We've reached the point in our home improvement projects

When we have to take everything out of two rooms and find spaces for all the things elsewhere. We’re redoing the dining room and what we laughing call the library, which is a second living room connected to the dining room and is full of bookshelves and, also, our broken piano. We are going to retexture the ceiling (it’s a horrible lavender-colored OMG who does that???? popcorn texture now ugh), paint the walls and put up some board and batten in the dining room because I jump on trends as they are dying, case the windows, and put in new flooring and baseboards. The floors have been ordered so it’s a sooner rather than later thing now. We’d also like to build shelves so the library looks less like a second hand store and more like a place to sit and relax, but that’s phase two or three. And Shawn has promised to build me a table that will actually seat all of us comfortably - two years ago. I’m still waiting.

We have a largish house, but there are a lot of us (plus pets) and we have a lot of stuff and most of it is necessary although we can probably cull out the big baby toys now that Sylvia is two. She’s not going to need that swing of the high chair anymore.

I’m not anticipating the mess. I’m not a neat person naturally - I’m fine with clutter and I just don’t see dust - but this is going to be chaos until the rooms are done. And where are we going to eat??

And then, when it’s all finished (it will take a while) we have an architect scheduled to come out in August to help us decide if it’s feasible to bump out the kitchen or not. My kitchen needs to be completely gutted to the studs and since we’re going that far may as well go all the way I guess. Oh boy.