November 9, 2012 - The Blaqua Wind Howls


It’s time for a fantastic Fangamer Friday!

Size: XXL | Fabric: 100% Cotton | Made by / in: American Apparel / Mexico (of US Fabrics)
Had Since: 2010? | Price: $22? | Times Worn: ~9?

This is one of my very favorite shirts - ever - and it’s been torture going over 300 days without wearing it!  It’s a bit difficult to photograph, but I’ve tried my best to show you the epic print on today’s shirt, entitled Magi’s Tower.  It was designed by Marty Elmer, who creates art under the name Omnitarian, and is a piece based on the character Magus’s castle from the Super Nintendo classic Chrono Trigger.  The game’s heroes venture into the castle as one of the key plot points in their quest to save humanity vie time travel, and are faced with “100 monsters” (…but not really) before finding their way to Magus himself.  Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest games ever made, and this shirt is a fitting tribute to it.


Featuring cartoonish variants of the magician’s monsters and the castle’s architecture, this is an incredible work of whimsical art that beautifully cascades down the entire length of this garment.  Thanks to Omnitarian for his creative genius, and all the kids at Fangamer who made sure it got onto a shirt and onto my torso!  The shirt itself is American Apparel’s absolutely gorgeous blue aqua color, which the Fangamer folks lovingly refer to as blaqua.  The website lists this as a polyester/cotton blend, but the tag in the back of this one claims it’s all cotton.  My guess is that this one is all cotton because it’s an XXL, while the smaller sizes may be a blend.  It’s ultra-comfortable, even without the polyester, and feels like I’m wearing a cloud, or a dream…or a cloud’s dream.  I love this shirt!

If I recall correctly, the print on this garment was originally supposed to be more of a beige/tan color, but something went wrong and it ended up being green.  I think Fangamer even sent out an email explaining the situation and offering refunds, though I can’t imagine why; this green is FAR cooler than the intended color!  I was leaning towards the black and red variant of this garment originally, but I bought this shirt for the blue aqua color -Despite- the fact that I thought the print color was, quite frankly…ugly.  But then it arrived looking completely awesome, and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice!  You can score your own copy of this incredible shirt (or its black and red counterpart) in the store in the near future, as it was reprinted as part of their successful Retrowear Kickstarter campaign.  I can’t recommend this shirt (or the game it’s based on) highly enough, and encourage you to keep your eyes open for when it becomes available again!  (…and go play Chrono Trigger!)
January 17, 2013 - Mother Superior


Don’t bother me - I’m…happy.

Size: XL | Fabric: 100% Combed Cotton | Made by / in: American Apparel / Downtown LA
Had Since: 12/22/2012 | Price: $20 | Times Worn: 0

It’s the penultimate day of my Fangamer Retrowear Week, and it’s time for yet another Mother 3 inspired shirt!  Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a good idea after 383 days of trying to take clever pictures of yourself, but today’s was a no-brainer; I needed a box to light up and make me happy.  Easy!  Not so easy to actually Take a picture of that setup, but I tried a bunch of times and settled for what you see above.  It doesn’t give a great view of this gorgeous shirt, though, so let’s get a close-up real quick:


There, that’s better!  This one is called “Pandora’s Happy Box,” a design by Marty “Omnitarian” Elmer that features a multitude of Mother 3’s enemies spewing forth from a Happy Box.  You can see the devious Happy Box in question down at the bottom - it’s a device made by the Pigmask Army and distributed for free to the unsuspecting people of Tazmily Village.  It’s supposed to make people happy (…except they were Already happy - Oh no!) and improve their lives, but in reality its flickering lights and sounds lull everyone into supporting the new regime and technology being introduced to their island.  It’s a sinister box, friends.  Oh, and if you don’t take one…your house will probably get hit by “lightning.”  You won’t be too happy when that happens.  Better get one just in case - and they’re Free!

Enemies don’t come out of the boxes in-game, but they stupefy the people into accepting the monsters the army is creating…so Omnitarian’s design is figurative.  And awesome.  Definitely awesome.  It’s got Chimeras of all sorts, ghosts…even a Clayman!  I hadn’t played Mother 3 yet when the shirt was first available, but when it became part of the Retrowear Kickstarter I made sure to grab it in this ultra-cool purple-and-yellow colorway.  You can get one, too, and you Should; It’ll make you happy.  Trust me.  Every shirt from Fangamer is incredible, and I can’t thank them enough for the past week of most-excellent garments, all the other ones I’ve worn over the course of this project, and the few I still have yet to wear!  See you tomorrow to finish up Retrowear Week!