a whole spiel planned out, ripping into him with the accusations that he no longer cared about you or your marriage, and at this point it would be  best for you to just sleep in different beds for the night. You loved Harry, more than you thought humanly possible, but there were certain things you just couldn’t excuse. Broken promises were one of them.

“I had dinner for us, y’know? Nice little takeout pizza from your favorite place, y’know. Nothing special or anything, not like I have barely seen you these last couple days.” Your words were as cold as you had intended them to be, and you heard his footsteps stop behind you. But you didn’t stop walking, shutting the bedroom door behind you and stalking into the bathroom to take your makeup off and finally get ready for bed.

The bedroom door creaked open, and just as you had expected, Harry’s head of long and beautiful curls popped itself around the corner. You paused with the makeup remover smudged with your makeup still held up to your face. “[Y/N]…” he started, speech still incredibly slurred.

“Did I do something Harry? I mean, we’ve been married for a year now, and it’s only been recent that you started going out and partying. If I did something, please, tell me. When did you become so closed off from me?” you chewed on the inside of your lip, trying the best to keep your composure. It bothered you to no end when you cried in front of Harry, not that he wasn’t incapable of comforting you; it was just the idea of someone seeing you other than composed.

He closed the distance between you in a matter of strides, wrapping his arms around your body, smelling strongly of vodka. “No, no, no, you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong love. It’s just….work is so stressful, and I know it’s not the proper way to deal with things. I just…I don’t know. There’s nothing to excuse how much of an ass I’ve been lately, I had no idea it was hurting you this bad. I’m so sorry love, I’m so sorry. I didn’t….I didn’t realize. Please, forgive me?”

It was hard to stay mad at those emerald eyes, and you gave into his warmth, your own body igniting into a flame as you remembered that home was in Harry’s arms, no matter what you two did and no matter if you two fought. “It’s okay Haz, come on, you’re drunk and I’m tired. We’ll talk about this in the morning, okay?” you gave him a soft smile, kissing his knuckles as you locked eyes in the mirror. Harry nodded, eyes already half asleep as he rested his chin on the top of your head.


I’m sorry to interrupt. It’s just I’m constantly on the cusp of trying to kiss you.

He was an enigma. Some sort of creature that you knew you wanted to touch, wanted to feel on the pads of your fingertips, but you knew if you so much as came within an inch of him, he was going to burn you. So instead of risking bodily harm, you just stayed away from him, watching him as he was sat at the bar, tipping back a glass of dark liquor.  You had your own drink, and it stayed pressed against your jaw as you stared at him, the mystery that was Louis Tomlinson. It wasn’t a secret of who exactly he was after all, his face was only plastered on every cover of teenage magazines, their songs popping up on the radio every round. You were a fan of the band, yes, at this stage in the game it was weird not to be.

This had been a bar you frequented weekly with your girls, and this wasn’t the first time you had seen Louis here either. Ever since moving out to London, you had begun to see quite a bit of the pop star, but had never once mustered the courage to even say hello and ask for a picture. You twirled a lock of your hair around your finger, taking a sip from your drink as someone nudged the scruffy lad and pointed in your general direction. Shit. Surely they couldn’t see you staring from all the way over here, there was no way in hell. The club was packed, there was absolutely no chance in hell you were seen. But sure enough, as the color drained from your cheeks, did you meet the eyes of Louis Tomlinson. At first his expression was one of annoyance, why had someone tapped him on the shoulder? But as his eyes registered yours and your facial features, did that little frown make its way in an upright direction.

“Fucking shit,” you swore under your breath, the air leaving your lungs, making it hard to breathe.

“What?” a friend chirped next to you, her beer sloshing all over her dress.

“Louis Tomlinson is looking at me.”

It was as if the world had narrowed in on that particular person, everything else fading into the background. He was smiling at you as if he knew all your secrets, as if he was the one person to make everything in your life unravel at the drop of a pin and he knew it. And you would be damned if it wasn’t the hottest most single thing you had ever see in your life. You knew what you needed to do. Mustering up some of that liquid courage, you hopped out of the barstool you had been sat on, praying that your knees didn’t give out from underneath you in your attempt to make your way to Louis.

The club was packed, bodies sausaged in like a can of sardines, but it didn’t stop your beeline to Louis. Once you were stood in front of him, he stood up to let you into the booth he was sat at, that same smirk even wilder up close than from across the club. You slid in, unsure of what to make of this scenario. Never in your wildest dreams did you think you would even meet Louis Tomlinson, let alone share a booth in a club with him.

“I was wondering when you were going to make the trip over her love, I’ve been waiting on it for quite some time.” He placed an arm around your shoulder, pulling you in so that your head was closer to his. It made talking easier over the loud music, and you loved the way he smelled of fresh aftershave and the hint of cigarettes.

“I could say the same about you,” you replied back, looking up at him with those bewitching eyes that had you trapped in their spell. When he caught your eye, you couldn’t help but bite down on your lower lip, his eyes widening at the site as he ducked his head to whisper in your ear.

“Forgive me love, but I can’t seem to stop thinking about what those damned lips must taste like,” His voice was husky, and it sent an electric bolt to your belly. There was no way this was actually happening, surely you were dreaming. Or this was just some guy who looked like Louis, not actually the real thing. But as you felt his warmed skin against your neck, the hair, and the voice all matched up.

“Well then Louis, why don’t you find out?”

1D Pref; He leaves without a word (part 4)


"Y/N.." He mumbled, standing up and slowly walking to you.

"Tell me, Harry." You breathe, "Tell me why you left me, no explanation.. nothing." 

"I-I wish I can, love.." 

"I came here to see you!" You shouted, "I love you Harry.. I waited for you. But you never came home.."

"Baby, please.." He begged, grabbing your hand.

"I… I just want you to love me the way I love you." You cried.

"I do. So fucking much." His voice cracked, "please believe me.. Trust me on this please." 

"Harry, how can I trust you after you left me like that?!" You yelled, "Not even an explanation." 

The lads pulled you and Harry inside their dressing room so this wouldn’t get out. 

"Haz, just explain.. If you really want this, do it." Louis demanded, a pained expression on all the lads’ faces.

Harry sighed, “The reason I.. I left with no explanation is because of this. Our jobs. Management..” 

"Why didn’t you just let me know beforehand?" You asked quietly.

