Today in school all of the students were grouped randomly together in classrooms, a few students from each grade, to have a half-hour meeting about bullying and come up with ideas on how to help stop it for a thing called the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. A few days ago we had an assembly over it and the whole staff was really serious about it and actually looked like they wanted to make some changes.

Do you know what happened in every single group I heard about? Absolutely nothing. The teacher in charge of my class literally seemed like she could not care less about the meeting, nor did a single other student or teacher. They all sat around for that half hour talking about sports and candy and making fun of the class clown. Even when someone mentioned the fact that we were supposed to be talking about bullying, the teacher gave some excuse about how she wasn’t supposed to go beyond a certain point in her hand-out. Are you kidding? We’re not allowed to talk about it anymore? Of course, that is going to happen sometimes - it’s high school. No one believes that we’re on task all of the time. But the fact is that these meetings are meant to help make people’s lives better, and all anyone seemed to care about was getting it over with and moving on with their day.

It goes to show that in order to make a difference, you really do need individuals. You can’t just stick a group of people in a room, tell them to do something, and expect the world to change. People need to care. Do you know how many individuals could have been working together to help, how many ideas they could have come up with? A single person can make so much difference if they simply care enough to speak out and give their opinion, so what if every person cared that much?

Bully Free Zone

Another incident of bullying/harassment for Aidan yesterday. A student kicked him in the boy’s restroom between classes and verbally taunted him. He told no one at school about this but what I want you to know is why he did not tell an adult about it. In his words “it never goes anywhere.” I feel this is a very sad development that Aidan or any other student would feel that there is no point in…

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Working against bullying in schools

The school I work at are involved in an anti-bullying program called “Olweus” after the man who designed it. Which consists of  every person employed at the school, from the principal to the janitors having 90 minute group meetings every 14th day…to discuss making the school better for the kids.

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Este día en La Alarma de la Mañana se manejó el concepto de BULLYING o ACOSO ESCOLAR. Daniel Olweus comienza a investigar en 1970 sobre el Acoso Escolar. 45 años más tarde sigue presente en la vida de muchos educandos. ¿Cuándo es Bullying? -Conducta con Intención de Maltratar -Conducta Repetitiva y Recurrente -Desequilibrio de Fuerzas Escucha el resto del programa para aprender y apoyar a tus hijos. Además los módulos del Taller ENFA te brindan más herramientas: 8094769095

Olweusardagur á morgun, fimmtudag

Á morgun er hinn árlegi Olweusardagur. Á milli 9.50-11.10 verðum við að vinna með klípusögur um einelti og vinnum saman að raunverulegri lausn. #Lífsleikni.