This pet is only allowed to crawl, regardless of whether or not Daddy is present.

She is only allowed to wear this, for a few reasons.

If Daddy doesn’t see holes in the knees of her tights that means that she wasn’t crawling as she was told to.

If Daddy notices her ass is red, it means she was sitting, not on her knees like he wants.

But there are holes in her tights every day, because last time she disobeyed, Daddy kept her in a cage for a week, in a frog tie, and made her crawl.

Now she does it because she knows it helps her be good, because she knows it makes Daddy happy. 

For anyone who watches “Girls”, I feel like they have felt with OCD very accurately. I am sick of seeing it portrayed as just a “I am a little tidy” thing. 
It’s a horrible thing that I don’t think people are totally aware of. 
It comes in all different forms. 
It is really difficult for me to watch Hannah deal with her OCD and does trigger my own OCD and is not easy for me to watch. My eyes start to twitch and I get uncomfortable…it is also one of my favorite episodes. 
I want to thank Lena Dunham and “Girls” for making this disease known and portraying it and portraying getting help.