"I wish I could, love." He said, closing the space between your bodies, "You’re the one I love so fucking much and I don’t want to lose you." 

"I love you Harry.. I really do, but if- if this is going to get in the way of your career, I-"

"No, I don’t care, Y/N!" He bellowed, "I only care about you and only you." 

You pulled him into a kiss and you could feel his smile, as your lips touched. 

"Now, we should go explain to management.." Liam laughed.


*his p.o.v*

I rushed to the hospital the second I heard Liam explain everything.. 

How could she? 

I knew about her depression back in her younger years, but she promised me she stopped. 

"Y/N Y/L/N!" I shouted to the nurse, who asked me to take a picture with her. 

"U-uhh room 223!" She replied quickly. I nodded and ran to room 223, darting inside.

As soon as I saw Y/N, my stomach were in knots. My beautiful and helpless girlfriend right there, so pale and hopeless. 

"Y/N.." I muttered, "please wake up for me." 

It felt like forever until I saw Y/N’s fingers move. 


Her eyes slowly opened, and I swear my heart was about to jump out of my chest. 

I handed her so water, seeing as she was pointing to her throat. 


"I’m so glad you’re okay." I smiled, "I missed you so much." 

The second I stopped talking, tears formed in her eyes.

"Why? Why’d you leave me, Ni?" She questioned, so vulnerable.

"Y/N.. I was so selfish." He mumbled, placing his head in his hands.

"You chose your career over me?" She asked softly. 

I nodded, “I’m so sorry princess, I should have never-“

"Niall.." She said, "I understand. I’ll support you through anything, maybe even if that includes your career over me. Making your fans happy and your dreams coming true is what you need to do, and I understand that. I will always love, no matter what." 

"Princess, but I want you in my life too. My dreams came true, yeah, but you’re also my dream. Without you, what’s there to it?" 

The tears fell from her beautiful eyes, but a smile came along with it. 

"You’re quite cheesy," She laughed, "But i love you." 

"I love you too, princess." I smiled, until I noticed her arm. "Just promise me you won’t ever harm yourself. EVER."

She smiled and nodded, “never again.” 


"You alright?" Harry questioned, running towards you.

"Y-yeah." You mumbled, rubbing your head.

"W-wait.. Y/N?"

You nervously laugh, “yeah hey Harry..” 

"What are you doing here?" He asked, looking up at the house.

"Harry! Is she okay?" Zayn yelled, running towards you and Harry.

"Yeah.. it’s-"

"Y/N?" Zayn said, looking closely.

"Yup, hi.." 

"What is taking you guys so long?" Louis complained, rushing over.

"Shit." You mumbled, trying to hide your face.

Louis took a closer look at you before realization hit him. He looked at the truck, the house, then you.


"Yes, it’s me. Can I just go finish unpacking?" You replied harshly, standing up and pushing past Zayn and Harry.

That’s when Louis grabbed your arm to stop you, “what the hell are you doing here?”

Your heart broke, did he not want to see you again?

"I was trying to find a better life." You replied, "it isn’t looking so well." 

"Y/N." He sternly said, "I know you’re mad at me-"

"Mad? I’m furious! You think you could just walk out of my life, no goodbyes, no explanation? How do you think I felt for the past few weeks?" You shouted, dabbing your finger into his chest each time. "YOU have no right to talk to me anymore." 

He sighed, “you’re right. I don’t. But I want to explain now.” 

"I don’t think I care anymore, Louis." You said, trying so hard to hold the tears back.

"I know you do, Y/N. Don’t act like you don’t!" He shouted, angry at my answer.

"Why are you being such a jerk?" You bellowed, "You’re the one who left me alone for weeks! You made me wonder what you have been doing with those girls, you made me wonder, did you ever love me? You don’t know how hurt and alone I felt! You don’t know how long I waited for you, Louis. You don’t! So don’t you dare tell me anything." 

The tears were now streaming down your face, crying from anger and sadness. 

His face soften, “I’m sorry.” 

"Sorry doesn’t cut it." You cried.

"Please don’t leave me.. I know I made a mistake. It’s all management’s fault." He mumbled, pulling you into a hug. "I promise I’ll make it up to you. Because I love you so much and I’m not going to let go of you anymore. I’ll show you, that I love you so much." 


To your surprise, while you were out shopping for ice cream and junk food to eat while crying over Liam.. You ran into Liam.

"Hey Y/N.." He mumbled, scratching the back of his neck.

"Is this is? Just like that, Liam? No explanation?" You questioned.

You probably look like shit, with your red eyes from crying earlier.

"I’m sorry.. It’s just I.." 

"It’s just, you found someone else? Someone much more beautiful and skinnier and way more loving than me? I’m not surprised." You replied.

"No Y/N. No one is more beautiful than you. You’re the most beautiful girl I ever laid my eyes on." He protested.

"Then who is Katie?" You cried.

"She’s my fake girlfriend.. Management made this up. They didn’t let me see you, I’m so sorry." 

"Am I not good enough?" You questioned.

"No no no. You’re amazing. They’re just stupid enough to not see that." He said angrily, "You deserve the best and I’m going to give you that. I’m not afraid of them, not anymore." 

You nodded and wrapped your arms around him. 

"Please don’t leave me again.." 

"I won’t." He said, giving you a kiss. "Oh, happy birthday." 

You sighed, but gave him a smile. “Thanks..” 

Liam grinned and pulled you into his car taking you to your shared flat.

"What’s this all about?" You huffed.

"This." He replied, opening the door and a beautiful surprise was there. 

Everyone you love, your close friends and family. 

"Happy Birthday Y/N!" They screamed, clapped, and cheered. 

"H-how did you know I was going to.." 

"No one can resist these puppy dog eyes." Liam pouted, but laughed. 


You turned around to find a busty brunette coming your way.

"I thought I told you to stop calling me that when we’re not in public." Zayn hissed.

"Well.. we are in public aren’t we?" 

Zayn huffed and rolled his eyes.

"Who’s this.." You asked.

"This is my fake girlfriend, Shana." He grunted, "This is what I wanted to tell you but I couldn’t because stupid management." 

"Well I wouldn’t consider myself fake, but-"

"Please, shut up." You groaned, "Your high pitch voice annoys me. I’m sorry to come off so rude, but I had a really bad day and the fact that you get to see my boyfriend more than I do really pisses me off. So how about you go find someone to play with?” 

