Fight Me (Harry Styles Smut) for Kylie!

This is for my girl kyliesullens for being super awesome!! 

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 3,077



“Why don’t you just leave then?!” Harry screamed through the closed door.

“Fine! Maybe I will!” I retorted. We never fought like this. We never said such hurtful things to each other. Where did everything go wrong?

*1 hour Earlier*

I sat alone in the club waiting for Harry to return with our drinks. It was date night; we did this every Friday since we began dating 18 months ago. The white couch below me was soft and I could feel the beat of the music through the material. I wasn’t waiting long when I heard the curtain pulled back and I expected to see Harry enter, but I was met with bright blue eyes. Those eyes belonged to an old friend of mine.

“Kylie?!” He looked highly confused and looked at the room number in his hands and back at me.

“Luke?!” I stood up quickly and walked over to him. “Holy crap! What are you doing here?” I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“We’re in town for an award show! What are you doing here?!” He laughed and hugged me back. Luke and I were childhood friends who became a bit more than that in high school. He was my first love, but we split up because his band took off. All of those feelings were history now, and it just felt like I was seeing my best friend again after 2 years. Both our smiles spread from ear to ear as we released from our hug and his hands remained on my waist as he got a good look at me.

“I’m here with my-” I was cut off when Harry entered in behind us.

“Boyfriend. I’m her boyfriend.” Harry’s English accent was thick and his voice low. Luke looked over at me for confirmation. I nodded at him and his face fell into a subtle frown. I looked back over to Harry and he had set our drinks down on the table and made his way to my side, slowly wrapping an arm around my waist. “and who might you be?” Harry questioned raising an eyebrow cockily.

“Luke.” He reached out to shake Harry’s hand, but he was rejected. I shoved my elbow into Harry’s side and he finally took Luke’s hand, but didn’t say a word.

“Luke, this is Harry.” I gestured to the rude boy next to me and Luke gave me a sympathetic smile. There was a few more moments of awkward silence until Harry spoke up.

“Babe, I don’t want to stay at the club anymore. Let’s go home and spend some alone time together, yeah?” He was using his low, demanding voice that only comes out in two situations: when he is horny or when he is jealous. Before I could answer, I was being pulled away from Luke and toward the exit of the club. I quickly waved goodbye to the confused boy behind me and followed Harry. We made it out onto the street and headed toward the car.

“What the hell Harry? Going out was your idea…” I was extremely annoyed with his rude demeanor, but I tried not to raise my voice at him.

“I don’t take you out so you can flirt with other guys.” He snapped and I stopped in my tracks.

“Excuse me? He happened to be an old friend of mine and I don’t appreciate-” he cut me off again.

“Yeah, an old friend that you used to sleep with.” He muttered lowly.

“Oh, go fuck yourself Harry.” I snapped back and he looked at me surprised. I usually don’t engage in fights with him. I just let him yell at me and give him the silent treatment afterwards, but this was fucking ridiculous. I refused to talk to him for the rest of the walk. He was clearly fuming by the time we reached the car. I decided to try and humor him to avoid a bigger scene at home. “Okay, fine. You’re right.” I said plainly and he looked at me as he started the car. He could tell I was lying to avoid the argument. Damn it, he knows me so well. No one said a word until we reached the lot in front of our apartment building. Harry drug himself out of the car and I followed him to the door. I walked into the living room and sat on the couch, ignoring the angry boy in the corner. I heard the text tone on my phone go off and I remembered I had asked Harry to put my phone in his pocket because my dress was too tight. I turned the corner into the kitchen to find him reading the text on my phone.

“What the fuck Harry?!” I yelled and snatched my phone from his hands and looked at him in revulsion. He rolled his eyes at me and mumbled.

“You still text him?” His voice cracked and I looked at him confused.

“I have no idea what you are talking about Harry…” He gestured to the phone in my hands and I looked down to see the text.

From: Lukey

Kylie, I hope I didn’t get you in trouble with your boyfriend. I really want to catch up while I’m in town. If not, it was great seeing you again. Always, Luke.


