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Robin is always hungry after sex. It dawns on her slowly, as the late nights and early mornings and stolen afternoons begin to add up. Half the time he pulls her into the kitchen by the hand, rummages for pans and eggs, burns himself on her stove and she uses her magic to fix his blackening omelette when he isn't looking. But when she is the one to suggest food, Regina finds it has the opposite effect: has him growling and kissing her, calling her a good woman, stomach all but forgotten again.

this is perfection and i wanted it to keep going!!!

when College!Mello meets College!Mattie - that is, when they become roommates at campus - he discovers that the only thing Matt is able to cook is mug food. Mug cakes, mug pizza, mug omelette. If it fits into a mug, he’ll make it. Sometimes Matt would get super creative with the mug cakes especially and one day he offers Mello some of his chocolate mug cake and Mello’s so blown away by how good it tastes for a mash-up of an egg, flour, milk and some chocolate powder that’s been in the microwave for two minutes. 

A couple months later they find themselves watching Netflix side by side and sharing chocolate mug cakes with each other. 

Hindi ako kumain ng dinner kasi busog pa ako. Hay nako inutusan na naman akong magluto. Putspa ano bang inaasahan niyo sakin? HAHAHAHA. So ayun pinagluluto nila ako corn soup sabi ko "Di ko alam kung paano." sabi nila "Edi tuturuan ka." Hay akala ko excused na ako. Tapos ayun luto luto luto. Ang kinalabasan mukhang omelette. Oyy achievement na yun!!! Corn soup na mukhang omelette. Cormelette. Oh okay HAHAHAHA.

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  • did i mention YUMIKO
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Boyfriend got me a BMO plush for Christmas and we went out for lunch at this breakfast place today and I ate a huge omelette, and I’m baking a bunch if cookies later today and then going to a party and then A bar with pals I’m So Happy

Did I say Rembrandt?

Oops, looks like I did say Rembrandt in that last blog post from a few days back. I meant to say Raphael.

I have this book all about Raphael, like an art for children book, my mom got it for me for Xmas one year when I was a kid, because Raphael was my favorite Ninja Turtle. It’s ok I guess?

My point actually had nothing to do with artists of the past, I just had to pick on somebody to make a point. That whole if you want to make an omelette you gotta break a few eggs thing. Yes, I’ve read Machiavelli.

What I was saying in a most long-winded fashion, was that I think it’s all fine and good, even a great and positive thing, for people to have reverence for the past. Respect and appreciation for our history is important. But I would argue that it is not as important or at least not any more important than thinking about and working towards a better future.

Sure, Strats, Teles, and Les Pauls are cool. And yeah, I’m a huge Supro fan too. But chasing those classic sounds, building our rigs to sound like the guitar gods of the 60’s isn’t servicing the progression of music.