Zayn was trying to hold back his laughter, but soon enough, you could hear him laugh along with the rest of the lads who had been hiding behind a trashcan.

"At least, I’m the prettier one. I mean, why else would they hire me to be his girlfriend?" 

"Please, she’s 10x prettier than you ever will be." Louis sassed, "You can wear all the makeup in the world, honey, but you’ll never be as beautiful as Y/N. Inside and out." 

You grinned, happy that he was sticking up for you. 

She frowned, and stomped away flipping you the bird.

"Back at ya!" You shouted, before turning back to Zayn.

"Next time, just tell me? Secretly?" You asked.

"No more secrets. I’ll tell you everything, no matter what I risk." He smiled.

A/N: I should be studying haha. Here’s the last part! I’m sorry if it didn’t turn out the way you wanted to! I hope you guys enjoyed the series!<3 

#15. 'His Two Loves'

Wake Me Up: His Two Loves- One Shot #15

(past one shots)


No visuals or song in this one.

The definite sound of wailing was far too familiar to your ears. It was almost painful for your eyes to begin to slowly open, needing time to adjust to the sun’s lack of appearance in the early hours of the morning. Glancing over at the head of curls laying beside you, you saw Harry fast asleep, snoring slightly into the fabric of his pillow. The fact he was sleeping through the raucous echoing through the room was evidence of how sleep deprived he was, how sleep deprived the both of you were. But in the effort to allow Harry a few more moments of sleep, you rolled out of the bed, your exhausted body tight with the need to sleep.

The wailing never did cease, causing your heart to plummet with each heartbreaking sound. Once you finally made it to the bassinet, Darcy’s eyes were screwed shut, mouth wide open as she cried out. Her little hands moved about with her sorrow, legs kicking as well. The sound was truly heartbreaking as a newborn’s cry always seemed to be. The identifiable age that accompanied the cry never failed to send your heart in a downward spiral. You hated seeing your baby girl in such distress.

“Hey, hey,” you cooed, hands pushing under her back, pulling her tiny body to yours. Darcy’s head fell onto your shoulder, cheek resting there, as your hands cradled the rest of her body against your chest area. “Shh, shh, baby girl. Mumma’s got you, my love,” you whispered, pressing your lips to the top of her head and keeping them there. Though the crying didn’t stop. Darcy continued to wail as her little fist clutched the fabric of your pajama top, formally know as Harry’s tee shirt.

There were slight sounds of the bed squeaking as Harry shifted with the noise of Darcy’s distress. Still cradling her, you swiftly walked out of the room, simultaneously rocking her as you moved, in an effort to keep Harry asleep.

Darcy’s cry didn’t stop as you made your way to her nursery; a room that hasn’t quite been used seeing as though she was too young to sleep in anything but a bassinet. The nursery was dark as you entered, and it stayed that way as you felt no need to turn on the lights. Quickly, you sat in the rocking chair that stood in the room, hugging Darcy to your chest.

“You hungry, baby, hmm?” You hummed as you began pulling down your shirt, situating yourself in an effort to fill her belly. “Is that little belly of yours empty? Is that what’s making you upset, yeah?”

The cries never did stop, though, as you tried to get her to latch on and hopefully start feeding, but she never did. Her mouth never closed around enough to start eating, her cries being muffled a bit from your skin but never ceasing.

“Darce, baby,” you sighed, holding her with one arm as you readjusted your shirt to its original position. “What’s wrong, sweet pea? No more tears, love. Mumma hates seeing you so upset.” By now, her breaths were coming out in little hiccups from the extent of her crying. Tears stained the smooth surface of her skin, a red tint finding it.

“Hey,” you looked up to find a groggy-looking Harry walking into the room as his fist came up to rub his eye. “What’s the matter?”

“Oh, hey. Sorry, I tried not to wake you,” you quickly said, gently rubbing Darcy’s back in an effort to soothe her.

Harry shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve had plenty of sleep.”

“Since when is two hours plenty of sleep?” You asked, a small smile tugging at your lips with his ridiculous claim.

“Since my beautiful baby was brought into my life, thanks to my beautifully amazing wife,” he smiled, walking over to the two of you. Bending down to his knees, his brows furrowed as he took in the sight of his baby girl so distressed. “Is she hungry?” He asked you though he kept his eyes on Darcy.

“No,” you shook your head. “She refused to eat.” Your hand continued to rub over Darcy’s small frame, slightly putting pressure on her stomach. But as you did, you took notice in the foreign hardness of it. Usually, her belly was plump with baby fat. And as your hand put more pressure on her belly, her cries grew louder, almost as she was in pain. “Oh baby,” you whispered, and Harry’s head moved to look at you with the sound. His eyes were tired, a slight hint of distress etched into them with the witness of his daughter’s sorrow.

Since the day Darcy was born, you had always admired the way Harry stepped into dad mode with such ease, instincts taking over as well as his love for the little bundle he called his own. Never once did he complain about having to change a dirty diaper, often offering to do it more times than none. He never once saw dealing with sleepless nights a burden; the love he carried for Darcy outweighing the exhaustion coursing through him. It was as if Harry’s natural role was to be a father, and it was a side of him you loved seeing. It was a side of him you felt so honored to witness, grateful you were granted the chance to be the mother role to his father role.

“What’s wrong?” He spoke immediately, looking at you questioningly while waiting for a response.

“She’s got a bit of gas, again,” you spoke, moving her to lay on her back against your thighs. Once she was steady, you removed her pajama onesie, allowing your skin to come into contact with her own. Gripping her ankles, you gently pulled her legs up to her belly trying to relieve her of the pain. The crying quieted down a bit until it stopped altogether, her contorted face returning to her normal gaze. “That feel better, baby, hmm? A little baby yoga, yeah?”

“Baby,” Harry whispered, watching as you gently stretched Darcy, taking her pains away with each movement and the feel of your skin on hers. “Do you think we should take her to the doctor’s? It seems like all she does is cry over gas pains.” There was an underlying tone of worry in Harry’s voice, his baby girl being in pain was not something he was particularly fond of. In fact, he hated it.

“She’s just got a bit of colic, Harry,” you whispered, eyes following your fingers movements as they gently kneaded into her stubby legs, moving up to her belly before finding her chest. With the gentle touch, Darcy’s eyes fluttered closed, a small breath puffed from her heart shaped lips. “It’s manageable for right now, babe.”

