Talking to the Moon || Frivia

[Freddie was nervous a wreck on the inside, his stomach churning and his steps shaky. He didn’t know what to expect when his eyes met hers, if she’d be the girl he fell in love with or the shell her ex left behind. As he arrived in front of her door he waited hesitantly before opening it slowly, a seemingly care free smile.] I heard this dorm room was stocked with orange juice and a beautiful girl.

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Napoleon and his Empress || Frivia

[Freddie sat on the floor next to the desk in his dorm. With his cast hitting the hard wood, a rhythm was made as he waited. It fit his wrist and forearm perfectly and the material was bright red, though you could barely see it from all of the signatures students, mostly girls, had wrote on it. There were a few numbers but it wasn’t like he could get rid of them. He hated the cast anyways, it made him seem like a klutz. And though it was a stupid injury, Olivia wanted to play nurse and who was he to stop her? Though the short comments had kind of pissed him off. Not enough to not want to see her, but enough to make him crankier than a four year old before nap time. Because, ok, maybe he did have a Napoleon complex, but the students at Rosewood were giants. Freddie had always been the smallest in the class, but he made up for it in every other area: athletics, looks, brains, popularity and definitely sex. Though the latter actually made him laugh. He didn’t know if she was joking or not but the fact that it seemed as if she doubted his skills was adorable. But he knew better than to tell her to ask the girls he’d slept with how great he was: his ex who was still his best friend, her best friend and the girl who made him her sex slave for most of his high school career. So, not that many sources. The music that he was beating to was upbeat and loud, loud enough to where if she knocked he would not hear. But he figured she’d just walk through the door at this point.]

That's amore || Frivia

After talking with Olivia in the courtyard, ordering pizza and then picking it up, Freddie was finally on his way to Ashford. He held the hot box in his hand easily as he texted on his phone. The fact that it was a New York pizza made him laugh a little on the inside. The pizza man gave him an odd look when he ordered thin crust, the crust almost never used. This was Illinois, close to Chicago Illinois to be exact. They didn’t know the meaning of small, but Freddie would’ve called every pizza place in town just to make her happy. He opened the door and winked at her, pulling the lid back on the pizza. “One New York style pizza?”

If My Moms Don't Approve Then I'll Just Elope || Frivia

[Freddie’s Hummer sat in the circular driveway in front of Ashford as he waited for Olivia to make her appearance. He knew she was nervous and it was honestly just adorable to him, she really had no reason to be. His mother would love her just like he did if not more. As he saw her step into the night air, the beat of his heart picked up and a smile graced his face. She was perfect. He pushed from his position of leaning on his car to embrace her slowly, as not to hurt her.] Hello Gorgeous.

Smoke Mirrors || Frivia

[As Freddie waited outside of the dorm building, he gazed out across the vast campus with a crestfallen look that seemed to take a permanent residency on his face. He wanted to shake the feeling that something was wrong with her, but he couldn’t. Though he knew that when she came down, he would continue to be the gracious boyfriend that she was use to. He knew that he usually wore his emotions on his sleeve but he couldn’t do that anymore. Not when she kept insisting that all was well in her world.]

It Wasn't Me || Frivia

Freddie shuffled towards Olivia’s room, trying to shake his obviously sour mood. How was he suppose to tell her that he couldn’t take her to prom? Why was his dad such an ass? Why the fuck couldn’t Blair pick another time to be rebellious? All questions that needed to be answered, but he just couldn’t find it. Plus they were suppose to have sex and with this news? That was off. So now he wasn’t going to Prom and he was horny, this was bullshit. He knocked on the door once to let her know he was coming in, then he opened the door and sighed.

Too Much Space || Freddie + Olivia

[Slipping on his Jordans, Freddie grabbed his stuff and walked out of the room, passing students in his dorm building. He nodded at some of them and went down to the kitchen. Grabbing some food, he left the building and made his way to Ashford. He kept Poppy’s advice in mind but to him the best way to give her time was to give her space. Knowing that she thought he got bored with her confused him, because he’d made it pretty clear that it would take a lot for that to happen. Actually, everything confused Freddie lately when it came to Olivia. But he knew he’d just have to wait it out and hope that she chose him and if she didn’t he’d still be there, being her friend. A sad one, but a friend nonetheless. Arriving in Ashford, he went up to her dorm knocking on the door. He cleared his throat.] Livs, it’s me..Freddie.

Come And Get It || Frivia

Freddie all but threw Olivia over his shoulder as she declared her need to show him her new found trick. He didn’t know what it was, but then again he was too excited to ask. As he made his way up the stairs and through the hallway, he slid his hands up and down her legs, gauging for some sort of hilarious reaction. “You know, we should keep these spontaneous.” He spoke as he opened the door easily, his lips attaching to hers like magnets. Freddie liked it when she initiated their sexual encounters, it made him feel like she wanted it as much as he did. Plus, anything planned always failed miserably. 

A Movie Or Two || Frivia

[They walked side by side back to her room. He casually looked down at their hands, smiling at how much more fragile hers seemed. That was a secret thing Freddie liked about girls, but more from Olivia. When the looked so petite and feminine but coold really take on anything. He guessed it was the element of surprise. As she unlocked the door, he went in after her, draping his hoodie and jacket across her chair. He moved to where his back was against the headboard and his eyes met hers.] What are we watching tonight?

Never Too Busy || Frivia

[Before Freddie made it to Briarcliffe, he started to message his girlfriend. Within in fifteen minutes of practice ending and him getting out of the shower, he was walking up the grand staircase in Ashford to her dorm. He’d only seen her briefly the day before and was practically going crazy just to touch her. Knocking on her door, he played with the phone in his hand, waiting patiently.]

Won't Go Home Without You || Freddie + Olivia

[As Freddie texted back and forth with Olivia, he was in the diner, waiting to pick up their food. He figured that she probably shouldn’t be eating food from outside the hospital, but it wasn’t like he could just say no. To her, at least. By the time he was walking into the front of the hospital, he’d convinced her that he wasn’t even coming, which was funny. Did she really think he would get upset so easily and just not come see her? Especially while she was in the hospital? Arriving at her door, he pushed in and gave her his biggest smile.] Delivery for two?

Dinner For Two || Freddie + Olivia

[ Laying on his bed, Freddie texted his girlfriend, inquiring about her day. She’d spent the night two days ago but he still wanted to see her. He always wanted to see her. He hoped that she didn’t feel smothered or anything along those lines, because he wanted to spend as much time as possible with her. After they decided on dinner, he left his dorm and headed over to Ashford, arriving at her door two minutes earlier than expected. Freddie lived for the times where they could just be themselves around each other without everyone in their social circle needing to know exactly what happens between them. He knocked on her door and leant against the frame, one leg crossed over the other and a smirk on his face.] Hey gorgeous..uhm, I mean flawless. You ready?