the triathlon monster

T: mummy, look mummy, Olympic cycling! so cool

me: looking baby. wow, look at those sweet disks…

T: you want to be in the Olympics, don’t you?

me: well mummy might have passed on that, but there’s nothing stopping you from going.

T: [hops off the couch, walks around house with fake ‘checklist’] omg mummy, I need stuff to go to the Olympics. Stuff! I need a bike. like yours. that you lie down on. and black wheels. and that funny helmet, the one that makes you look like an alien. yeah, an alien helmet. and shoes. i need shoes. like yours. and goggles, aaand a wetsuit. o and I need sunglasses, I want to be so cool when I’m at the Olympics. Mum!!! I need SUNNNNglasses! …..

can’t believe I’m so late to this party, but if you haven’t seen this, as an Olympic sponsor promotion Rona will plant a tree for every km you run, and you can update it anytime once you have an account. sign up. You’re running anyway. Support the Olympic spirit and get some more green growing in Canada….