“I’m just worried, is all,” he whispered, watching Darcy as she peacefully fell asleep.

Your hands worked on Darcy’s skin for a bit more before gently pulling her to your chest, grabbing the closest blanket to wrap around her diaper-clad body. Darcy lay against you, fast asleep, allowing the relief to flood through your body.

“I know you are,” you whispered so softly Harry nearly had trouble hearing it. “But I promise you she’ll be okay. We just have to go through this for three months. Once she’s three months, she’ll grow out of it. We just have to get over this little hump.”

Harry nodded. “Okay.”

It was silent then as the two of you watched your baby sleep oh-so-contently. Her little body was wrapped up snuggly in her blanket swaddler, just the way she loved so much. Her lips formed a small ‘o’ as she breath, the subtle air hitting your skin in a puff of heat. And every-so-often, her lips would moved as she subconsciously sucked on the inside of her cheeks, something she always did when she was asleep.

“Let me take her,” Harry offered as a rather large yawn escaped your lips. “You’ve been up longer than me with her. Let me take her, and you can get some rest.”

Harry made it sound as if he was doing this for his little miss, which he partially was, but really, he just wanted a bit of quality time with his baby girl.

“You’re just trying to get rid of me,” you teased light, leaning your head against the wall behind the rocking chair before closing your eyes. Harry’s heart felt heavy as he took in your exhausted stature.

“Baby, look at you. You’re beyond tired. Go, I’ve got Darce.”

“Okay,” you hummed, sleeping sounding too good to pass up. “But if she starts crying again, come get me. Please.”

Harry nodded as he gently took Darcy in his arms after you handed her off to him. Taking your place in the rocking chair, Harry kissed you lightly on the cheek before watching you shuffle to the bedroom. By the time you left, a soft pink glow began surfacing into the atmosphere of the nursery, the sun beginning its early appearance.

“My precious baby,” he whispered, fingers gently feeling the soft skin of her cheek. “Dadda loves you very much, sunshine. Dadda loves you more than you’ll ever know. Even when you cry to the point where I can’t sleep, it’s all worth it because I get to hold you in my arms, my precious love.”

See, Harry has only truly fallen in love exactly two times in his lifetime. Sure, there were puppy loves from girlfriends in the past, though they were more infatuation than truly anything else. But that true, burning love, he’s only ever experience that but two times. The first time was a slow burning experience. Feelings gradually melded into something more, something burning within the depths of his heart. It lit up his world, brightening up every aspect of his present and future. It was the time he fell in love with you. But the second time was instantaneous. The moment he witnessed the miracle of bringing a baby into this world he fell in love. The moment the entirety of her hand wrapped around his single finger he fell even deeper in love. The moment he held her fragile body in his arms, vowing to protect her from anything that could put her in harm’s way, he was done for. The tiny bundle resting in Harry’s arms had him wrapped around her little finger, and she didn’t even know it.

Resting his head on the wall just as you had moments before, Harry watched Darcy sleep so contently in his arms, her chest rising and falling at a rhythmic speed. And before long, Harry’s chest was following the same movements, clutching his baby girl to him as he slept.


One of your favorite things to do was witness a bit of stolen moments between Harry and your daughter. And as your eyes took in sight of your two greatest loves sound asleep in the nursery’s rocking chair, you were sure your heart would explode. Harry clutched her little body to his with such care yet an obvious amount of protection. It was a true honor to watch the way he loved her so much. Really, it made you fall in love with him all over again.

Walking over to them, you bent down on your knees, smiling softly as you looked at Darcy still deep in sleep. “Harry,” you gently whispered, combing your fingers through his hair.

With the touch, Harry’s eyes shot open, wide with the awakening. “Is Darcy okay?” He spoke too loudly, and you shushed him, looking down to see Darcy not disturbed one bit.

“She’s fine,” you smiled, pressing a kiss to the corner of his mouth. Harry smiled lazily at you with the gesture. “You’ve been asleep in here for about two hours. How about we trade shifts? I’ll take her, and you get some actual rest.”

Harry nodded, the visioning of a bed making him dizzy. “Okay, yeah. Sounds good.”

Gently, you took Darcy from his arms in an effort to not wake her up. And just as you sat down in the rocking chair, Harry turned to face you. His lips pressed onto your forehead for a few moments before he then rested his forehead on yours.

“Thank you for giving me her,” he whispered. “Thank you for bringing our baby into this world, my love.”

Your eyes welled up with tears at his words, your heart pounding within the confines of your chest.

“I love you,” was the only thing you could think to say. And as you said it, your voice was breathy, saturated with feelings for Harry.

“And I love you, my little miss.”


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#6 - You catch him cheating [Part 2]

Part 1

Louis: After you had stormed off, you’d found yourself a small quiet restaurant to hide away in. The boys, aside from Liam who had gone to look for you, angrily marched up to Louis’ hotel room, with your bags in hand. “What the hell?!” Harry snapped, glaring at Louis as the girl he was with not even 10 minutes ago was dismissing her self. “Y/N stormed out, Louis. She’s gone!” Zayn added, his voice gruffer than usual. Louis was becoming paler by the second, pulling his clothes on. Liam had somehow in the meanwhile managed to the find you, and begged you to come back, with only one reason- see Louis get his ass kicked. So you did, and followed Liam back to the hotel. You were taken back up to his room. “Y/N!” He sighed in relief, walking up to you, but taken aback by your tone. “Don’t touch me Louis. Don’t touch me, don’t talk to me, because I seriously don’t need to know what the hell happened.” You hissed, words venomously slipping your mouth, glaring icily at Louis. “We are done. Over. I wasn’t even going to come here if it weren’t for Liam. Now, I’m going back home in London, and while I’m there you can reminisce your mistakes and realize, that, goddamn it Louis, I’m worth more than a slag that you find out of the club, and I know that, because I put up with your damn ass every day.” 

Harry: It was no surprise that it was in every social media website the next day either. Harry couldn’t get past the paps which gave you your chance, slipping away from his reach. You managed to rush home and begin to pack your bags. Hell, you were a sobbing mess, but you needed to get out of the before Harry managed to make it home. Finally finishing the third bag, a disheveled red eyed Harry stormed in. “No. No, no, no, no, no.” He shook his head, unmaking the bag. It was a fight, him taking the clothes out as you tidied them again. “Harry stop!” You sunk down, hands flying to your face as you sobbed again. He managed to slip his arms around you as you cried. “Please baby, please don’t leave me.” He mumbles into your hair. “I can’t Harry, and I won’t. Because I love you too damn much.”

