Don't you just love people that think it's still 1945?

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like tumblr.

You: hey

Stranger: hi

You: how are you?

Stranger: good hbu

You: me too, thanks

Stranger: what is your tumblr

You:, yours?

Stranger: sounds promising .

You: does it hha

Stranger: and

Stranger: it didn’t disappoint

You: well, thanks

Stranger: no probs

You: so, what is yours?


You: where are you from?

You: and your tumblr is nice I followed you

Stranger: wow thanks man

Stranger: i was going to follow you anyway

You: haha cheers but I would have folowed you anyway

You: followed*

Stranger: we’re cool man….

Stranger: and i am a jew living in the uk

You: what does your religion matter in the UK haha

Stranger: well

Stranger: i just said i am jewish,

You: that’s good for you then

Stranger: thanks man. means a lot you don’t send hate

You: why would I send hate? oô

Stranger: some people don’t like jews i think

You: what’s the matter with that anyway

Stranger: ask the germans, they started all of this

You: I am german :)

Stranger: oh oh………………..

You: yeah

Stranger: *welp*

Stranger: i feel so attacked right now

You: i LOVE when people think germans are still Nazis like fuck yes history

Stranger: dude chill please

You: why do you feel attacked?

Stranger: it was a joke dude

Stranger: i love sauerkrauts…. i mean germans

You: Do you? hahahaha

Stranger: well i don’t eat them

You: all we have is beer sauerkraut and brezel

You: pretzels

Stranger: jesus…. you’re so german my friend

You: I am probably the most not german german you’ll ever meet

Stranger: well, no need to follow me if you don’t like jews dude.

Stranger: no hard feelings bro

You: I don’t bother about jews, it’s a religion

You: I am not even religious so I couldn’t care less

Stranger: I insist

Stranger: i feel intimidated

You: why?

Stranger: nevermind my fellow kraut

Stranger: sorry i couldn’t help it haha

You: Okay, look. I practically live in the UK so I am not a sauerkraut german

Stranger: ew, the uk

You: I love the uk :)

Stranger: it’s a ripoff everything is so expensive

You: well, depending on what you compare it to it might be expensive but it’s not that bad, or at least I don’t think so

Stranger: it’s expensive dude… well i won’t bore you anymore

You: compared to what is it expensive?

Stranger: to my home my dear kraut

You: where are you from then?

Stranger: america, ofc

You: OH

Stranger: yes dude

You: that explains a lot

Stranger: start with the hate

Stranger: i have a nice F word waiting for u :)

You: I don’t hate the us haha

You: but you’re kind of rude so I gitta go

You: gotta*

Stranger: no, you just hate jews dude

Stranger has disconnected.

Whyyyyy? :(

Why did you disconnect? I loved it :( Pleaaase, come back

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like Sebastian Moran, Mormor, Teenlock, Parentlock, and Mpreg.

Stranger: Is this Sebastian? AM (15)

You: Moran, yes. Who are you? SM

Stranger: Alex Moran. You have a son, congrats. Anyway, mum says I have to stay with you. Services are at our door, she doesn’t want me going into care and I’d rather not go into care too. AM

You: Excuse me? SM

You: Hahahahahaha, very funny. SM

Stranger: Amy Harrison. With her about two months fifteen years ago, basically sixteen, you know, adding the nine month I was in her stomach. AM

Stranger: 92 Borrowdale Cresent. If you could come over now, would help us out. AM

You: This ain’t funny, boy. SM

You: I slept with her once, we used protection, it’s impossible I knocked her up. SM

Stranger: No, it ain’t. Mum is crying. AM

Stranger: Even if I aren’t yours just come over and sort this out, I don’t want to see my mum cry. AM

You: And why the social services want to take you to a care? SM

Stranger: We don’t have any money. I shouldn’t have to explain this to you right now, just come to the address. AM

You: Fine. sM

Stranger: Thanks, so kind of you. Now hurry up. AM

You: After a few minutes Sebastian arrived on the Borrowdale Cresent and parked his car on the street. It wasn’t a nice part of town, even him would be afraid to go out here at night without a gun or knife. How a teenager could live in a place like this. He doubted that Alex told the truth, that he’s his son but well, something told him that he gotta help this kid. So he found the right door and walked inside, ignoring the social service workers, “Amy, Alex?” he called out.

Stranger: A basically identical copy of Sebastian was huddled in the corner, hugging a small blonde women. The very stereotypical blonde women, short, blonde and thin. This one was too thin though, as was her son. Alex looked up at the elder man, desperation in his eyes. “Help me.” He may have tried to act as tough as he could over text but in person he was just as much as a wreck as his mum. “Tell her I am not going into care. Tell her, please.”

