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I went to a Car boot sale today with my family and found a vintage bag and a denim skirt for £1 each

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Finished Madonna drawing! scan will come online later today c:

work process was a mess and the struggle was real, but overall happy with it c: hope u feel the same yas! this was drawn with colored pencils and some other stuff u can see on the photo on 30x42 cm Bristol board.

more of my art on my fb page c:

Prints of that drawing will be available for sale later today on society6 and redbubble. feel free to check out the designs of my other stuff too yo. 

once again thx for supporting my work and helping in giving a fuck about the completion of the drawings c:


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im really sorry for drawing so much jojo recently!! i promise ive been drawing other things, but this is an idea i got a while ago that i liked,.,., yea

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The tide was on the way out. She knew this even before coming upon the beach. She could hear its retreat, the sonorous hiss at the back of its throat. The trees finished. The air thinned. She saw the ocean for the second time that day, and drew a breath. How had she forgotten its scale, its grandeur? The water was a literal blue. All blues. For a moment the scene looked like one of the cheap plasticised paintings of the Mediterranean on sale in the harbours of southern Europe. But this was not the Mediterranean. This was a body of water so prodigious it looked almost solid, except for the ragged crests, the series of spraying breakers that came from far out and swept up the shore, driving sand high into the jungle. This ocean generated its own wind. It bellowed.

Sarah Hall, The Beautiful Indifference


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TUMBLE & FALL by Alexandra Coutts is on sale today!



The day she gets out, it feels like the end.

It’s funny to think about endings now. Now that all there is to do is wait. Now that the real end is coming, all of the other endings feel like something else completely. All of the goodbyes, and leaving the people she loved. The people she loved leaving her. They felt like endings at the time. But the next day, she had gotten out of bed, and maybe there was a hollow pit where her stomach used to be, maybe she didn’t feel like eating or talking or seeing people for a while, but mostly, things stayed the same.

Sienna’s last day at the House is like that. From the second Valerie knocks on the door, business as usual and passing out morning meds, Sienna is already feeling dramatic. The two plastic cups Val holds out like presents, one half-full of lukewarm water and the other rattling with tiny pink pills—these are the last plastic cups. The congealed, microwave-flavored scrambled eggs Sienna shovels down with a plastic spork, alone in the empty House kitchen—these are the last scrambled eggs.

And when Val walks her out to the porch, and they sit with the sides of their knees pressed together on the slats of the rickety swing, listening to the kind of quiet Val taught her to notice, the kind of quiet that feels full and on purpose and like everything’s going to be okay—
This is the very last quiet.

She knows that there might be other endings, bigger endings, soon. The end of everything. The end of time. But it doesn’t matter. All that matters now is that things are changing again, just when she’d started to hope that they wouldn’t.

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Bonaventure Arrow didn’t make a peep when he was born, and the doctor nearly took him for dead. But the child was only listening, placing sound inside quiet and gaining his bearings because everything had suddenly changed. The water chant was gone, as was the oxygen whisper and the comforting beat of his mother’s steady heart. Where were the voices? Where were the dream tones? Where was the hum of the ever-present night? Bonaventure didn’t know what to do with all that loss. The world he’d known had vanished. Been swallowed up whole by harsh light and shocking coldness and a terrible, hurtful, clamoring dissonance. He shivered when the doctor handed him over, but gave no hearty newborn cry. Instead, Bonaventure listened hard as he could for that missing steady heart.

Rita Leganski, The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow