tbh the teacher laughing at the beginning of the lecture about the fact that so few of the students were certain/even aware that we have a mid-term exam that he hadnt told us about in two hours sums up my uni experience thus far pretty well

To Tow Or Not To Tow

When we left Seattle, we went back and forth about towing a car behind the RV. The one car existing between us was my Scion xB, which would have required about $1,000 in modifications before the $2,000 worth of tow equipment could be put on it. It was a lot of money to spend on something that we weren’t quite sure we would need. We also liked the idea that if we didn’t have a car, we would be encouraged to walk more, or ride our bikes. It felt good to be self-contained in the RV and easily able to navigate small parking lots and backing up. We figured we’d start the trip without a car and re-evaluate the situation once we had more information. 

Well, more information came in the form of frequently borrowing the car of the friend or family member we were staying with. So - Aaron decided to buy a car for us to tow! Remember that Fiat 500L we rented in Italy and really liked?


He ended up getting the smaller 2-door Fiat 500 Sport. It’s a 2012 found used on Craig’s List in Michigan. It’s a zippy little thing that suits our needs perfectly. The flexibility that this allows us feels like the right thing to do at this point in our trip. I am thankful that we could make it work.