Liam, HIS POV: I rushed and followed Y/N out of the club, the boys behind me, and Danielle too. “Y/N, no!” I yelled. A car whizzing with speed slammed into her, immediately halting as Y/N fell, I ran towards her, holding her carefully. “No, no, no.. Call an ambulance!” I yell, Harry pulling his phone out and calmly explaining. Everyone was rushing as I held her limp, pale body in my arms. The ambulance finally arrived and she was taken in, me following. The ride to the hospital was what hit me the hardest, though. Wires and masks and injections inserted into her.. What if she didn’t make it? No Liam, don’t think like that. It didn’t take long to get her to the hospital, where they made me wait. -6 hours later- She was awake. Finally. I had spent the entire night awake, barely catching sleep as I waited for her. “Liam?” A small croak came- the sweet sounding voice I love. “Baby..” “Stay with me Liam.. Don’t leave me.” I shook my head. “Never.”

Niall: By the time you were finally at your best friend Zayn’s house, you were a mess. Your make up had definitely run, you were shaking, and your heart was broken and chopped up into a billion pieces. You quickly came out of your car, locking it and running to Zayn’s door. Knocking harshly, you promised to apologise for appearing at his house so late. “Y/N? W-what happened? Come in, c’mere.” His accent was thick and he wasn’t wearing a top. His boxers clung to his thighs as he wrapped you tightly in an embrace before closing the top. “It’s your birthday, why’re you crying?” You sobbed again. “Niall- Y/S/N, cheating, caught,” you had managed to say, still bawling. “That cunt.” Zayn cussed, pulling you closer. He has let you sleep with him in his room, and in the morning when Niall had come round, he stood beside you as you talked to Niall. “No Niall, I-I can’t.. You and my sister. I trusted you with my life and I can’t-” “Please baby!” He fought. “I’m sorry Niall, I guess I fell in love with the wrong person. And I realised there was somebody who was actually there for me when you weren’t.” You leaned into Zayn as Nial nodded sadly and stepped back, Zayn closing the door as you hugged him, Niall’s clamors were heard outside.

Zayn: The whole night you spent with your best friend, drinking vodka and letting it all out. She stayed sober for your sake, and stood up as the doorbell rang. Opening the door, she was about to shut it when Zayn stopped her. “No Zayn, you’re not seeing her. Hell no.” Zayn pushed past her and inside. You grinned, hammered. “Hello, sexy.” You mumbled, falling into his arms. “Let’s get you to bed.” “Lets have sex.” You winked. He refused, lying you down, and changing your clothes. “I love you so much and I regret everything.. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I shouldn’t take that for granted.. I’m so sorry.” He sighs, kissing your cheek as you drift off to sleep, remembering every word he had said.


It was pretty obvious Harry’s hair was growing long. During a concert, you were scrolling through twitter. Most of the tweets consisted of:

'harry's hair is luscious omfg'

'his hair is so thick and curly'

'i think his hair is better than y/n's and y/n has amazing locks let me tell you' 

"Harry.." You whined, his eyes immediately went to you. 

"What’s wrong, babe?" He asked, thinking you were going to say something serious. 

"Your.." You sighed. "Your hair is more gorgeous than mine and it’s not fair." You complained. Harry started laughing and tossed his hair back. 

"Your face is more gorgeous than mine and I’m not complaining." He winked.


Tell me if you guy like the story Imagines. I think that people might be getting a little tired of them so I’ll include some regular imagines here and there!

Tell me what YOU think:



  *your and Harrys parents move in together and you hate him. One day you two are home alone and have sex* couldn’t get into deal with the sex but I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry if it sucked didn’t edit it

"y/n!" your dad yelled from downstairs. "what?!" you said "they’re here, come down." you sighed annoyed.. ‘they’ were your dads new girlfriend and her son. Your dad and her had only been together for 5 or 6 months and they thought it would be a great idea to move in together. You didnt like this idea at all. You didnt even know the girl or her son and the fact they were know going to be living with you kinda pissed you off. "Promise you’ll be nice." your dad said walking towards the door. "ehh." he stopped and stared at you.. you rolled your eyes "I promise." he smiled and opened the door.  Once he did you seen your dads girlfriend and her son right behind her. "hey!" your dad said and pulled her in for a hug. "Hi! oh this is my son, Harry." she said and ‘Harry’ didnt look to happy to be there as well but he smiled anyways and waved slightly.. "And this is my daughter y/n." your dad said. "Hi." you waved. "awh your so beautiful." she said. "I’m Anne and I’ve heard so much about you." she said and you just smiled wanting to get this over with and go back up to your room. There was a bit of an awkward silence when finally "So y/n would you like to show Harry to his room?" you dad asked "No." you said. Your dad gave you a look…  "*sigh* sure." you then turned around and headed to the bedroom upstairs, Harry followed..

   “Heres your room.” you both walked in. “Is that yours?” he asked pointing to the room directly across his “yep.” he sighed sounding a bit annoyed. Your eyebrows narrowed wonder the the hell that was about but then just rolled your eyes.. “anyways um thats your bed-” you started until he cut you off “yeah I see that.” Harry said having a bit of an attitude. You only knew this kid for 5 minutes and he was already pissing you off.. “well if you need anything ju-” “I wont.” he interupted you once again. You glared at him just wanting to tell him off but instead you rolled your eyes and walked out.. seconds later the door slammed behind you.. You walked into your room and and heard Harry talking.. “Dad I dont want to be here.” he said “this guy looks like a total tool and the daughter is just irritating as hell.” you scoffed just wanting to go in there and slap the hell out of him. “No, why cant you just- but I dont- ugh! Fine. Whatever bye.” he hung up..

