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okay aleesha but picture this.,,, beau and oli ft multiple tiny cats

u asked therefore; u shall receive ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

DO NOT REPOST, STEAL, TRACE, ETC OR I WILL HUNT U DOWN AND THROW U OFF A PLANE (this isn’t even phan so don’t think of it) >:U

I’m doing simple lineless art like these for ten bucks each!  Choose either solid or fuzzy.  Gradient shading is +$5, backgrounds other than solid colors will be +$5 as well.  I’ll do any AU designs, existing characters, and OCs (reference images preferred but not required) for your own stories or existing shows (so gemsonas and other characters you made up for shows/books/movies/etc).  If you want me to imitate another shows’s style it’ll be +$5, otherwise it will be in my own style.  I can draw animal characters I’m just better at people.  One character per picture.  Additional characters will be +$7.

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2. dewafterdusk

Okay so this is like my first official follow forever! I cannot believe that i have 1,000 followers! I know that some blogs have more, but I am just in shock that I made it this far! I am so blessed to have amazing followers who even consider my lame blog somewhat cool! So without futher ado lets get started! 

First I have to acknowledge all my internet friends that I have met through tumblr: 

Grace - Thank you for being my right hand. The cute cup of coffee on a gloomy day. Thank you for listening to me rant and for being there when I need it the most. You are truly one of my best friends and I cannot wait till the day that I get to hug you and tell you how beautiful you are in person. 

Katie - my twin, my first internet friend, I love you so much. Even though we dont talk as much, I love seeing your posts on my dash and your tweets on my tl. Ily soo much <3 

lovely-risk - i love you so much, you are always there when i need you and honestly your blog is goals so yaaa <3

5SOS - MY FAV MUTUAL! I still cannot believe that you guys even follow me on here, Lord only know what you have seen lol. I love you guys so fucking much and I wish that I could hug you every day and tell you just how much you mean to me. Okay just please dont do anything super bad on tour like die or something lol. Okay love you bye

Sam - thanks for being the only person in real life that i follow on tumblr  lol i love you so much <333

MUTUALS - (i love you all so much please never change thnx for being my friends <3)

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OK YAY!! Again, thanks so much to every single one of you that follow me I am so blessed and can’t imagine life without tumblr. I would be lost. So yeah, here’s to many more follow forevers!! 

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DeanCas - Ever since Cas came to live with them in the bunker, Same honestly isn't sure if anything is safe to sit on anymore. Or like: why does he keep walking in on them in various states of undress on the library/kitchen/war room table? They've had the sit down. They've TALKED about this. It might be time to start apartment hunting on craigslist.

The thing is, Sam’s happy for them. Really. The first couple times he walked in on their antics, he had to fight the smile down because, well, Dean doesn’t usually look that happy, even if they were on the kitchen table and Cas was only wearing–you know what? It’s not important. 

So he required a little brain bleach now and then, but seeing Dean with an arm around Cas’s shoulders while they watch TV? Watching him pat Cas’s leg in the car, fall asleep on his shoulder, willingly go to bed at a reasonable hour? That–that was pretty incredible. 

They were still in the honeymoon phase. Sam remembered what that was like–he and Jess broke an end table after they signed on the place in Stanford, so. He got it.

But after the third time on the kitchen table, the incident in the garage, and just now in the war room? He could’ve gone a lifetime without being able to describe Cas’s o-face or getting confirmation that Dean swallows. It’s like neither of them remember the conversation they had two weeks ago where Dean swore on the Impala they’d restrict the naked stuff to their room. 

Looks like Sam’s getting the keys and his own place. 

How The Signs Met Their Future Spouse
  • Aries:Got their ass kicked in a debate by them.
  • Taurus:Got noticed in a strip club.
  • Gemini:Beat them up in third grade.
  • Cancer:Was a waiter/waitress at some restaurant.
  • Leo:Saw them sitting in the corner texting.
  • Virgo:Took pity for their drunk ass at the bar.
  • Libra:Kicked their future spouse’s ass in a debate.
  • Scorpio:Saw them at a strip club.
  • Sagittarius:Got beaten up by them in third grade.
  • Capricorn:Met them as a waiter/waitress.
  • Aquarius:Was in the corner texting the entire time.
  • Pisces:Got drunk at the bar and woke up married.

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I know you are not taking prompts rn but pls write the fic about the angry sex tags you just reblogged. You are one of the few writers that can do it justice.

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#I want to know if they’ve had angry sex yet #not I hate that I find you attractive sex #but real #I love you so much I could kill you right now sex #raw and primal and utterly unrestrained #desperate to possess each other the only way they can #leaving them sore and embarrassed in the most delicious way the morning after. (via howthisworks-caskett)


“You should have woken me.”

Kate glances up from the sink of dirty dishes to see him watching her from the armchair in the living room, his eyes hardened, less playful like they had been at in the elevator at the precinct, or on her couch before their shared dinner, and she instantly knows why at his words. They haven’t had much time to talk since she left him in the early hours of the morning to go after Bracken on her own, and she knew this was coming.

She doesn’t let go, she doesn’t back down, and neither does he.

“I wanted to protect you,” she sighs, turning her attention away from the half cleaned plates and coffee mugs in favor of him.

She told him that he was all she wanted, that he was her first choice, and so far, she hasn’t exactly done a fine job of proving it. 

“By leaving me, your partner, to face the Dragon on your own? Do you really trust me to have your back or are you just humoring me?”

“Castle,” she sighs, but he stands from the furniture before she can speak another word, before she can even think of a way to reassure him that that isn’t true. 

His face darkens as he comes towards, eyes clouding the same way they had only a couple of nights ago when she showed up on his doorsteps, lightning flashing through his irises despite the clear night sky outside her windows. He corners her by the sink, placing a hand on either side of her waist, boxing her in.

“Regardless, I am definitely more than a partner now, Beckett.” The words echo their last fight, the one that happened here in her apartment, and have her arching forward, desperate to forget that day, how much she hurt him. But Castle holds himself away from her, evoking a growl from low in her throat, the growing yearning in her body fierce in its demand for the newfound pleasure of having him. “Don’t let me into your bed and then leave me to wake with cold sheets.”

“Castle,” she groans, disregarding the lack of contact and fisting her hands in his shirt, yanking him forward until his thigh is wedged between both of hers, the heat of his flesh radiating from beneath the fabric of his jeans, the pressure of the strong muscle sending sparks traveling through her veins. “I’m sorry.”

The hardened expression doesn’t leave his face, the hurricane in his eyes doesn’t clear, but his hips rock forward, evidence of his want for her pressing against her pelvis, and Kate jerks, the friction spreading hot and fast.

“Prove it.”

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