You: Sebastian shook his head, he couldn’t believe what he saw, the girl he loved in high school, she was still beautiful but it was obvious that life hadn’t been easy for her. And his son, definitely his son, the same eyes, posture, jaw line, nose, chin, hair, he looked just like Sebastian when he was sixteen. “You aren’t going into care” he said softly, crouching next to them. He took Amy’s hand, “it’s gonna be alright, I promise” he said softly.

Stranger: ((Oh shit, never asked, triggers?))

You: (I’m fine with everything, don’t worry)

Stranger: ((Brill, just started to type then panicked XD))

You: (nah, don’t worry, nothing scares me ;))

Stranger: Amy blinked up at Sebastian and sniffled, reaching out a hand to touch the man’s face. “Sebby! You are so beautiful. So handsome. My Sebby. You can’t let them take my sunshine away. Don’t let them please. They are evil. Alex is my sunshine. My everything.” She was begging now and had crawled forward the huddled between Sebastian and Alex, the hand stroking Sebastian’s face kept slowing down then speeding up. She didn’t seem to be fully in the room at the moment though, putting it delicately. “Mum… Mum, come on, we have talked about this. People don’t like their faces being stroked. Come on now, I am going with Seb-dad. There, family, no one else, yeah?” Alex pulled Amy’s hand away from Sebastian’s face, smiling up at her.

You: Sebastian sighed, indeed he didn’t really like when someone touched his face, mostly because of a long scar that ran across his left cheek. But he was patient and when he could, he just pulled the woman into his arms and kissed her forehead, “shhh, I promise, no one will take him away from you” he whispered, though now he wasn’t quite sure if the woman was completely sane. Something told him she wasn’t. But he didn’t care, he loved her when he was young and he remembered how much he suffered when she suddenly had to move out from London because of her father’s work. “What about I’ll take you to my flat?” he asked and smiled, “my boyfriend’s on the business trip so we’ll be alone”.

Stranger: Alex was amazed at how his mum reacted to being hugged by this stranger. She stopped crying and clung to him, hiding away from the world. She didn’t like the world any more, the world was taking away her sunshine. It wasn’t fair, she loved her sunshine, she needed him. She wasn’t even sure if she was saying this out loud or not. “Erm, yeah, get out of here. We need to tell the workers to piss off. They can’t stay here.” Alex pipped up, standing and scrubbing the tears off his face. He had to be strong. “Let’s go to your flat now. Do you have a car or did you buss it or something?”

You: Sebastian nodded, “I have a car” he said, frowning slightly. Thanks to being with Jim and working for him he had really a lot of money and his son could barely afford to get food. That hurt, he should’ve known earlier, he should’ve helped them earlier. “Amy…” he started quietly, “if you had my number, why you never told me? Why you never asked for help? You know you’d always help you, sweetie” he whispered and stroked her hair, holding her close. He stood up and looked at Alex, “what we’ll tell to the social workers?”

Stranger: "Great. I will go get some stuff. Mum, do you want your blue tack? To play with?" He asked softly, only moving after any nodded quickly. She only spoke to Sebastian once Alex had left the room. "My sunshine is strong. He is so bright. You didn’t want me. I left you. I ran away and left my sunshine but I had some left inside me." She started to stroke her belly like a pregnant women would. "Yes… Yes, my sunshine came back. We were doing good. So good. Then we… We wernt doing good. Now the world wants to take my sunshine away. I didn’t need help. I needed to help my sunshine."

You: "Hey, it’s alright" he whispered and stroked her hair soothingly, "just calm down, I’m sorry, I tried to find out when you moved out but clearly your parents didn’t like me. And then I joined the army" he explained and sighed, "you’ve done a great job, he’s a wonderful young man. I just wish I could’ve met him sooner, spend more time with him when he was a child" he said and sat down on the couch, pulling the woman on his lap, "I’ll take care of him, Amy, I promise you that".

Stranger: "Isn’t alright!" She suddenly shrieked, glaring at Sebastian. "They take him away and I have nothing. I have no light. I will be in the dark and I won’t see. I am scared of the dark Sebby, you get hurt." She explained like she knew something magical. "Oh Sebby, my beautiful Sebby. You are hurt. This line, it is so long. So big." She once again was stroking Sebastian’s face, looking at the scar. "Daddy was so mad. Mad daddy. Said my sunshine was wrong. He wanted me to not have sunshine." She whined and started crying agin just as Alex came in with a rucksack and a packet of blue tack, he had three more on his bag, just in case. "Here mum, no more stroking faces. Right, let’s go. I have no idea how to bull shit social services. I can’t go with them. Care will kill me."

