A Radical Feminist (Her words, not mine) just told me to shut up (Responding to some of the feminist and anti body shaming stuff I like to post). I should not post any of it because it is not my place to have an opinion on it. That nothing I say has any value because I am a man.

I was outraged. How dare you dismiss everything I have to say just because I am a male? Do you know how that feels?

Then I thought…oh yeah…She probably does know exactly how that feels. It sucks. It is infuriating. 

And all I got was a tiny taste of it.


I’ll not stop with my pro feminist opinions. I believe in the positive stuff I find and will continue to post it. I believe that there are people who need it.
Yes….I am a person who is concerned with equality between all of the genders AND I am a 45 year old, straight, white guy.
I am one of the ones that is blessed with all of the possible privilege. 

I can’t apologize for that. 

I can quote one of my favorite people on the planet:

"People will not listen unless you are an old, white man, so I’m an old white man and I will use that to help people who need it."

-Patrick Stewart

Whether you want me or not, I am still going to do what i can to help.

I cannot apologize for that either.

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