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"Kiss me, quick!"

  • Send me “Kiss me, quick!” and I’ll generated a number from 1-25 to see where my muse will have to kiss yours.

12. Old scars

He still has to do that dare.

And now that Raeger has to kiss this stranger’s scars, it suddenly slid into his mind. He’d probably never see her again, after all. Better to get it over with. He silently apologizes to her, she seemed like a good person who didn’t deserve what was going to happen.

“W-well,” Oh Goddess, this is going to end terribly. He isn’t used to flirting with women like this. “Let me kiss those scars of yours, pretty lady,” he winks, “I’ll promise you that I’ll make them feel better, too~” Is this how people flirt?



^ q^)9 Two of my very good friends and I have made two collab stories together since 2012! These are all the characters with their original lives [left] and their reincarnations [right]. The reincarnations have nothing to do with either story, it’s more just a thing to hurt ourselves more over, lol.

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oh man that's nasty! i was talking about those poor little kitty cats in the animal shelters with no one to love!

“I was just messing around, bambina. I love cats! My flatmate wants to adopt one but our complex doesn’t allow pets.”

ty thomas-sangster-omfg for tagging me<3

1. Why this URL?
It’s my favourite newt quote and it has a nice ring to it hehe c:

2. Middle name?

3. If you could own a fictional pet, what would it be?
omg a dragon yES

4. Favourite colour?

5. Favourite song?
I’m really loving anything imagine dragons rn

6. Top three fandoms?
The Maze Runner, Divergent, The Hunger Games

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MY DAD'S GF HELPED ME LIFT A PINT GLASS FROM A RESTAURANT HOLY SHIT? The waiter gave me a second glass (it's a really nice glass I've been wanting but no way am I paying 20 bucks for a glass!) right before leaving, so I took that & left when a huge group was coming in & my dad's gf was like "lemme walk in front of you so no one sees you!" so I just held it down by my side & walked out?! That was crazy easy? Omfg, she was like "hehe, (My Name) stole a glass!". part one

(part two) This is the same lady who said, “Eh, we’ve all taken stuff from work before. I took so much food and didn’t pay for it when I worked for the health food store” when she heard that I took some stuff w/o paying at my last job. (A super cute TokiDoki/Hello Kitty pattern clutch and wristlet, fyi.)

Niiiice! 👌🏾 I wish I knew some other adults that would help me lift or were cool with lifting, I love it when people turn out way more chill than you expect haha. Congrats to you and your new glass!

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Hahah heyy I just read your comment on my pic with the green shorts! Thanks hehe

Omfg! 😳 I’m kinda embarrassed. ☺️ I thought that the person that posted that pic wasn’t the one who took it. Lol! So I didn’t think you’d see that comment. You’re welcome tho. I meant what I said, you are blessed sir! 😍😘