“Always? Seriously Kylie? If you wanted to go back to your ex, you could have at least ended it with me first.” His voice echoed through our apartment and he looked at me with I look I had never seen before. A look of disgust.

“Harry, that is not what it sounds like! That was just our thing! It means nothing now!” I rambled as he walked toward our bedroom. “Harry, stop!” I grabbed his arm and he turned around.

“I don’t like you talking to a guy you used to be in love with!” He ran his hands through his curls. “God Kylie, how do you think that makes me feel?!” He flares his hands around and I cringe at how loud he is being.

“That’s just it Harry! USED TO BE! God forbid that I have an ex that I don’t hate!” I scream and shove past him slamming our door and locking it.

And here we are. Screaming through a closed door and probably waking up everyone in our building.

“It’s pretty hard to fall out of love with someone Kylie! If you loved him then, you probably love him now!” He yelled through the closed door.

“What?! That is ridiculous! But now that you mention it, I don’t ever remember Luke not trusting me enough to talk to people!” I retorted and I could tell that hurt him, even through the closed door.

 “Well why don’t you just leave then?!” I hear Harry’s voice as he banged his hands on the door.

“Fine! Maybe I will!” I screamed back and grabbed a duffle bag out of our closet and put some clothes in. After about a half hour, I had everything packed and I was going to head over to my parent’s place. I opened the door to find Harry sitting against the wall with tears in his eyes. I can’t stand seeing him like this. It doesn’t matter how mad at him I am, I can’t leave the man I love like this. I dropped my bag and crouched down to his side. His usually bright green eyes are red and puffy and it broke my heart.

“I’m sorry baby. I’m so sorry. I just can’t stand the thought of losing you. You’re my everything.” He mumbled and I cupped his cheeks in my hands.

“Harry, I will always love Luke, but I am not in love with him. I’m in love with you.” I lean forward so my forehead rested on his.

“I love you too, Kylie.” He whispered and connected his lips to mine. We kissed slowly and before I realized what was happening, his hands were on my thighs and he was carrying me to our bed. Our kiss got heated quickly and Harry slowly lowered me onto the bed, moving his mouth down to my neck. His perfect pink lips sucked and nipped on the sensitive skin while my hands tangled in his dark brown curls.

“Harry…” I whispered and he brought his eyes up to meet mine. I bit my lip and gazed at the man I loved in awe. “Make love to me.” I said softly moving my eyes down from his to his lips. I didn’t need to utter another word before he started to slide his hands up my torso. He gripped the hem of my shirt and pulled it up slowly. His lips attached to my newly exposed stomach, but disconnected only to finish pulling the shirt over my head. Once the unneeded material was thrown away, his lips reconnected to my skin. He left wet kisses up my torso, between my covered breasts, up my neck, and finally stopped on my lips. I leaned back further onto the bed, taking him with me. He was hovering over my body as my hands slid down his back and grabbed the end of his shirt. I pulled his shirt up his muscular back and my hands ran down his skin, following the ripples of his muscles. He sat up for a moment only to pull the shirt away from his body and throw it near mine. He went back to work on my neck while I brought one hand to his butterfly tattoo, pushing him away from my body. He looked confused until I began fumbling with the button on his jeans. He smiled and grabbed my cheeks placing his lips on mine before I pushed his pants down his legs. His black and red boxers were tented from his growing appendage and my mouth watered at the sight. I went to peel them off his legs as well, but he stopped me.

“No. I was a jerk and I need to make it up to you so just lay back and let me love you.” His million dollar smile flashed down at me and it still made my stomach flutter. He pushed me back onto the bed and started to pull down the tight pencil skirt I was wearing. When my hips were exposed, he started to kiss and suck on the bone surely leaving a dark mark on each. His large hands traveled up to cup my breasts through my bra and I let out the first moan of the night. Once my skirt was out of the picture, Harry sat up and straddled my body. His lips attached to mine again for the first time in what seemed like forever. I could clearly feel his hard member rub against my clothed core. Jesus, this is taking way too long.

