“I don’t know how I got here I knew it wouldn’t be easy but your faith in me was so clear .It didn’t matter how many times I got knocked on the floor but you knew one day I would be standing tall. Just look at me now ,cause everything starts from something but something would be nothing, nothing if your heart didn’t dream with me , where would I be, if you didn’t believe. -Justin Bieber


\(言ω言)/ 幸せな誕生日, イギリス!

OMG it took me a week to draw, I’ve got a lot of problems and difficulties while I was drawing it. Colors, details, cultures, places and buildings confused me much, but I’m glad that I can finish it on time, yea a gift for my bae, Iggy <3

And there is a list of things that I have added in this art, from left to right:

_Buckingham Palace, Canterbury Cathedral, York Minster, England Lion Royal Symbol, Queen Crown, United Kingdom flag, England, The hat ( gentleman ), Shamerock ( St Patrick Saint ),  The pipe (Sherlock Holmes), British Garden Robin bird, Pirate ship, The witch ( Harry Potter), Flying fishes and fairies ( English’s ghost belief, fairies tales ), England flag, Pound symbol ( England’s monetary units ), London Eye, Big Ben, Wreaths and green cloth ( means Scarborough Fair and Greensleeves - two famous English folks ), Scones and Tea party, Cloud ( mean the gloomy and foggy weather of England ), London Bridge, Rose, Saint Paul Cathedral , 2 Floors Bus and Telephone Booth ( Doctor Who ), Toy Soldiers, Scottish Folk cat type, Fox Terrier dog type :D Well it was such a long list and I thought it killed me :D

Because of it took me a lot of time to draw, so don’t repost or use it without asking my permission, if you want to post it on your page, please tell me, I may have something to tell you before allow you to post it, thanks you!!

anonymous asked:

Can I request the Gom+kagami+hanamiya+kasamatsu reacting to their child's first word, bonus if their first word is 'dada' ( your blog is amazing to say the least, it always makes my day. Keep up the good work, senpai >//<)

this makes me unbelievably happy, thank you sweetheart <3 omg senpai again my heart can’t take this

AKASHI: He wouldn’t care what his child’s first word was. The fact that it happened to be ‘dada’ brought tears to the emperor’s eyes. He never expected to feel this level of joy inside of him and couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face as he took the baby in his hands, cradling him or her lightly. You would watch them from afar with a blissful smile.

AOMINE PERF HUBZ: When you told Aomine to encourage your child to say his or her first word, he would act as if he didn’t care. He would shrug it off and continuously throw glances at the baby, waiting for it to say something. When you walked away, the baby gargled, “Mama”. Aomine felt his heart melt in happiness with this historical moment. Happily, discreetly, he would take the baby in his hands and smile. You observed the two of them from the doorway, knowing that if Aomine knew you were there he’d close up again. Then he paused and frowned, “Wait, why didn’t you say dada first? Hey, kid, say dada. Don’t tell mom you called her first.”

HANAMIYA: Never. He would never admit to the huge grin that spread across his face when he heard his kid’s first word escape his lips. You would be hidden in the shadows, arms crossed as you watched Hanamiya who had a stupid grin on his face as he urged the baby to say it again. “Come on, say it. Call me again. I won’t tell your mom, promise.”

KAGAMI: This huge tiger would be a sobbing mess. Tears streaming down his face and a huge smile on his face, he would tighten his hold around the baby who had just called for him. Cooing and waiting for it to sleep, Kagami wouldn’t leave the baby’s side until he was sure that he or she was comfortable on the nursery bed. “Kagami, it’s time to sleep.” You would call with a resigned look on your face but Kagami pleaded for five more minutes. Just five, he said for the third time.

KASAMATSU: Smiling softly, he would hold the baby in his arms, humming it softly to sleep. While you rarely ever heard him sing, Kasamatsu would have no problem singing the baby to sleep. Murmuring nursery rhymes quietly, the baby would comfortably fall to asleep. It was no surprise that he would start getting so attached when the baby called for his or her ‘dada’ first. Kasamatsu would be like a mama bear protecting its cub.

