The Rock the Paper and the Scissors is a western themed arcade rhythm action game in which you storm a train, taking on dangerous bandits in fast paced Rock, Paper, Scissors Battles.

As you proceed from carriage to carriage, you do battle with nefarious bandits in deadly Rock, Paper, Scissors battles.  The rules are simple – Rock beats scissors. Scissors beat paper. Paper beats rock.  Things start off easily, but things soon get tough, with each bandit having a different playstyle, and some even able to regenerate health.

Make sure you pay attention to the music, and the style of their play and you should be able to dispatch them quicker than you can say ‘yoohoo, I’ll make you famous’.  You’ll still have to be pretty fast on your trigger finger though, as there are only two types of people in this game – the quick and the dead.

Play The Rock the Paper and the Scissors, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)


Handmade Kraft Paper Animations by  Nancy Liang

From time to time we love to stop and marvel at the mathematical wizardry of artists and designers who make GIFs with code, but Sydney-based illustrator Nancy Liang takes an old-school approach with her imaginative scenes made almost entirely by hand. There isn’t a single element in her animations that doesn’t begin as a physical drawing or object. Liang works mostly with kraft paper cutouts and pencil drawings, all of which is carefully planned in copious sketches before each element is scanned and animated in Photoshop. Seen here are a few of her most recent pieces, you can see more on her Tumblr: Over the Moon.  Thanks Colossal


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Hey you! Just a friendly reminder that you should never feel the need to put your grades or physical well-being behind bts. Sleep!! Study!! Do well on your exams, I admire your dedication to help them win, and I know you really love and admire them but you have to take care of yourself too!! SLAY THOSE EXAMS.

lol oh man nooooo, that’s not the case here at all! i love them but i’m sacrificing sleep for studying since it’s finals week :-) no worries LOL

and hell yeah, i want them to win, so it’s okay! i can balance it all out like i’ve been doing for awhile now :’))) thank you!