“Harrrrrrry!” I moaned out and he chuckled at my impatience. He finally moved his hands behind my back and expertly unclipped my pink bra and flung it over the headboard. No matter how many times Harry had seen my boobs, he always had the same expression on his face when my bra came off: pure joy. His smile stretched from ear to ear as he stared down at my mostly naked body.

“God, how did I ever manage to get a girl like you?” He smirked down at me and I grabbed the back of his head and brought his lips to mine. “So beautiful.” He mumbled into my lips. I smiled and slid my hand down to run his fully erect member over his boxers. He let out a low throaty groan and I could feel the moisture pooling between my thighs. My hand reached the hem of the fabric and I pushed it down as far as I could and Harry shimmed them to the ground. My face grew red when he brought his hand to the waistband of my panties. He pulled them down slowly and it felt like I was going to explode by the time he dropped them to the floor. His green eyes widened at the sight of my wet core before him. He licked his lips before looking up at me. I bucked my hips up trying to meet his mouth, but his large hands just pushed me back onto the bed. I groaned in frustration and he shushed me. “Shhh baby girl. Impatient, are we?” He placed soft kisses on my thighs, teasing me to no end. I reached down and buried my hands in his brown curls and pulled him closer to me. He finally complied to my wishes when he licked a long strip up my core. I took in a sharp breath when he reached my clit and began sucking harshly.

“Oh my God, Harry.” I whined and his hands slipped behind me and pulled me further into his face. His tongue was so skilled and had me writhing in seconds. I started to involuntarily buck my hips into his face and he groaned as I grinded on him. His grip on my thighs tightened when I started to scream out louder. “Harry! Shit, I’m so close!” I yelled and brought a hand to cover my mouth and stifle my moans, but he didn’t slow down and pull away like he normally does. He continued to eat me out until I came on his face with a loud scream. My legs were shaking and he slithered back up my body to plant a soft kiss on my lips.

“I can’t get over how hot you look when you come for me.” He whispered in my ear as he ran his hands up his own shaft. I moaned at the sight and he lined himself up with my entrance. “You ready Kylie?” His face was soft as he rubbed his tip over my core. I nodded my head and moaned when he began to sink into me. No matter how many times Harry and I made love, it always felt like the first time. My body went into a spiraling pleasure that only Harry can give me.

“Harry…” I sighed as he thrusted into me softly. His face was contorted in pure pleasure as I rocked my hips in rhythm with him. 

“Oh Kylie…” His low voice lit a fire in my lower region. I brought my lips up to meet his. His kisses even made me melt. He was the only one on the planet who can make me feel this way. He lifted my legs suddenly and started to hit that perfect spot inside me. I held onto his hair as he pounded into me and his lips moved down to my nipples. He sucked and nipped on each while his hips gyrated into my core.

“I’m so close Harry.” I sighed and he brought a hand down to rub over my clit. That put me over the edge. My body began to shake again and Harry helped me ride out my high. My senses returned to the sound of Harry screaming out my name and coming all over my stomach. He flopped down on top of me and reconnected our lips.

“I love you so much Kylie.” He panted and I stroked his hair.

“I love you too Harry.” I kissed his forehead as he rolled over to pull me into his chest.

“I’m sorry about tonight. I was an idiot and I do trust you. I love you more than anything and the thought of losing you makes me crazy. Please forgive me?” He kissed the back of my neck and held me close to his bare chest.

“It’s okay Harry. I understand why you were mad. Just know that I love you and only you. You make me feel like no one else ever could. You are the only one for me.” I held his hands and brought them up to my lips and kissed them.

“Kylie, can I ask you something?” His voice was low and hoarse again. I turned over so I was face to face with him.

“We have been together for a while, yeah?” I nodded looking really confused. “And you love me and I love you…Kylie, I want you to marry me. Will you?” His eyes glimmered with hope and I was caught completely off guard. Of course I loved him and I wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with him. Oh my god.

“Yes. Yes, Harry, I will marry you.” I smiled and his face lit up. He brought his lips to mine again and kissed me with more passion than I ever thought was possible. He pulled away and placed his forehead on mine.

