I couldn’t not share this video. Some nice finger tuts and dialing. Pretty clean whips. What more could you ask for in a light show?

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Rollin in the birthday presents :’) thanks my beautiful @morgyjess #thissongisneeded#forcrazywater#loveittobits#omglights#omgwater#omgmusic#ohmygollyganoosh#squirtin


JayFunk (Trufflez) Lightshow to Skrillex - Kill Everybody 

The smell of fresh gloves and light show products in the mail

Ahhh don’t you love that smell and the feel of fresh new products coming in the mail, when you rip it out of the packaging

And you put on the gloves and they’re so white and tight that you wish it stayed the same forever?

Sadly gloves don’t last like that forever, that’s why they’re 3 bucks on rave sites and you always have to keep replacing

I went to NiteLife Designs one time and alot of people needed to replace their gloves, they were so grey, dirty and dank, like it just needed to be thrown away. Some even smelled like pussy money and weed. So keep changing up your gloves people, buy a surplus pack if needed which is 15 bucks at Emazing for a pack of 5 pairs.

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-Kevin (Vault Dude)


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