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QUIZ: Which Movie-Inspired Hairstyle is Your Perfect Prom ‘do?

Finding the perfect prom hairstyle may be even more stressful than finding the outfit. You can totally shop around and try on dress after dress until you find the one that is just right. But, when it comes to your prom ‘do, unfortunately, it’s not the same. Your prom hair should be a perfectly sprayed and precisely bobby-pinned masterpiece that complements not only your dress, but your own personality as well. Talk about pressure, huh? Fear not, though, ‘cause we turned to your favorite movie hairstyles for some inspiration and are here to help!

PSA: If your response to people talking about social injustice is “this wouldn’t have happened if society were [your ideology of choice]*” please re-evaluate whether you are actually showing compassion to those people or just advancing your own agenda.

*lbr though, I’ve seen communists do this more often than any group, which is disheartening

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm really interested in trying to clean my own skulls and such and I know how but I'm not quite sure how to obtain them. Like, for example, one of my friends family raises pigeons for meat and I could ask her for a head, and another one of my friends hunts for meat on occasion, and it's licensed and everything, but would asking one of them for a skull/head be acceptable? Or should I look for roadkill?

So long as it’s legal to have (ie no native birds in your collection if you live in the US, even if it was captive reared, except for a few game birds gifted to you from a licensed hunter) it really depends on your own feelings and opinion :) Though also being mindful of who and how you contact people asking for bones to clean!

What I mean is, you can just pick up roadkill if you wish. Asking friends who breeds animals, as well as those who are licensed to hunt, will probably be a good source of heads to clean, if your ethics means you are happy to do so.

I have, in my pursuit to obtain animal remains to clean and preserve; bought from butchers, taken “waste” from a game butchers, asked friends who work in wildlife rescues, asked staff in a veterinary clinic (in which I did work experience), asked the animal management center at the college at which I did my degree, asked a zookeeper at a public animal collection, contacted breeders of small mammals, asked at petshops (for frozen feeders and departed for sale). I keep meaning to contact my local council and ask how the roadkill that is cleaned from the streets is disposed of, as well as contacting more animal rescues, vets, animal collections and breeders.

A large part of obtaining “deads” from other people (with who you have to communicate to obtain them, instead of just picking up roadkill, nature cleaned etc) is approach and wording. I would never approach a horse yard and ask them as I would expect to be run out of the yard with pitchforks even if I asked as politely as possible. Knowing someone (who can vouch for you, pass your name along to people) helps with things a lot, as it can reduce some of the fears (that you, as the person asking for dead animals, are a “nutter” etc). I have contacted some places and recieved no reply whatsoever. With my college and the public animal collection there were concerns of ethics regarding giving possible disease risks, possible rare species to (effectively) “a member of the public”. So it can be hit and miss, and sometimes very stressful!

Some people to prefer to only pick up nature cleaned bones. Some people prefer to source only from roadkill. But if you feel comfortable with it, and it’s legal and you ask politely and respectfully, I don’t see why you shouldn’t ask.

"But what if this really is a haunted mansion after all?
What am I even doing, saying things like that?!"

3/21/14 Blackhawks Morning Skate Live: ‘The Kaner’ lives on in Kaner’s absence


He raised his eyes. “Sister. See. This time I knew you.”

Asha’s heart skipped a beat. “Theon?”

His lips skinned back in what might have been a grin. Half his teeth were gone, and half of those still left were broken and splintered. “Theon,” he repeated. “My name is Theon. You have to know your name.”


Archetwist gameplay part 2. Weirdly, I find myself more drawn to Sokai in this AU than in canon. On the islands, they’d each harbor a slight crush on each other but in general be more interested in just having fun and being friends. But all the FF kids keep pestering them about it, particularly the fact that Riku is also part of their trio and is ~clearly~ the superior choice for Kairi anyway. Riku knows about Sora’s crush and teases him about it, but Sora kinda doesn’t get it and honestly thinks it’s becoming a competition for Kairi’s affections. When Sora sees his chance to whisk Kairi off on an adventure, he jumps at it. But Kairi of course realizes how completely sketchy this is, especially when she finds Riku in distress. Because while she may not be interested in him romantically, but they’re still best friends and he’s RIKU; he’s supposed to be stronger than anything! If he’s fainting and vanishing, shit is going DOWN.

As the game progresses, a lot of other characters make assumptions and are generally annoying about how Kairi is on a quest to rescue her ~boyfriend~. Which makes Sora even more upset because he buys it. Maleficent keeps reminding him that he’d better save Riku first, because if Kairi does it, it’ll be like a fairytale and they’ll for sure fall in love! Meanwhile Kairi is going hoarse from trying to explain to people that girls and boys are perfectly capable of non-romantic friendship and that she’s trying to find her guys because they are IN DANGER, not because she is hopelessly in love. (And even if she does kinda like one, that’s not the point and it’s not even the one you think!!)

GRANTED since this is my stupid AU they all end up in an OT3 by KH2 anyway. But.

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