“Sorry I don’t have a ring.” He chuckled, his eyes still closed. I laughed and brought my lips back to his.

“It’s alright. There’s always tomorrow.” I chuckled and I fell asleep in my fiancé’s arms.

I woke up to a messy apartment and no sign of Harry. I sat up really confused. Did I dream last night? I heard rustling down the hall and the door opened. Harry stood in the doorway with a breakfast tray and a beautiful stack of pancakes on it.

“Good morning future Mrs. Styles.” He laughed. My smile was a mile wide and my face turned bright red. So it wasn’t a dream.

“Good morning.” I blushed and began to eat the breakfast that was in front of me. I looked back over to Harry who was knelt down on one knee next to the bed. I pushed the breakfast tray away from me and looked at him in shock.

“I thought I might as well do this right.” He chuckled and pulled out a black box from his packet. “Kylie, you are the love of my life. You are the most beautiful girl on the planet and I am beyond lucky to be with you. I must have done something right to be able to spend my life with you. Now, officially, will you marry me?” he opened the box and the most beautiful ring was set in the middle. Tears brimmed my eyes and I just nodded my head and got down on the ground with him. My arms flung around his neck and my lips quickly found his. “I’ll take that as a yes then?” he smiled and brought his lips back to mine. 

Are you seducing me?


R: Niall as a teacher and one of his students is trying to get a higher grade and one thing leads to another 

It was that time again. You were getting your test back from last week and you had a feeling you did better this time. From the first day you started trig you knew you were in for a challenge but you could handle it, so you thought. Not only was this shit impossible to understand but you couldn’t take your eyes off your teacher, Mr. Horan.

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Date mistakes (Ashton Irwin) (requested)


Didn’t know how to title it properly, but here is what you go I hope you like it. xx