KUROKO: Kuroko, who seem to be more stoic, couldn’t hold back the tears that spilled from his sky blue eyes as his lips curved into a proud smile. You would hand the baby to Kuroko who was making grabby motions. Kuroko was already skilled in handling babies and would lift the baby into the air, making him or her giggle. The giggle plus ‘dada’ completely made his day and he would tell everyone else about it, bragging. what a loser gotta love him

KISE: Squealing, he would be super excited when the baby called out for his ‘dada’. Despite the fact that he was in public, Kise would be shamelessly holding up his baby Lion King style and parading him or her around the restaurant with a grin. You didn’t even have the heart to stop him because people loved the way Kise lit up like the fourth of July, eyes bright and a giant grin on his face.

MIDORIMA: As he made a funny face, you realized that he was trying to suppress his crying. He held the baby proudly, patting it on the head and softly stroking the back. You grinned, watching him coo the baby into calling out for him again. Midorima wouldn’t even try to hide his smile though. The proud smile on his face would be a clear sign of a proud father.

MURASAKIBARA:  Murasakibara didn’t even try to hold back his tears as he started sobbing aloud, holding the baby tightly against him. It looked as if he was carrying his lunch but the baby would just gargle and squeal, lifting their tiny fists into the air. “Call for dada again, _____-chin.” He stared at the baby, waiting and encouraging him or her to call out for him again.

everlasting-dispute asked:

Hey! I watched your video on YouTube about genderfluid people with long hair and how to hide it and everything... I just wanted to thank you a lot because today I used that hat trick and the sports bra thing and everything! and it's the first day I've dressed like a guy to school and I felt so awesome! So thank you :) I posted a pic on my tumblr if you wanted to see me outfit!

Ahh omg thank you so much for telling me that!!
I’m so happy that you took my advice and liked it because that’s what I wanted to accomplish :3

Also you do look AWESOME wow diggidy dang

superheroesofmiddleearth asked:

i'm not active on tumblr for a couple of days and i miss so many things. i am drowning in fluff. the thorin one is so damn cute i want to die. i hope your head feels better. all the love from me because you deserve it. sometimes you give me the impression of a unicorn. just to cute and amazing and wonderful to be real <3 :*

Hahaha :3 my head is feeling a lot better thank you my dear!! Awww i want to give you a massive hug right now, that’s so sweet uvu

Oh gosh i’m smiling!! You are such a sweetheart omg this has literally made my day :’)

Although It’s funny you should say that because here’s a selfie i took earlier

Plot twist: i am a unicorn…

blueleaf-aoba asked:

(ㆁᴗㆁ✿) (can't remember if I did this or not lol )

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//You didn’t and oh my goodness I’m sorry this took me forever to respond! I was on mobile for 2 days straight and I couldn’t see your online theme so I had to wait >3<//

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omg i fuckin hate zopiclone makes me feel like a zombie, have you felt that or does it work ok for u?

Oh fuckin hell I haven’t taken it yet I only got my prescription filled this morning but does it give you a hangover effect like mirtazapine??? Because when I took that I felt like a zombie for 3 days and I fell asleep on a table and had to be carried to my room by a nurse cause I was literally passed out and I have no time for that I have a 5000 word essay to write?? I’m not taking it if it’s zombie state inducing I’m a busy gal

Finally done! This took all day to do and I developed a migraine towards the end of it but I was determined to finish it. Many thanks to lemonfakes for helping me edit the colors. ily you’re the bestest  (▰˘◡˘▰)

In case you’re curious about the watermark, Milkycat Studios is my official title when I post art. 

Reblogging art is extremely helpful to the artist. Just tossing that out there. 

I also take commissions and sell prints…..

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There was a question on reddit asking about the most famous people they've met. Someone answered Helena and he said that she was a kind and calm woman. -- it was on the set of TS Spivet. He said when he went for a break, he saw her outside on the phone and bawling her eyes out. Poor Hellie :'(

Omg my heart just dropped. She is a very kind strong woman and I honestly hate thinking about HBC crying bc it makes me cry, even in movies when I know she’s just acting I still cry.

But before people who read this jump to any conclusions and get worried bc I know I would if I saw something like this.
TS Spivet came out in 2013 which means it was filmed in 2012. That means this probably took place 3 years ago. It was filmed in Canada so she was away from her family. Everyone has one of those days. We obviously don’t know the reason why she was crying and really we don’t need to know since its in the past. We know that she’s okay now and that’s all that really matters.