  Later- “dinners ready!” Anne yelled. You and Harry both opened your doors at the same time. You rolled your eyes at him as he did the same then walked down the stairs. You didnt like him and it was very clear he felt the same. After harry made his plate “I’m going to eat in my room.” “Harry!” Anne said.. “Just this once, please.” she pointed to the seat next to her. He rolled his eyes and sat down..  As you started eating Anne asked you. “So, y/n what grade will you be starting?” “uhm I’ll be a Senior.” “He is too, isnt that right Harry?” she said trying to get him into the conversation.. “yup.” he said staring down twirling his food.. your dad cleared his throat “uh Harry, I hear your a fan of the Packers.” he said and Harry stayed quiet. “Harry.” Anne said in a serious tone. Still he was quiet “Harry my dad asked you a question.” you said annoyed that he was ignoring your dad.. “No honey dont worry about it.” your dad said wanting you to just stay out of it. “Well he should leave me the hell alone, he your dad not mines.” “Harold!” his mom said.. Harry then stood up and slammed his chair in and went upstairs.. “I’m so sorry about that.” Anne apologized for his actions.. “Uh dad I-I’m gonna go to bed early tonight.” he just nodded his head and you went upstairs..

Ugh Harry was just an asshole. You get he’s mad but he didnt even give you or your dad a chance. You werent up to any of this but you still threw a smile on your face and tried to be nice but he’s been a dick from the start and you just wanted him to leave and leave as soon as possible..

A week later- Anne’s been so nice, she would cook some meals, ask if you were hungry and fix you up something in a sec. She’s asked you questions on whats your favorite things to do and basically just trying to get to know you and after awhile you were okay with the fact that she would probably be here for awhile.. the only down side to that was the fact that she had Harry with her. He’s been so irriating like if you were in his way for just a sec he would huff so loudly like he was beyond annoyed, he’s been quiet most of the time and wouldnt speak a word to you or your dad. He hardly ever talked to Anne and when he did he was just asking for something. But really didnt care at this point, your dad was happy and thats all you cared about.

   Waking up at like 2 in the afternoon. You walked out of your room and downstairs. The tv was on in the living room and the only one in there was Harry. He turned to look at you but quickly rolled his eyes and continued to watch tv. You sighed and headed towards the kitchen. Sitting down and having a bowl of cereal when you realized you didnt hear Anne’s or your dads voice at all.. “Where is everybody?” you asked.. Harry huffed “If you werent asleep all day you would have known that they headed to the market about 10 minutes ago.” he said and turned his head back towards the television.. “Okay it was just a question you dont have to be a dick about it.” you said while taking another bite of cereal.. He turned off the tv and walked towards the kitchen with a bowl in his hands.. He put the bowl into the sink then leaned against it. “well I hope to be leaving soon with my dad, and you wont have to he dealing with me any longer.” “thank god.” he chuckled.. “Or your dad could always get back with your mum and I wont have to see your face ever again.” he said.. “OR you and your mom can leave and finally my dad and I could be in peace.” you said.. he smirked.. “well maybe your dad will do something to piss off my mom and hopefully she breaks up with him. I mean your mom left so he bound to drive other women out right?” he said.. You sat there and said nothing.. Inside you wanted to get up and slap the hell out of this guy but you couldnt.. “Actually Harry, my mom died when I was 12. Maybe sometimes you shouldnt just fucking assume you know everything.” you said, got up and went to your room.

   about 2 minutes later there was a knock at the door. “what.” you said “may I come in?” he asked “No.” he opened the door anyways.. “what do you want?” you asked glaring at him.. he stood at the door way scratching the back of his neck not really sure on what to say.. “I uh- I’m sorry, I didnt know she passed and it was wrong of me to say that.” You put down your phone and looked at him, he actually looked sorry “You’re forgiven.” he smirked. You hadnt seen a smile since he got here and he had these dimples on his face that sunk in once he did, which kinda made you smile as well. He then walked into your room and sat next to you on your bed. “Look, I’m sorry for acting the way that I have since I got here. I just am having a hard time from leaving everything back home and I guess I took it out on you and your dad.” you just nodded your head it was quiet for a minute when.. “So uh- how did she die?” he asked, you just looked at him.. “oh sorry, its none of my business.” he said “oh no its okay, uhm she had cancer and was fighting it for 4 years before she couldnt take it anymore.” you said looking down at your hands.. “oh I’m sorry to hear that.” he said it was quiet again before his arms were wrapped around you.. He was hugging you and at first you didnt know what the hell was happening but you then hugged him back, you kinda needed it anyways.. he pulled away and smiled showing off his dimples again. You smiled looking down.. “thanks.” you said  “no problem.” he said

    “uh so what happened between your mom and dad.” you asked. He sighed and rolled his eyes “ah its just bullshit. They just say they were seperating. They say its not my fault or anything like that its just that they no longer fell love for each other. whatever.”     You and Harry started talking about everything dealing with his parents and you and your dad dealing with your moms passing and memories and things of that nature. when soon you both were laying on the bed looking up at the ceiling.. you seen his head turn to look at you.. “you know your not as bad I as thought you were.” you giggled “yeah your not so bad as well.” you said he kept smiling when he got up a bit and went to you and kissed you. You were a shocked that he did that and he could tell cause he did back off a bit, but you quickly pulled him back down towards you and kissed him. Soon he was hovering over you while the two of your were making out. You then felt his hands on your waist then slowly started to rise as he pulled your shirt up. You then helped him take the shirt off. He pulled his off as well and then continued to kiss you, when you then felt his hands on the waist band of your pajama bottoms.. He started to slide them off as you helped his unbutton his jeans..

    You both layed there exhaust under your sheets while you layed on his chest. It was quiet, you and Harry trying to catch your breaths was the only sound filling the room. Slowly after you did Harry said “Well maybe I’ll just tell my dad that I’m staying.” you both laughed when you heard a car pull up in the driveway.. both your eyes went wide and Harry fell out of bed and grabbed his clothes and tried to cover himself.. “Hurry!” you said  “wait!” he whisper for some reason.. he stopped turning around and kissing you one last time before finally going to his room.

hope you liked it:) once again sorry if you didn’t, I didn’t care to edit…..

Preference 18 ~ Laughing

Liam: You had been getting ready for your date with Liam all day but you still didn’t approve of how you looked. It didn’t matter though since Liam was knocking on the door not more than ten minutes later. You sucked it up and walked towards the door to let him in before heading out on your date. “I got you some roses. Although I wasn’t sure which ones you liked so I just got daisies. I’m sorry…” You just smiled and assured him that it was ok before heading out on your date. In the car, Liam decided to turn on the radio and pretend to be an awful singer even though that was very far from true. At one point in time, Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton came on the radio and Liam started to sing it with a serious face, which made you finally crack and burst into laughter. You sometimes hated your laugh but the look on Liam’s was one out of pure enjoyment. “Wow. Your laugh is amazing. I’m definitely gonna take advantage of that.” You just blushed before looking out the window and continuing to laugh.  