You grinned when you heard the doorbell just as you were putting on your earrings, you rushed to the door not wanting to keep Ashton waiting. He was fiddling with the collar of the jacket he was wearing when you opened the door, once he saw you though he took in a sharp intake of breath. “You look incredible,” he managed to get out, “you don’t look to bad yourself.” Your response had his cheeks flare up a bright pink as he held out his hand for you to take once you had locked your door Ashton led you down the front steps to his car once you were settled in the car Ashton started up the car, well attempted to start up the car. “S-sorry Y/N, I don’t understand what’s happened, I filled up the tank on my way here.” You couldn’t help but find it cute how he was stuttering over his words whilst desperately trying to start the car up. “hey it’s okay,” you began while placing your hand on his, “we can just call a taxi, I would offer my car but it’s at the shop getting some work done on it itself.” Ashton just gave a nervous chuckle as he pulled the key out of the ignition and hopped out the car. The taxi took a lot longer to arrive then they said over the phone, forty minutes longer actually, but you were now currently at the restaurant Ashton had made reservations at, from what you could tell by the cue that went out the door it was a fancy place. Ashton lead you to the hostess podium where he told the woman behind the counter his reservations, “I’m sorry sir but you were over an hour late, we were certain you wouldn’t be coming.” Turns out they had given your table away, you interrupted the argument Ashton started by pulling him outside, he began apologising again before you cut him off, “it’s fine Ashton, why don’t we just go to the McDonalds a few blocks down.” Ashton soon forgot about apologising and was now confused, “aren’t you girls meant to be watching what you eat?” As soon as he said it he realised how bad it sounded especially when you gave him a hurt, pointed look. He immediately began to correct himself, “no! I didn’t mean you should be watching what you eat, it’s just that most girls are all worried about calories and shit- I just, your perfect is what I’m saying.” He blushed for what seemed like the hundredth time that night, and this is where you realised how easily embarrassed he gets, well at least around you. “I’m not like most girls,” you had now taken his hand and began the walk down to McDonalds. You decided that once getting your food you would eat at the small park that was across the road, once you were seated on the cool grass and about to dive into your food you heard a few screams. You looked around and noticed a group of about ten girls a few meters away staring at Ashton and a few of them glaring at you. You let out a giggle as Ashton groaned, “go say hello,” you urged not being bothered by the death glares you were receiving, he looked hesitant so you continued “they obviously aren’t going to leave anytime soon and this would probably make their year.” Ashton sighs and stood up earning a few shrieks from the girls as he took a few steps in their direction, he stopped at that and turned to you, “go on, I won’t start without you,” you said gesturing to the food that was laid out on the wrappers that neither of you had started yet. The whole time he was with the fans you were smiling, only a few more people had noticed him, you were in awe of how he treated them, trading bracelets with a few of them, signing things, taking pictures, even talking on the phone for a few minutes to an older lady’s granddaughter. You grinned when he finally parted from the fans and came back to join you, “I’m so sorry Y/N-” your laugh cut him off, “you need to stop apologising tonight, that was really sweet, how much you care about them” he smiled at how understanding you have been all night, and continued to eat. It was getting late but neither of you were ready for the night to end so you decided to walk through the streets until you found something to do or just got tired enough to go home, either way you didn’t care what you two were doing because each others company was enough. You quickly gave up on your little stroll when it began pouring down with rain, it was sudden too so it wasn’t like you had time to begin making your way back home, so you ran, Ashton had given you his jacket to hold over your hand as you ran together him with his hand on your lower back. Once you arrived at your house you invited him inside while he waited for a taxi that he called while you were running back because obviously he could’t drive back, you did offer for him to spend the night, seeing this as an act of pity he declined, saying he would come back in the morning with a friend to try and give his car a jump start. Unfortunately the taxi arrived much quicker then it did earlier in the evening, you walked Ashton to the door which he was just about to open when you stopped him by placing your hand on it, “aren’t you going to ask me out on another date?” You questioned not wanting to sound to pushy, Ashton just looked at you in confusion before he responded, “I didn’t think you would want to, I mean this date was-” “Fun,” you had cut him off once again tonight, “I had fun,” you replied softer. He was more then confused now, he was convinced that even though he more then enjoyed himself, you had an awful time. “I would rather go on a fun spontaneous date then a snobby classy one,” you were telling the truth here but hoping not to hurt his feelings due to his original plans, you breathed a sigh of relief at Ashton’s next words. “Thank god, so how about tomorrow when I come by for my car we go on a little adventure,” “where?” You questioned whilst giggling, “I don’t know yet,” after he said this you placed a soft kiss on his lips just as the taxi honked the horn from outside. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he whispered still looking at you while opening the door behind him, “see you,” you respond just as quietly. You couldn’t help but notice the little skip to his step as he made his way to the taxi. 

"I need to meet that girl" - Louis Tomlinson

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And I also just found out that I’m going to see One Direction in June (hear me screaming) and I got inspired to write this little imagine of Louis! - And yes, I’m a Louis girl, always have and always will ;)

I suck at tweetedits, but you just have to deal with it. :D


You were a fan like everyone else waiting to get inside the stadium One Direction was playing tonight. Your friends were laughing together at some stupid joke they just made but you wouldn’t care less. You were freezing and just wanted to get inside. You got the shivers when you felt a light tap on your right shoulder. You turned right away facing the person who just interrupted you with a vicious look. It was a man with a small camera crew.

”Hi, we’re from BBC 1 and we thought if you had any questions to One Direction. We would love to record it and show it to the band later in an interview”, the reporter said with a light smile. 

”Oh…” you said and your friend gathered behind you wondering what was going on. You could think of any questions so you just stared deeply to the camera and said: ”Louis.” You pointed your middle and fore finger to your eyes and then to the camera making a little wink. 

”That was interesting but we will make our best to show that to the band”, the reporter laughed and handed you a piece of paper and a pen. 

”Will you sing this and tell us your address so we can send you a One Direction t-shirt later”, he said. You wondered a little if they were really from BBC, but were like why not, nothing bad can happen plus you may get a free t-shirt. You handed the paper back and kept the pen for a little memory. 

”Okay, thank you. We’ll get back to you soon, okay”, the reporter said an left. 

You felt kind of overwhelmed and little shamed when you realized what you just did. If they really show that to One Direction, they may think you’re some kind of creep. You rolled your eyes and got back to the twisting line with the screaming little fangirls. 