You: Sebastian nodded his head, “don’t worry, son, leave that to me” he said and took his wallet, just to check how much money he had there. Not enough to buy someone but he could try. He knew that Amy definitely needed a doctor, a specialist help, something bad happened with her head. “And no one will take him away from you” he said to Amy and opened the door. He handed Alex his car keys, “go downstairs, a black Aston Martin, it’s the only one on the street so you’ll find it easily” he said and smiled, “I’ll talk to the services” he said and turned his attention at the social workers, “good morning, how can I help you?” he asked.

Stranger: "Don’t call me son." Alex muttered. Yes he had called Sebastian dad but that was for the sake of his mother, Sebastian didn’t need to call him son. No. He was still a stranger. "Well thanks anyway." He took the keys off Sebastian and his eyes blew wide. "Wait… An actual Aston Martin? Fuck, you are loaded. Come on mum." He here’d his mother and her blue tack out of the house, easily finding the car. Jesus, had no one stole this yet? He got his mother into the back, sliding onto the tiny car with her. Back at the house the worker was busy trying to call Alex over to him, he never wanted to use physical force I less needed to. Plus, the paper work was a bitch. "Good morning sir. Do you know this family?"

You: "Yup" Sebastian nodded his head, "Alexander Moran, aged fifteen, he’s my son. Sebastian Moran, nice to meet you" he said and smiled crookedly, "and his mother, my ex, we broke up as friends, lost contact for a few years, I had no idea what’s going on, But well, I’m sure we can do something about this" he said and pulled out wallet, "so, how much will it cost me?" he asked.

Stranger: Thomas frowned and shook his head. “No sir, the father has not been present. If you are claiming to be him I will need to see some ID.” The man was eyeing up the exspensive car, wondering what the hell was going on, why was this man associating himself with this family that couldn’t even afford food? “Sir, I am sorry, I do. It want money. I want this child age.” He replied, even if his eyes were bulging as he looked at how much was in the wallet.

You: Sebastian rolled his eyes and pulled out his ID, spreading a bit his wallet to show the man what he could get for it, “here you go” he said, handing him his real ID, not one of the fake ones, “Colonel Sebastian Moran in the flesh” he said, “I’m this boy’s father and I can provide him much better life than you in the care home. So, take the money and go to buy your wife a nice gift” he said as he glanced at the wedding band on the man’s finger.

Stranger: The man felt a little bit of sweat start to form on his brow. God, that was a lot. Basically his month wage now. Well, the man did have I’d and he clearly could care for the boy… Perhaps. Hmm, perhaps he could a bit more money. “Sir, I am not sure you have enough money to care for this child.” He purposely ignored the title of Colonel. He could get a bit more money now.

You: Sebastian rolled his eyes, “look if you want more, give me your bank account number and I’ll tranfer you even ten thousands if it’s necessary. So far I just took some cash for shopping” he said and shrugged, “and trust me, I earn more money in a month than you do in the whole year so yes, I have enough to take care of my son and his mother”.

You: (lol, it’s midnight, I gotta go to take a shower, brb, love, 10 minutes, I’ll try to make it less)

You: (ot not, someone’s in the bathroom :/)

Stranger: "Wha-no… No sir. This is enough to make this problem disappear. The lad is ok. Good day sir." The man just took the money offered now, not wanting to make actual contact with the man later on. "I think the living standards of this boy is more than adequate." He then turned and walked to his own car, sitting inside it to write his paper work out. Inside the car Amy was whining again asking for Sebastian and asking why he wasn’t inside this car with him.

You: Once everything was sorted out, Sebastian rushed downstairs and headed towards his car, “they won’t bother you anymore” he said and slipped into the driver’s seat, “I have to do the shopping in the meantime, I hope you don’t mind” he said to them and smiled, “I bet you two must be hungry, what about chicken curry for dinner?”

You: (okay, now I brb)

Stranger: ((Okayy, I know how annoying it is trying to get into the bathroom XD))

Stranger: Alex soothed his mum, this time actually guiding her hand to Sebastian’s face. He knew how much touching people’ spaces helped her settle. “Sure, how did you get tom to leave us alone?” Aslex asked, always curious. “Who is your boyfriend too?”

You: (back)

You: "I paid him, obviously" he said and shrugged, "you can buy absolutely everything, you know, these times, you can even buy love. The only thing you can’t buy is happiness but well, doing shopping makes everyone happy" he said and grinned, "we’ll go shopping soon, get you some decent clothes. And my boyfriend’s name is Jim. Jim Moriarty" he said.

Stranger has disconnected.