omfg im so happy


ofmsgsagsags I got nex pet, my first boss pet and the only 1 i wanted @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ omfg im so happy, thought i was gunna pass out coz i was hyperventilating so much omfg @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ 

Sorry if i didn’t pm you back, i was screaming and i nearly died the next kill anyways, but thank you to everyone who pm’ed me <33333

Thank you to katyrae-rs and my friend Nikki, we also got Pernix gloves :>



Bad things always happen to the people around me…”

–None of the people around me blame anyone else when bad things happen to them.”


overdose tao graphic; for frankieromustpie
i am so sorry this is 7 months late please forgive my trash soul

’ 7’ here’s a speedpaint of this piece! also, i couldn’t decide between this version and the one here to upload,,,