Before the concert the whole One Direction was gathered to a sofa and behind that was a huge screen with BBC 1 logos on. 

”Hello boys and welcome back to London to finish your wonderful tour” interviewer, who happens to be the same man who interviewed you outside, said.

”We’re pleasured to be here”, Harry said with his deep voice and all the other boys nodded to show agreement. 

”Today we have some questions from your fans who are waiting you outside”, the man said and led over to the laptop on the table front of the couch. 

”I feel bad for the fans, it’s freezing outside”, Louis said. 

”Yes, but it doesn’t seem to bother the fans”, the interviewer smiled and played the first video. It was a group of girls first screaming and the asking what is their favorite color at the same tone. The boys answer politely even they’ve heard that question for millionth time. These same kinda videos kept going on with the same type of answers. Lastly the interviewer played your little ’question’. All the boys laughed but Louis was the one literally crying of laughter.

”I need to meet that girl and ask if that was a thread or what!” he yelled and kept on laughing.  

After the cameras went down everyone were dead quiet except Louis. He was still laughing, don’t know why, maybe you made an very deep impression on him.

”Sorry Mr.Tomlinson, even though we have her address and everything we’re not allowed to hand it to anyone”, the man said, tapped on Louis’ shoulder, thanked the band for an interview and left with the camera crew. 

”That was the usual, but somehow weird”, Zayn said. 

”Yeah… But wasn’t the girls name (Y/F/N)? It showed on the screen?” Louis asked and made the other band shrug their shoulders. 

”Well… I’m just gonna call to the number service thing and hopefully get her number”, Louis said and grabbed his phone.

”Yo’ dude, you’re such a creep”, Niall said and got up. 

”Boys, you have 7 minutes to get on that stage and make those little girls piss their pants, okay”, the gig organizer came to say and disappeared right away. 

”I love my job”, Harry said and the boys got out from ”the BBC” room. 

The concert was amazing. Even though you’re not one of those screaming little girls, you’re more like an adult fan, you sang every word to every song and clapped your hands until the felt sore. 

”Guys…” you said to your two friends. ”I’m really nervous if they really showed that clip for Louis.”

”Haha, I’d love to see his reaction”, your best friend laughed and grabbed you by the waist. ”At least then he’ll notice you.” You let out a slight sigh and grabbed your phone.

You scrolled through Twitter while walking to the Underground. Harry and Niall had tweeted how nice the concert was, Louis in the other hand was telling everything about this creepy girl clip. You shook your head, smiled and the realized that it was you. Louis was talking about you. Your inner fangirl bursted into tears and you led out a loud scream. In the busy London underground it is not accepted and wasn’t good behavior, but you didn’t care. You stopped jumping up and down in the stairs and only realized to move when your friend pulled you from other peoples way. 

”What the hell is wrong with you (Y/N)?” your friends asked. You hysterically showed them the tweet and right after reading they started laughing too. 

”I know right!” you screamed.

”You have to tweet him back!” your friend said.

”Yeah… There is like thousands of girls tweeting him right now. He would notice me”, you said, still smiling like a mad man. 

”Just give it a try would ya’”, your friend said and you nodded. You typed in a short tweet: ”Looking for me?” 

The next morning came too early. You could barely sleep of all the excitement so you got almost four hours of sleep. You reached for your phone only to notice hundreds and hundreds of notifications from random people. You scrolled your notifications to find out that Louis fucking Tomlinson actually answered to your tweet. 


I Know Im Not The Only One - Harry Styles Imagine (Requested By Anonymous)


You and me, we made a vow

For better or for worse

I can’t believe you let me down

But proofs in the way it hurts

 You knew he was cheating on you but you loved him so much. You gave him everything that he could possibly want so why did he go find someone else. You’ve known for a while now but he didn’t know that you knew. It was hard seeing him come home with bruises on his neck at first he hid them very well but now he doesn’t even bother hiding them. It bothers you that you aren’t the only one making him happy like that.

