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These are the winners from my 100 followers contest! I’m sorry this took me so long guys, I’ve just been really busy! (soon I’ll have to be holding a 200 contest ^^; )

Anyway, these are the winners-

They’re all super awesome ponies (and goat!) and I had a lot of fun drawing them” I wish I could have captured the cuteness more but I have the artistic skills of a fox on crack so this is the best I could do!

Hope you guys like it! ^u^

Edit: forgot Ollie Apple’s cutie mark! It’s there now :)

notinakinkyway asked:

Years & Years, The 1975 and/or Bastiiiiiiillle

you are the literal light of my life i hope you’re aware


  • hug: mikey
  • marry: emre
  • kiss: olly
  • be best friends with: olly
  • joke around with: mikey
  • go to the movies with: olly
  • treat as family: olly
  • bring to the beach: emre/mikey
  • play board games with: olly
  • go apple picking with: emre
  • watch the sunset with: emre
  • do anything for: olly
  • bring out to icecream: all of them tbh

THE 1975

  • hug: ross/george because tree people give the best, warmest hugs
  • marry: ross
  • kiss: george
  • be best friends with: george
  • joke around with: george/ross
  • go to the movies with: ross
  • treat as family: hann
  • bring to the beach: george
  • play board games with: ross/george
  • go apple picking with: ross/george
  • watch the sunset with: ross
  • do anything for: ross
  • bring out to icecream: ross


  • hug: woody
  • marry: will tbh
  • kiss: kyle
  • be best friends with: dan
  • joke around with: will
  • go to the movies with: dan
  • treat as family: dan
  • bring to the beach: kyle
  • play board games with: kyle
  • go apple picking with: dan
  • watch the sunset with: dan
  • do anything for: woody
  • bring out to icecream: kyle

send me a band and i’ll do this thing!!