on your own though

Hhggnnnn I really need to design and print some custom order minky as that’s an option now on Spoonflower. And everytime I see beezeeart ’s adorable Galaxy bats I really want to do a galaxy print dragon or deer or fox or something. (on Hubble’s website their images are copyright free to use to print, so it’s totally okay to use them to print your own fabric ).

Though I also want to design rainbow pastel star galaxy print minky fabric something or other…cause that is my esthetic. :‘3



1- dress

2-location- moms backyard




6-couple photo

ship- calum; you were at the dog park with one of your dogs when calum saw you and he immediately knew he would get your number by the end of the day :)

ship name- kalum

couple photo-

fake text-

best friend- luke; you two went to school together and both got picked on for being tall so you were happy when you found one of your own

love hate relationship- luke; even though you were best friends you two didn’t always get along. you would constantly make fun of you or tease you but some days he would just love you and be excreted needy

movie pal- ashton; you two got fidgety half way through so you would talk quietly not paying attention to the movie anymore

confesses he’s always loved you-michael; he’d always loved you. you all went to school together and he was a year above and he loved watching you he would make dumb excuses for him to help him even though he wouldn’t really need it.

in your relationship

who does PDA- you; calum was always shy despite how he acted. he was scared of people judging him which you understood so you would always ask if you could hold his hand or hug him before you would because you wanted him to feel safe.

who cuddles more- calum; he’s just a snuggly nugget, when you two were at home he would always be touching you

who starts more fights- you; some times you would feel he was ashamed of you which wasn’t true at all but some times it felt like that so you would tell him but calum didn’t always talk he more yelled

who sleeps more- calum; he would always stay in bed and snuggle under the sheets avoiding work, so it wasn’t so much he slept more but spent more time in bed

who cooks most- you; calum liked to cook but it was rare because he had such a busy schedule

who cleans most- you; calum was horrible at chores leaving you to do all the work


theme- blue and cream

celebrity guest-jack barakat

To George deValier

Thank you for your stories.
Thank you for inspiring me.
Thank you for teaching me about love.
And heartbreak
And pain.
Thank you for your own interpretations of our favorite ships.
Thanks for the updates even though they weren’t often.
Thanks for driving the fandom insane.
Thank you for making us feel something.
Thank you for writing.
Thank you.
I’ll miss you

The Difficult Thing About Being An Aquarius

You’re in a league of your own and you know it. But one of your biggest problems is how easy it is for you to distance yourself from people, even those you’re “close” to. When the mood strikes and you want to be in your own world, you will do this at whatever cost… not answering phones, not texting back, dismissing someone altogether. It’s a bit of a puzzle in your own mind because even though you do this, you have frequent feelings of loneliness or that nobody is there for you when you need them to be. It’s a constant conflicting thing that you deal with, making it hard sometimes to keep relationships going.  

That’s the problem with being strong - people think they can say or do anything to you and you’re gonna still be standing, sturdy like a rock. People think that you’re never going to be sad, people think that you’re never going need them to be there for you, people expect you to be there for them round the clock even though you have your own battles to fight. That’s the problem with being strong.

Wow. I don’t even know what to say. I’m so pleased and… baffled to have reached this many followers. I appreciate every single one of you, for putting up with all of the stupid stuff I post and listening to me complain about life, and making me inspired and happy and grateful for having signed up for this website. Thank you all so much. So, so much ♡

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As still further proof that octopuses are awesome, here’s a video in which a curious octopus does an excellent impression of the Yip-Yip Martians from Sesame Street while playing hide-and-seek with Hawaii-based underwater photographer Timothy Ewing. Each time Ewing disappeared behind a boulder, the octopus he’d been photographing rose up out of its hiding place to look for him.

Even though you have to add your own Yip-Yip sounds, we think you’ll agree that the resemblance is uncanny.

[via PetaPixel]

In light of the new spoilers

I just realized Sebastian is now the only character in the manga who can get away with killing, using the excuse of having never being human. He is the only one who can truthfully say he’s incapable of empathy. He is the only one who has no obligation to sympathize with humanity. He is the only one with any right to look down on humans.

If a supernatural creature killing people is the same as a human killing animals, then Sebastian is the only character left who can actually use that excuse. Since Grell and Eric and Undertaker have now canonly murdered members of their own species

By that twisted logic, I cannot believe this is happening- in a very weird way, Sebastian Michaelis is now innocent of “murder.”


I took a trip to Regent Street today to check out the new Humans advertising there. It was super cool and the 20-minute walk was well worth it. There are cameras next to the screens that detect movement, and if you stand a certain distance away from the screen it asks you to put up your hand and ‘bond with your Synth’. After that, you have to move your hand to move the cursor on the screen, which shows you the functions and features of the Synths on sale. Then you get to customise your own Synth! Turns out they’re hella expensive, though - about 33,000 quid if you buy half of the functions. The one downside was that people kept walking in front of me so the camera got confused and I had to start over multiple times, but it was still really fun to just stand there in the middle of the street and have passersby stare at me and wonder what I’m doing with my hand in the air.

Basically, I can’t wait for Humans to come out in the summer, and this is the coolest advertising I have ever seen.


To say that the role of loft cleaner was annoying you would have been an understatement. But, at least you had Isaac with you to help.