 For months on end I’ve had my doubts

Denying every tear

I wish this would be over now

But I know that I still need you here

You’ve know about harry’s side girl for about 5 months. He reeks of her cheap perfume when he comes home. You stayed strong because you still loved him and believed that whatever he had with this other woman that he would end it soon but you were fooled. You wanted to cry but what was the point of that.

 You say I’m crazy

‘Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done

But when you call me baby

I know I’m not the only one

Every time you try to talk about this with harry you stop talking because you don’t know how to bring it up. “Harry what is going on with you at the moment?” you asked while doing the dishes. “Baby nothing is going on I’m just really busy at work at the moment” harry cooed into your ear wrapping his arms around you waist and resting his chin on your shoulder. You shuddered at the name that fell from his lips.

 You’ve been so unavailable

Now sadly I know why

Your heart is unobtainable

Even though lord knows you kept mine

The early mornings and the late nights at the office were made available for her. Harry sometimes cancelled your dates for her. It made you feel unwanted and unloved. Harry has your heart so why can’t he give you his?

 You say I’m crazy

‘Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done

But when you call me baby

I know I’m not the only one

You finally spoke up, “harry can we talk for a minute” you asked nervously. “Sure baby what’s up?” harry asked you cringed at the word baby knowing that he use to only call you baby and not another woman. “I know about her” you said softly. “Know about who?” harry asked clearly clueless as to who you were talking about. “Your other girl harry” you said getting angry. “I don’t have another girl” harry replied defensively. You sighed and left the room.

 I have loved you for many years

Maybe I am just not enough

You’ve made me realize my deepest fear

By lying and tearing us up

Harry had left for work but you knew that he was angry and he was going to see her. You packed everything you owned and walked downstairs opening the door and shutting it, you walked to your car and packed it with all your belongings taking one last glance at harry’s home before getting into the car and driving away. You left without harry even knowing.

 You say I’m crazy

‘Cause you don’t think I know what you’ve done

But when you call me baby

I’m know I’m not the only one

I know I’m not the only one

I know I’m not the only one

And I know….

I know I’m not the only one

A loud banging at your door woke you up. You groaned and got up out of bed walking to the front door opening it to reveal harry standing there soaking wet head to toe. “Harry what are you doing here?” you asked bitterly. “I’m sorry I lied to you there is someone else but she was nothing to me I promise, I’m so sorry i cheated and lied (y/n), I need you in my life please” harry pleaded. You thought about it for a moment, despite what harry did you still loved him he didn’t deserve another chance but you deserve a chance at happiness. “it’s going to take some time for me to be able to trust you again” you explained pulling him inside stripping off his clothes and putting them into the laundry before pulling him upstairs and giving him a change of clothes that he kept at your house. “Here” you said before handing him the clothes. “Thanks bab-uh (y/n)” harry said correcting himself. He got dressed and walked away downstairs to the couch. “Where are you going?” you asked. “Home?” harry replied. “Come here” you said walking over to harry and grabbing his hand and leading him to your bedroom. You climbed into bed and so did harry he cautiously wrapped his arms around you. “I’m so sorry (y/n) I really am I love you” harry mumbled into your hair. “i love you too” you replied.  

The Proposal - Niall Imagine (Part 1)

It was your two year anniversary today and Niall wanted to make it extremely special, he planned everything a week in advance, constantly calling to check up on one thing or another and you noticed that he had become extremely irritable over these past few days, since he had been busy and you had been marking past exam papers of the children you taught, you both hardly had the time to talk to one another. You let out a sigh of relief as you marked the final paper, setting the pen down on the table as you rested your head on the back of the chair, closing your eyes in tiredness, you wanted to stay home and have a warm night in but Niall had other plans so you got up in order to get ready.

Just as you were about to step into the shower, the doorbell rang and you skipped down the stairs and threw the door open to find Lou standing there. “Lou?” you asked in confusion and she shot back a smile as she stepped inside. “Babe. I’m here to make you look so hot that Niall just won’t be able to keep his hands off you” she stated with a wink and your eyes widened at her bluntness. “Ummm… okay then Lou, come in…I guess?” you said warily, still unaware of what Niall had planned.

