Riding these glassy Sardinian waves there’s Nicola Pili, as framed by Filippo Maffei with his film camera, the board is a 6’2” hollow wood construction we call Lo Spiedino, a model I’m particularly fond of because of the classic heritage it carries along.

Filippo is pretty well known by now for his photographic work on projects like Bella Vita and Onde Nostre, I was lucky enough to get to know him, his girlfriend Sara, Nicola and all their friends that usually hang out at the Swell Shop & Cafe, together they keep up the true spirit of soul surfing between a coffee and a swell, really inspiring people to hang around with!

You can (and should) check out more of Filippo’s work on his blog and website.

Watch on davidpeeke.tumblr.com

Have a good #moonrose #moonrise #fullmoon #dreams #ondenostre by night

Tonight at il Bistrotto in Bogliasco we’ll be premiering also a short film starring @seba_stone #fioredimaggio #ondenostre @xarifa_trunks Photo @filippomaffei shot by @gio_sbrokked and @lucamerli