Harry: “Hey. Hey Y/N. Hey. Look. Listen. Y/N.” Harry had been doing this all day but whenever you would ask him what he wanted he would just give you a sexual grin so you got to the point where you would just stop listening to him. You heard a thud and then you quickly turned around to see Harry lying on the ground with his leg hung over the chair that was also tipped on its side. You didn’t know whether to laugh or worry about him but then you realize that it was too funny not to laugh so your laughing took over. “Yes! I did it! I made you laugh!” You tried to calm your laughing before asking him if his sexual smirk was supposed to make you smile and he nodded. “That was the worst idea I think you’ve ever had.” As Harry started to get up, he shook his head. “Oh no. The worst idea I’ve ever had was trying to get your attention while climbing over the back of the chair.” This just sent you into another fit of laughter while Harry pouted.

Louis: You hadn’t had the best day because you had to stay home because of the big snow storm that was going on that day and you had been a grump all day. You hated the snow and everyone knew it. You were from one of those states that have constant sun all the time but when you had to move all of that changed and you hated that. The cold wasn’t your thing but Louis knew that so he was planning a day full of fun things for both of you to do although all of his plans were interrupted when you heard the heater shut off. Louis stood up to go fix the problem. “Whoops, I’ll go turn it back on. Just stay cuddled up.” You weren’t going to debate that so you stayed where you were. He came back though without the sound of the heater. “Um… So there’s a small problem… Our heating broke…” You just stared at him and then screamed before hiding yourself in the blankets. You were so not up for being cold. “Hey. Hey, it’ll be ok I promise. You want to hear a joke?” You shook your head no but he continued anyway. “Why was the sand wet? Because the seaweed! Get it? The Sea! Weed!” It wasn’t even that funny but because he was so excited about it you started to chuckle. “Hey! There’s my Y/N!” Louis didn’t stop telling you jokes for the rest of the night which put you in a much better mood.

Zayn: Both you and Zayn had decided that you would go with him when he got his next tattoo so that you could get one too. The next day, you both headed to the tattoo parlor to get your new tattoo. Zayn was getting another heart with your initials in the middle of it and you were going to get a small bird right below your ear. When you walked into the parlor there were three people sitting at the front desk chatting. One of the girls looked from you to Zayn and slightly squealed. “Oh my god you’re Zayn Malik! I can’t believe it!” Zayn just awkwardly smiled and then looked to you. “My girlfriend and I were planning to get tattoos could we do it at the same time so that it goes quicker?” The girls face dropped a bit but she nodded. “I’ll take you.” She pointed her finger at you, which scared you a bit. You then went to the back room and got started on your tattoo. When it was done, you went to go show Zayn and he burst out laughing. “Oh my god Y/N look!” He snapped a picture of it and showed it to you. Instead of a bird, you had ‘bitch’ on your neck. Your jaw dropped and Zayn told you it would be fine. He took you to the man that tattooed him and had him add an ‘in’ to it so that it read ‘bitchin’. You were both cracking up by the end of the night but you both realized that you were pretty bitchin.

Niall: Niall wasn’t even that funny when it came to you two being at home but you just loved to watch him be a dork on the stage and in his interviews or videos. Niall had brought you along so that you could see the filming of their new perfume You & I. When you saw that Niall had come out of the dressing rooms in a ninja like suit you got confused but you just sat down and kept quiet while the filming began. You soon saw all of the boys swoop down on cords suspending them in the air and you got scared for all of them. Although once you saw that they were attacking each other you burst into laughter and accidentally snorted. Loudly. Everyone looked at you and all of the boys erupted into laughter but Harry’s laughter cause him to swing his arm out and shove the bottle of perfume off the stand and shatter. It got dead silent before all of the other boys started to laugh at Harry for being a klutz. You started to laugh too but at least now all of the laughing wasn’t on you.

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 68

A blessing in disguise ~ chapter 68

"Just know I’ll be right behind you on a flight." Harry replies making me smile lightly and feel butterflies.
“So what is it? You’re staying or am I needing to get a different plane ticket?” He questions and I look down. “Hayley?”
“It would be hypocritical of me to leave and run from our problems.” I reply, knowing very well that running back home will not solve any issues but most likely make them worse. He takes my hand and our fingers intertwine perfectly as we start to walk away from the terminals. “Were you really going to get on that plane?” Harry clears his throat seeming scared of my answer, I gulp and slowly nod my head. “I didn’t think you would come to me.” I softly say and I feel his grip on my hand tighten a little. “Why wouldn’t I?” He asks and I bite my lip, not sure how to answer his question. I much rather avoid any chance of any kind of argument right now. “I just- I didn’t think you would come.” I mumble,
“But why?” He presses, wanting a specific answer.
“I didn’t think you really cared that much.” I reply, hoping my words don’t start anything, Harry nods without saying a word and continues to work; keeping quite a firm grip on my hand, almost as if he is scared I’ll let go and run back.

I sit on the bed quietly watching as Harry picks up his clothes from the floor, he looks at me for a moment before looking down and smiling slightly. His smile slowly fades before he takes a deep breath and looks back up at me. “We can’t avoid not bringing things up forever.” He brings to my attention,
“What do you mean?” I question, nervously playing with the duvet cover of the hotel bed. “Well, I don’t know. I guess I have something I want to get off my chest but I’m not sure how to word what it is I am wanting to say.” Harry comments and I nod, trying to work out if this is a bad or good thing. “Just start talking.” I half smile at him, trying to stop my mind from over-thinking things. Harry takes in a deep breath before he opens his mouth.
“You always want me to express myself to you and tell you how I feel but I never do. Mainly because I don’t know how and I don’t enjoy expressing myself. I’m a private person in a way who likes to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself for my own reasons. I realize that it is only hurting you, and that I need to start compromising; I need to start trying to show you how much I care for you. Since we have been dating, I’ve written a few lines that have slowly formed into a song; a song that resembles you, it resembles us in a sense.” Harry mumbles out cutely as I sit on the bed and pull at my sleeves.
“Are you going to show it to me?” I softy ask, quite curious to know what he has written. He shakes his head making me cock my head to the side, confused. “Wouldn’t you prefer to hear it?” He offers, giving me a small smile that makes me smile quite brightly. “I would.” I nod, gesturing for him to continue. He sits down on the bed and gleams at me with bright and shiny eyes. He breathes in before beginning to sing his song. As I listen to the words carefully, putting together the pieces that resemble us and his feelings, I also take in his harmonious voice that is like angles singing their heavenly glory. His voice is soft and calm which makes me relax a little. He pulls me into his lap and wraps his arms around me, singing in my ear, making me shiver.
Harry’s voice slowly fades out and he leans over me to kiss my cheek, “I really am half a heart without you, and half a man at best.” Harry mumbles, making me blush slightly.
“You wrote that?” I ask him,
“It’s lovely” I compliment, slowly allowing silence to take over us.