Lou pulled on your wrist and dragged you upstairs as she sat you down on a chair, instantly working on your makeup. “Hun… shouldn’t I take a shower?” you asked amusingly. “Oh right… yeah… I forgot” she answered sheepishly. You laughed a little at her forgetfulness and grabbed a towel, a robe and underwear as you made your way to the bathroom


“HURRY UP Y/N WE DON’T HAVE ALL DAYYYYYY, WE ONLY HAVE HALF AN HOUR AND THEN YOU HAVE TO LEAVE” Lou shouted from the outside of the bathroom as you began put on the robe and stepped out. You calmly opened the door and stepped out and sat down on the chair, awaiting Lou to work her magic. She walked over to you and picked up your foundation. “Right… Niall’s seen all sides of you Y/N, but tonight, it’s the innocent side’s turn to have fun” she said with a wink, leaving you flabbergasted and left you to ponder in your thoughts of what this date would be like.


Thirty minutes later, you were fully ready from head to toe and Lou finally allowed you to look in the mirror and you gasped at the outcome. Your makeup was simple, yet flawlessly stunning, the (appropriately chosen colour) eye liner really bringing out your y/e/c eyes with a pop, the neutral eye shadow making your eyes appear simple yet sophisticated and the red lip colour really defining your plump lips as they stood out from everything else. Your dress was a floor length gown, peach in colour and embroidered in silver stones and diamonds as it fit your figure perfectly, defining your curves completely and making you look slightly taller. Your hair was done in a beautiful updo, classy and elegant with a few strands hanging from the sides as they lay on your cheek. You wore absolutely no jewellery aside from the silver Cartier bracelet that Niall had given you, which he still held the key for. She then handed you the most beautiful pair of silver sandals you had ever seen as you slipped them on your feet. She handed you a peach clutch bag with a large (probably fake) silver diamond in the centre.

“This already has your keys, your phone and you know… a few condoms in case he feels like it tonight” Lou said suggestively. Your jaw dropped to the floor at her comment and she threw her head back in laughter. “I’m kidding girl! But seriously. I. Want. Details.” She said affirmatively, you nodding instantly after.

You both made your way downstairs and a car horn honked three times before Lou shot up. “Before I forget, I need to do something”, you looked at her in confusion, wondering what she had forgotten. Your question was answered when she pulled out a piece of black cloth, putting it over your eyes, covering all of your vision completely. “Lou! What the hell!?” you exclaimed in shock. “Hush child… this is all a part of the plan” she said calmly. Plan… what plan?

A knock on the door broke your thoughts as Lou probably went to open it, her and that person were speaking in hushed whispers as you tried to eavesdrop. Your plan failed when you heard footsteps make their way towards you and a hand grabbed your own, pulling you up from your seat.

“Who are you and where are we going?” you questioned as you heard a deep chuckle… Harry.

“Calm down love, I’m taking you to Nialler” he said with an amused tone. Taking me to Niall… but why a blindfold?

He took your hand and guided you outside as he opened the door to a vehicle and helped you sit down before removing your blindfold. A limo… outside the house…

“And a blindfold was necessary because?…” you trailed off. “Just for fun” Harry said as he smiled down at you, that’s when you noticed he was in a black suit, and held a white rose in his hand alongside a card.

He handed you the card and the white rose and made his way back inside to where Lou was, shutting the door of the limo once you were inside.

My beautiful princess,

This rose symbolises the first time we had a fight… over nandos and we didn’t speak to each other for about three whole hours! I died inside. Ahh well, I love you. Now hand this over to the driver and he’ll know exactly what to do and where to go, I can’t wait to see how you look princess, you must be smiling at this now…am I right?

I love you

Nialler xxx

He was right… you were smiling, both at the card and reminiscing over the stupid argument you had about which nandos dish is better… he thinks it’s the chicken, you think it’s the spicy rice, you’re still coming to terms with that.

You handed over the card to the driver, who’s face you couldn’t see as he nodded his head in appreciation and began driving you to an unknown location.

So…. You like? Tell me if you want a part 2!!  xox