Though I do would like to know what happened after the guy saw her, do you know? Like did he try to comfort her or did he just like run away.

anonymous asked:

Don't feel bad! You didn't know and at least you corrected yourself. Many people wouldn't have. Keep smiling! :3

You can’t even imagine how much that stressed me omg

I hope many people would see the corrected post ><

ANYWAYS, I’m still in London, today was shopping day lol it was awesome and my dad suffered a lot because we took so long in each shop x)

I wish you a good day/night ! See you soon !

Admin K 

tfwhxh replied to your post: Keep reading

ings as well… ii hope your day tomorrow is wonderful

this is really sweet and made me smile a lot. youre always so caring emily thank you <3

anonymous asked:

Omg! Susan, I'm in the same boat as you! I did marching band for 5 years and I'm from Arkansas so summer practice was killer and humid. My band called the ankle tan line the sexy sock tan line and I'm still rocking it to this day. If you don't mind me asking, what did you play?

i played the flute for marching and concert season (i also took jazz for a semester and played piano but no more after that bc i couldn’t improv…..)

anonymous asked:

oops i'm super sorry if my question seemed obnoxious or gross or mean especially bc of the question marks(I used a lot at a time for some reason)!!! I was just super curious of your opinion and I haven't really heard much about tronnor and I was v curious!! I'm sorry!!! I hope you have an amazing day!<3

omg friend!! i’m sorry for answering this so late omg this has been in my inbox all day!! <3333333 you weren’t obnoxious or mean or anything tho omg!!! your question just took me by surprise a lil bit!! <3333333 but you’re completely fine!! (and i understand omg!! i use a lot of exclamation points so Everything Looks Exciting!!!!) TBH idk anything about tronnor like i just know who they are and i know my pal Hunter like lowkey ships them but other than that like??? idk anything about them??? and same with troyler i literally don’t know anything about them either!! i just like the general idea of tronnor more if that makes sense?? idk!!! but pls don’t apologize omg you’re comPLETELY fine!!! <33333 and thank you so much i did have a great day!!! ^0^ i hope you did too and you have a great one tomorrow!!! <3333333333333 

Name 10 favorite characters and tag 10 people

I was tagged by rrraichi and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME I have been waiting for this to arrive (i sound so despo)

1. Miyuki Kazuya. This sexy bastard took over my life and I’m so emotional over him right now. That megane and shit eating grin OMG. 

2. Midorima Shintaro. This tsun tsun babe is so kawaii how can you not love him KYA. And the way he shifts his glasses is HOT. Not to forget is nanodayo and lucky item of the day~ I wonder how much does he spent on lucky items…

3. Sinbad. Not the one from disney but the one from Magi. OHH THAT HOT AND SEXY KING PLS RULE ME. He gave so much fan service (the leaf scene) and his djinn equip are so hot. 

4. Levi. Do i need to elaborate on his hotness? No. But i would love too huehuehue. 

5. Kuramochi Youichi. I took quite a while to realise his hotness… AM I FUCKING BLIND OR NOT. OMG. His eyes is so attractive and his legs pls don’t tempt me to elaborate on that. He also has the tsun tsun factor in him which makes him so adorable~ 

6. Sawamura Eijun. OH THAT SWEET SUMMER CHILD. I have never felt the strong urge to protect someone so badly. This baby just lights up my life when he smiles *swoon*

7. Heiwajima Shizuo. THIS BABE IS ALL ABOUT PEACE. Yet he use violence to solve a problem haizz i just love him. And his love for izaya is perfect, sometimes too much for me to handle.

8. Tsukishima Kei. Another megane. wow how shocking is that. Sometimes i just want him to screw me up and sometimes i just want to protect this baby crow. It goes both ways guys.

9. Oikawa Tooru. He is the person i aspire to be (not his personality). He puts in a lot of effort to improve himself till he overwork himself. To me, it just shows that he accept his flaws and polish his strength.

10. Narumiya Mei. AWWWW that sweet princess. hahaha. I just love when he can be dorky and serious at the same time. It just makes me want to improve my strengths hehehe. ( i ship him together with sawamura just saying) 

Im tagging:

kawaiinohime underthehorizonskies ikehmen shigaa rawdaisy sarahleecastoreno misss-snow missfiirelight barrypokemonmaster kaychankawaiides

(it is not a must to do it)