"I know that in life, every girl wants the perfect prince, I can’t be the perfect prince but I can be yours. I might not be perfect and you’ll have to understand that, but the main thing is that I love you. I’ll wipe your tears as they stream down your cheeks, I’ll stop them with kisses if I have too, bringing their flow to a standstill. I’m not the best for you, but I’ll do my best to keep you as mine, because darlin’ you’re the only one who gives me a purpose. Saying this is already making me feel I am far from my comfort zone but there’s no way I want to risk losing you. I’m not ready for what it is life has prepared for us, but if we tackle this together, we can make it through." Harry opens up slightly as he holds me close, I rest my head on his chest sleepily. "You’re my imperfect Prince Charming who I wouldn’t trade for anyone else, you’re the only guy I want to be with." I mumble, starting to think that I need to show him my feelings a bit more. "I love you." I add as he rubs my arm lightly. "I don’t just love you Hayley, I’m in love with you." Harry whispers, making me smile and feel butterflies in my stomach. The type of butterflies you get when your first crush locks eyes with you or gives you a smile, or a hug. The type that flap against the walls of your stomach, making you feel weird and bubbly on the inside, forcing a smile to appear on your face as you uncontrollably fall deeper and deeper for the boy of your dreams. We’ve been together for nearly a year, just two more day until it’s a year, and he still can make me blush and feel those butterflies. He still gives me that nervous feeling you get when you start talking to a crush. When it’s true love, the feelings never die down, you just get use to them, and on occasions those butterflies can’t be tamed and you can’t ignore them. "Are you not in love with me?" He questions as his warm hand stops rubbing my arm soothingly. "I’m more than just in love with you."
“Really?” Harry whispers and I nod.
“I’m in love with you in more ways than you know.” I mumble quietly, making Harry chuckle lightly.
“Are we going to be okay, Hayley?” Harry asks me with a soft and croaky voice, almost as if he is trying to hold back tears. “I don’t know, are we?” I whisper as if we are in a crowded room. “I hope so.”
“So do I. We will have to wait and see.” I reply. My mind slowly swirls and brings me to thinking deeply about things. Do you ever wonder why you meet the people you meet in life? Why you fall for the people you fall for, even if you end up being left heart-broken? Why are we sometimes left heart-broken? Wouldn’t it be easier if life didn’t put us through this long process?
“Are you okay Hayley?” Harry’s voice drags my attention from my own thoughts, “what?” I come back to reality and he sighs. “Are you okay?” He repeats and I nod, “yeah, just tired I guess.” I mumble, wishing my mind wouldn’t make me think deeply about things.
“Do you want to go to sleep?” Harry yawns, clearly tired himself. I move away from his embrace and lap before crawling to my side of the bed. I crawl under the covers and look to Harry. “Are you getting in?” I ask as he doesn’t move from where we were on the bed.
“Do you want me to?”
“Well, I don’t want to sleep alone, but if you don’t want too..” I trail off, unaware of the point he is trying to suddenly prove or get across.
“Hayley, I want too.” He shakes his head, moving closer and getting under the covers with me. He moves onto his side, looking at me with gleaming eyes that shine brighter than the night sky on a beautiful starry night. “I love you.” He smiles adorably, making me feel that he truly means it. “And I love you.” I smile happily, glad that I can feel some emotion right now between the two of us. “Goodnight” he whispers, leaning over and kissing my cheek sweetly,
“Goodnight.” I blush, unable to contain my feelings and emotions at the moment. I pull at the covers and pull them tightly around me to keep me warm before I slowly move closer to his warm body and fall asleep.

I move my legs as my body slowly wakes up and my eyes open. I notice Harry on his phone and I slowly prop myself up on my forearms. “Why aren’t you sleeping?” I ask him sleepily, struggling to keep myself propped up on my arms. “I can’t sleep.” Harry replies, putting his phone on the side table.
“Oh.” I sound, unaware of what to reply with.
“Why aren’t you asleep?” Harry questions as he moves slightly within the sheets. “I just woke up randomly.” I yawn like a sleepy puppy that just woke up to stretch it’s tiny legs. “Mmm okay” Harry sounds just as I move and fall down on to my side. “You okay Hayley?” Harry asks and I give him a weird sound as a yes. “Is that a yes, a no, or a maybe?” He chuckles tiredly with a deep voice, “it’s an in between.” I mumble in a joking way.
“Something wrong?” He questions,
“You need to sleep.” I instruct, scared that he is over thinking everything and wrecking his brains, along with torturing himself about what’s has happened previously. “I know, I know.” He sighs deeply with a bit of a huff

Harry’s p.o.v

"Hey Harry?" Hayley sleepily grabs my attention as she pulls at the covers,
“Mhm?” I sound, moving myself onto my side so I can face her.
“I love you.” She mumbles, moving her hand and grabbing mine lightly, falling asleep nearly instantly. I smile for a moment as I watch her sleep and hold her hand. For the first time in a while I felt my heart sink earlier. When reality hit me and I realized she had really left and wasn’t coming back; I felt my heart sink so far down I didn’t know what to feel. I think for a moment, my heart did in deed stop for a split second. I move my hand away from Hayleys before moving closer and pulling her body closer to mine. I hear her gasp suddenly but she quickly settles into me. “It’s me.” I whisper and she nestles into me. I don’t know what I would do without her, it seems so cliche to say that I have no idea what I really would do without her, but it is true. I don’t know what I will do to make sure we work things out and stay together, but I do know that I need to start showing her that I love her.