Ok but before I pass out on my bed, is the title “Nautical!” good for an Omega Ruby run? I couldn’t think of a better name and I don’t want to be generic like “Toasty’s Nuzlocke” or “Land &Water” or something or other

bc the game has a lot of water in it plus the protag’s name is Nautia (which is based on the word Nautical hawharhar), but I think that title might be better with Alpha Sapphire?

and in terms of the story

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Starts up Pokemon OMega Ruby and doesnt remember wtf I was doing on it. I know its something to do with finding what needs to be done to enter Team Magma’s cave hideout near lilycove city.. But dont remeber where or what I was doing that needed to be done first or if I even had any idea in first place

Okay I’m starting a new save file for X because it’d be nice to have some plot going on with my latest Pokemon phase and I’m not ready to restart Omega Ruby, but like….should I play my game in another language? I only know English and a little Korean but like…it’d be good practice trying to translate everything haha. But also I wouldn’t understand half the game.


It’d make for a fun adventure. Let’s do it. If it’s too difficult I can just start over again.

I mostly just want to see what the game looks like in not-English, since I’ve always been curious and it’s literally the first thing they’re asking me with this new save file.

### Nintendo 3DS POKEMON OMEGA RUBY (JAPAN) ซื้อ

### Nintendo 3DS POKEMON OMEGA RUBY (JAPAN) ซื้อ

★★★★★ Nintendo 3DS POKEMON OMEGA RUBY (JAPAN) :ราคา has been reimagined in a fully 3D world – carrying over the polish and finesse of Pokemon X and Y that impressed so many series veterans.  If Pokemon X and Y offered Pokemon fans a modern re-imagining of our familiar Pokemon world then Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby will continue to flesh out this new design direction. In addition to…

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>captures Solrock in Omega Ruby

>tries to think of a nickname for it

>suddenly just thought about “Dayman AHAAAH~!”

Solrock is now named Dayman AAHAA

i’m so bored with animal crossing rn

bored with everything

nothing on netflix, tried playing omega ruby and Ocarina of time and got bored with bored. guess i’m going to bed 2 hours early

i ordered pokemon omega ruby and i have the option to pick pokemon x or y for p cheap which one should i choose? or should i just stick with omega ruby?