Why do you never visit?

I hate feeling like I just sound like a demanding bitchy girl. Its not like that its not a capricho I’ve been holding in this question for so long, hoping it would never escape beyond late-night thoughts. I wanted to never ask that of you.
I just really want you to. Its lonely up here without you. I don’t crave sex and never once have I felt like I desperately needed it. But I do crave the warmth of your body against mine. Only yours.
So many places I want to take you. I wanted everyone to meet the boy who has my heart. Then I see her, unfaithful and fake, and she’s the one whose boy drives up to visit her or even catches a ride to be here. I realize that its because unlike him you have responsibilities, you have school, work, and other things to spend your time doing. But I always hoped that one little weekend if work and school permitted even the slightest chance you would consider it. I’m not sure its worth the trip when you have something better at home. No estoy exigiendo que lo hagas porque se que esta fuera de tu poder. Es solo un deseo pequeño que tenia.