a fan said said to Ashton ‘bang me like you bang your drum’ and this was his reply



Full video: Boo the fainting goat faints when he touches grass

NO. JUST NO. B.A.P is actually the reason why I smile and put up with school. They are the reason why I am so happy. If they leave TS, then who’s gonna take them under their wing? People might think I’m crazy getting so emotional over a band, but everyone has that one thing that makes them smile ridiculously like fools, whether it’s a favorite book or place. And for me, its B.A.P. I still haven’t seen them in real life yet even though they visited a city less than 40 miles away from me. B.A.P is one of the most down to earth groups out there. If they break up, who knows what else may happen. IF they actually leave, I have no idea what to do after that. 


I love them so much