*spoilers alert*


  • Keegan Allen tweeted- “[it will] shock everyone in the world.”
  • Lucy Hale tweeted- “The finale is the most jaw dropping yet. and Ezria fans…you are in for a ride!”
  • Marlene King tweeted- “[that it will be] a kick ass, mind blowing, crazy as hell epic story." 
  • Andy Reaser tweeted-"it will make a lot of teenage girls explode." 
  • Marlene King said- "I think I’ll finish what I started.”- Possibly referring to something from her mind-blowing episode?
  • Remember how Marlene King keeps saying “red is the new black”? The reason why she repeats this will be revealed. Herehere & here are a few ‘red’ clues.
  • Marlene King’s finale script tweets can be found hereWill Spoby live? Spencer & Toby are going to have a moment from which they will then reach a resolution. There is a possibility of a Spoby kiss.
  • Marlene King tweeted- “Emily creeps up to the house. She peeks in a window. Through a narrow slit in the curtain she sees -“
  • Troian Bellisario said- ”You can definitely expect Spencer’s world to be completely turned upside down”

Clues from above: (in no particular order)
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  • Rosewood’s infamous forest will be in the finale. 
  • The waitress who told “A” she had “pretty eyes” will be back. 
  • Spencer’s all dressed up. Hmm, could this be something to do with Toby?
  • We’ll find out who exactly Jenna was talking to in the park in “UnmAsked”.
  • *The church was tweeted by Marlene King & although you can’t see it, it has been confirmed that it will be going up in flames…


  • It will be an amazing 60 minute long episode.
  • They’ve said we’ll find out long-awaited answers. Yay!
  • A mAssive secret will be uncovered.
  • * A (Toby we believe) attempts to kill someone.
  • We will find out exactly how many A-Team members there are.
  • Majority of the episode will be focused on Alison & her death. Someone will have a direct altercation with Ali’s killer. Could it be Emily- is that who she sees in the house?
  • The next member of the A-Team is set to be revealed and it could possibly be the person that Emily saw digging up Alison’s grave “That Night”.
  • Another member of Rosewood is set to die during the finale and Wren will be directly linked to the death/the person. (while he’ll appear in a different light at the same time.)
  • Radley Sanatarium will be a major focal point of the episode. Hanna will search Wren’s office and discover a major clue regarding A and a fire will be started where a certain person may 'rise from the ashes’.
  • We’ll find out who wore the Queen of Hearts costume in “This Is A Dark Ride”
  • There will be carnival in the finale. As revealed to us by Holly Marie Combs (Aria’s mum).
  • This episode will draw inspiration from the Hitchcock film North by Northwest, which is about a hapless New York advertising executive that is mistaken for a government agent by a group of foreign spies, and is pursued across the country while he looks for a way to survive. Who could this be about?! Did Alison leave town the night she 'died’, or could this be to do with the twin theory?
  • There will be a Jenna scene in the pouring rain.
  • It is possible that the title comes from the 1941 film “A Dangerous Game” which revolves around two detectives that are trying to solve mysteries in an isolated mental facility.
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We’ll update this post as we find out more. Please tell us what you think- new clues, ideas etc. and we’ll tell you our own opinions of these revelations!

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