Title: Home
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: So, so G
Summary: Kurt isn’t so sure about returning to work after two weeks at home with Blaine and their new baby.
Author’s Note: I wrote Aud fic to bribe her into studying for her exams. Here it is. Fluffy fluffy fluff. Unbetaed, also tumblr ate my italics so just emphasize where you see fit.

Blaine vaguely, unconsciously registers when the arm slung low across his waist disappears, but it isn’t until the removal of the already familiar warmth on his chest, the tiny heartbeat moving double time to his own, that he awakes, startling into a sitting position.

“Easy,” Kurt whispers, and Blaine blinks his eyes open to see Kurt standing next to the bed, their daughter safe in his arms. “Time for breakfast. Go back to sleep while you still can.” Blaine sighs as he feels Kurt’s lips brush his forehead, leaning forward to press an errant kiss to the blanketed bundle before he falls back into the pillows with a sleepy grin.

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23. Spilled Milk

(Note: Olive is Blaine and Kurt’s first daughter, Kurt’s biologically by way of Rachel as surrogate. This is part of the Ollie!verse, started here.)

Blaine’s always hated those old adages everyone throws around - a penny saved is a penny earned, don’t count your chickens before they hatch - pretty much anything that can be found cross-stitched on a throw pillow or a wall hanging sets his teeth on edge and he’s never been able to explain it. They’re trite and cliche and empty, a way of speaking without saying anything meaningful, and it feels disingenuous to Blaine, who has always tried so hard to make his words mean something.

(It provides endless amusement for Kurt, whose parents have a tendency to sprinkle them into conversation at random, and Blaine never thought he would be able to muster annoyance at Carole but he once had to actually excuse himself from the dinner table to go take a deep breath and get his head on straight.)

There’s one sticking in his head now - There’s no use crying over spilled milk - and he thinks he would like to find the first person to say it and punch them squarely in the jaw.

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58. Multitasking

(Note: Olive is Blaine and Kurt’s first daughter, Kurt’s biologically by way of Rachel as surrogate. This is part of the Ollie!verse, other stories here.)

Blaine has big plans.

Literally - big plans. There’s a 4x6 whiteboard in the office that details his proposed schedule. It seems a little silly, because it’s only him and Ollie at home during the day and it’s not like Kurt will know if he sticks to the schedule or not, but it seems to make him feel better, so Kurt lets it go.

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I really like the way the lighting came out in this photo, I definitely intend to do more things similar to it! For those who don’t know yet, I am going to New York in about a month so stay tuned for plenty of new photos.




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