Trailer for Common (airs July 6 on BBC One)

whitestag011 asked:

Ever hear of Homestuck? Its popular... If you have, who's her favorite? (#drawgonoverheretoo:) )

Hi there fellow drawgon White Stag! :D  Nice to meet you!

Ahhhh, Homestuck eh?  I’ve certainly heard of it, but I haven’t indulged in any of it myself.  I hear about how long it can take to catch up and get to know the characters, and I just don’t have that time available! ^^;  I don’t think it’s on my “must-see” list, so I may not look into it very much.

But hey, if you guys like it, that’s completely cool!  Just don’t call yourselves “trash” or anything, okay?  You aren’t trash at all, you’re people too! X3

*feels a bit like Kenji in the middle there right now ahahahaha*

anonymous asked:

Please come play more shows in New York, you have a huge fan base in my area and you guys are super high on my "must see in 2015" list, hope all is well.

We come through New York on every tour! There are a ton of places/people who rarely get to see bands because of where they live. New York will always get shows so don’t take that for granted. We’ll see you in April!


Game of Thrones’ Michelle Fairley arrives …

Brit Awards 2015

Last night Brit Awards took place with a spectacular show and a bunch of amazing live performances(and Madonna’s fall during her performance) To tell the truth, the winners didn’t make as happy as last year’s ceremony, but the show was great and i guess i start to like Taylor Swift a little. You can take a look at the full winners list below. But first i want to show you my favorite performances of the night. 

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I’ll be in my bunk.

My Top10 Must-See Horror Movies in 2015

#1. Insidious - Chapter 3
Director: Leigh Whannell
Writer: Leigh Whannell (screenplay)

#2. Poltergeist
Director: Gil Kenan
Writer: David Lindsay-Abaire (screenplay)

#3. It follows
Director: David Robert Mitchell
Writer: David Robert Mitchell

#4. We are still here
Director: Ted Geoghegan
Writers: Ted Geoghegan

#5. Amityville: The awakening
Director: Franck Khalfoun
Writer: Franck Khalfoun (screenplay)

#6. Muck
Director: Steve Wolsh
Writer: Steve Wolsh

#7. Clown
Director: Jon Watts
Writers: Christopher D. Ford (screenplay), Jon Watts (screenplay)

#8. Starry eyes
Directors: Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer
Writers: Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer

#9. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
Director: Gregory Plotkin
Writers: Andrew Deutschman (screenplay), Jason Pagan (screenplay)

#10. The houses october built
Director: Bobby Roe
Writers: Zack Andrews (story), Zack Andrews

Bonus. The Atticus Institute
Director: Chris Sparling
Writer: Chris Sparling

Upcoming Films: Welcome to Me (2015, dir. Shira Piven)

Welcome to Me is out this May, and shows the versatility of roles Kristen Wiig is capable of playing. Following her somber role as a depressed dental hygienist in The Skeleton Twins, and her badass performance with Sia on The Grammys, Wiig plays a character with dissociative personality disorder in Welcome to Me, making it pretty much evident that whatever Wiig does next will be excellent and something on my must see list.  


Eliza Lynch: Queen of Paraguay (2013) Documentary Trailer

15 Films of 2015

Here’s a list of my must see films of this year!! (click on the title to see the trailer)! Which ones are you excited to see?

The Last Five Years – features Pitch Perfect alum (and face of Kate Spade) Anna Kendrick as Cathy Hiatt, a struggling actress, and Jeremy Jordan as Jamie Wellerstein. Based on the musical, the two illustrate the struggle of their love affair!

Age of Adaline– Ryan…

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Reconnecting with my son

Reconnecting with my son

By Patricia Olsen March 2 at 12:10 PM

Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona, Spain.

“If we go to Barcelona, we’ve got to go to the soccer stadium,” my 20-something son insisted. Soccer is called football in Spain, and he was speaking about the home of Barcelona’s Futbol Club, or FC Barcelona. The stadium hadn’t been on my list of must-sees, but it had been nine years since our only child had traveled…

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