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Basic Male Cosplay Makeup Tutorial!

aka:  Alex rambles on for 24 minutes about cosplay, binders, wig caps, contacts and makeup with the goal of being at least somewhat helpful?

I had a few requests asking how I did my male makeup for cosplay so here you go!  Apologies for the length, I go into a bit more than just the makeup so it ended up longer than I planned.  Also, I said it ten times in the video and I’m going to say it again here; cosplay makeup is very character and face specific.  This is what I’ve found works for me personally but I both recommend and encourage looking at other tutorials to see what works best for you!

Things I mentioned: 

Other helpful resources:

  • Male vs. Female Contouring Guide
  • This video does an excellent job of showing where and how to EXACTLY contour for a masculine face.
  • For those who want a more dramatic eye try here and here.
  • This is mainly a female makeup tutorial but it’s a really great one and can be applied to male makeup as well so check it out!
  • How to property put on a wig cap/wig.
  • I forgot to mention; use concealer to cover up under eye shadows or dark spots before applying foundation.  Also a good nude lipstick can go a long way in making your lips look more masculine!

Sweetheart, I once a performed an emergency C-section on a pregnant Gorn. Octuplets. Let me tell you, those little bastards bite. I think I can work some magic on your missile.

  • before watching nge:i dont understand
  • after watching nge:i still dont understand


Tokka - Did I ever tell you how sweet it is that you invented metalbending?”
"You could stand to mention it a bit more!"

                            So I’ll watch your life in pictures like
                                 I used to watch you sleep.
                                 And I feel you forget me like
                                 I used to feel you breathe.

they kiss everywhere.

there are late sunday afternoon kisses in the kitchen, pressed close beside the stove while the coffee bubbles in the pot and scrambled eggs sizzle in the pan. these are languid, easy, soft — these are a bit of stubble burn and a smidgen of sleepiness

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