Why are there so many people pissed off about DLB coming in second place? I don’t think she was robbed at all. If you look at the side by side comparison it was clear that Juliana had it in the bag. DLBs lower body was a bit flat and under developed.
Come on I can’t be the only one that feels this way.

I can explain || Oly and Adam ft:mia

Mia felt utter shame when she reached the door. This was awkward right? Going back to some guys house that you had a one night fling with to ask for your jacket back, that’s crazy. She started to turn, but he wouldn’t be home anyway right? Mia shied and spelled the door so it opened. “Um, hello? Sorry, but I left my jacket here a while back. I’m just going to get it and leave.” Mia called out in case anyone was here. The big dog ran up to her and she went low to pet it. “Hey beauty, you got so big!”


Hi, I’m a quiet 17 year old nonbinary bi trans girl, starting SPSCC at the end of September. 

I like to cook, and I usually keep to myself, but I enjoy company when it’s offered. 

I’m fairly flexible as far as the price is concerned, but it needs to be on major buslines and would preferably be somewhat close to SPSCC.  It would be better if there’s a bus every fifteen minutes or so.

I would like to keep small animals (rats), but that’s not a necessity. 

I don’t drink, don’t smoke, and don’t have any allergies to speak of, but I do have several mental disabilities, and would need understanding of that fact.

I’ve never moved out before, so someone willing to understand that fact and accommodate certain things would be great.


FIERCE FEST is a radical queer & feminist D.I.Y. festival dedicated to dismantling oppression, building community and empowering marginalized voices.

From the manifesto:

"Because we can use art and music as tools for empowerment, reclaiming space, solidarity and education.

Because we refuse to accept unsafe, oppressive conditions for marginalized people in our communities and the underrepresentation of trans, queer and female artists.

Let’s build intentional, accessible, all-ages safer spaces in which consent, call-outs and accountability are encouraged, as well as continuous learning and growth.

Our ambition is fierce when it comes to standing up for marginalized people and inspiring our community. Let’s be loud, take back space, take care of each other and TAKE ACTION!

Bellingham, WA, October 3rd-5th 2014. We acknowledge that this event is taking place on colonized Lummi and Coast Salish territory.”

Find the 2014 Lineup and more info here!

Pre-order tickets and help fund Fierce Fest here!

Check out our Call For Volunteers!

It's all arranged || Ari and Oly

"What do you mean the designer is not available? Oh she’s busy? Make her  un-busy before I sue you and everyone you and your pathetic employer." Ariana turned and smiled when she saw Olympia. "Sorry this will only be a minute." She told her softly. "Tell her to call me back within the next hour or you can say goodbye to your job." She yelled into the phone. "People there days, can you believe them?"