‘Hey, Isaac,’ you said after a little while, ‘mind getting that for me?’

Isaac smirked over at you, moving the box slightly further onto the shelf. ‘D’you mean this one, my Hobbit-y friend?’

You pouted over at him though, trying to hide your own smirk though. ‘B-but I thought I was really tall. Y-you mean I’m not?’ you asked, trying to look sad. Isaac, however, merely shook his head slightly, which only sent you deeper into the fake sulk. ‘Aw, dash my dreams. I thought I was a giant.’

Isaac smirked, finally moving the box closer to you. ‘Oh, of course you are,’ he said with a soft chuckle as you picked the box up, a smile slipping easily onto your own face.

A/N: Gif credit goes to their respective owners, I just added the text.

evil-wears-a-bow asked:

Assumptions; you draw nonstop. You probably draw on napkins at restaurants. You hiss inwardly when people ask for drawings, but are too sweet to say anything but 'I'm sorry I'm not taking commissions or requests at this time.' (I do too though...) you probably still have breakdowns over your own artwork and have an entire desktop (or folder) full of unfinished random projects from the random art sprawl to a full piece. You're favorite food is probably something super sweet. You drink coffee.

Hi ^^

you draw nonstop: True. I’m trying to draw less because I should slow down because of health problems (and also because I just want to enjoy life, you know!) but I can’t. I draw all the time! I can’t help it!

You probably draw on napkins at restaurants:

But I tend do it less now that I have a phone. Technology ruined everything xD I’m too busy taking photos of my food for reference or just surfing while waiting for the food to come (when I’m alone or when my BF is in the restroom)

You hiss inwardly when people ask for drawings, but are too sweet to say anything but ‘I’m sorry I’m not taking commissions or requests at this time.’ (I do too though…) : True. It’s written in my FAQ so I hiss a bit when people ask me but apparently, the link to my FAQ doesn’t appear when you are on mobile, so…

you probably still have breakdowns over your own artwork and have an entire desktop (or folder) full of unfinished random projects from the random art sprawl to a full piece: I have no idea what you are talking about…

*crying forever at this spn comics that I will never finish….* BOOOOOOhhhhHHHHh

You’re favorite food is probably something super sweet: Almost true! I think it would be sushis but I LOVE sweet food too. ^^

You drink coffee: No true! Ha!Ha! I hate coffee! I drink tea and hot chocolate :3

Thanks a lot for dropping by! ^^

May 16, 2015. Once Upon a Time panel in Atlantic City.  Featuring: Rebecca Mader, Sean Maguire, Georgina Haig, and Elizabeth Lail

*I said I wasn’t going to upload this due to the rude girls “whispering” about the actors the entire time behind me, but it is taking too long to type it all out.  I have decided to upload it after a careful listening through, because while you can hear them, it is harder to understand what they’re specifically saying.  Be warned they are in there, though, so listen at your own risk.

**I got all but the very beginning of Sean’s answer, so if you’re wondering, the first question they’re answering is about what they did to prepare for their parts.

did you know (quint)

-you were humming my favorite tune
though you just made it up,
and my hand itches most afternoons
for company
-twelve is magic but one more is ok,
and despite a traveling tongue
I don’t care much
for whether my Gemini status
defines me
- after four decades it is no easier
to face forward
though good shoes help
and your own voice becomes louder
(which is why older people shout- they can’t hear over their own thoughts anymore)
- you can catch me
with a freshly laundered sheet
and the best part is the shapes
our shadows make
when we crinkle it up again
- we can subsist
on bread and wine
and if that’s not true
we will fade happy and unencumbered

This is a longer version of something I started over on a post by capricious-muse. I hope it makes some modicum of sense because I’m kind of tired right now. 

I forgot to reblog this probably because I was writing about Cullen crying alone in a dark room but I’m fixing this now. I like this answer bc it’s not only real about the issue of racism in fandom but also bc it’s real about what people are looking for and how sometimes no matter how good a writer you are, people aren’t going to fuck with your work. You have to be realistic about that with yourself and know your own worth.

From a reader’s perspective, though, if you do like someone’s stuff–let them know. And if you come across someone who seems like quality (Aisha is quality, btw) you should give it a try even if it doesn’t immediately scratch your itches. We get spoiled and habituated in fandom and it’s too easy to get to demanding what we want instead of surrendering to a new experience. We forget how once upon a time we didn’t love our faves–we forget how and why they became our faves, we don’t deconstruct that process of the rewards we get for picking the faves we have.

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So, Public Service Announcement for the New Directions

So the fact that I probably won’t see most of you after graduation, witch is kinda sad. I had the idea to have a group trip to three places in Europe. Rome, Italy; Athens, Greece; and Paris France. I have already talked to my daddy and Mr. Shue about this happening and everything is in the works and will all be paid for thanks  to moi. Though I will say you’ll need your own spending cash when we’re there for anything you may want to buy that isn’t meals.  We will be leaving June 27th, and we will be coming home August 8th! If anyone has any questions or wants to know more, or anything feel free to ask me and I will find out the info as soon as I can.

so in the cold hard light of morning “For the ladies. Or the fellas. I don’t judge.” is not as exciting a thing as it was when Dean said it because it’s pretty much just another case of weaponizing his opponent’s presumed homophobia - basically the new “I don’t swing that way.”