"My favorite line in Big Hero 6 is "People keep saying he’s not really gone, as long as we remember him. But it still hurts." I connected to Hiro’s words and cried so much during this scene, because I lost my older sister when I was younger and I was told almost the same thing by everyone. I tell my friends and family I love this movie and they think I’m overly attached. It’s hard to tell them WHY I love it so much."

This night, the streets are a painting from Picasso’s blue period.
Men pass me, sleeping with me using their eyes,
These roads are rosary beads but I am searching for you at the end of them instead of god.
The letterbox in my throat is waiting for a postman to deliver
everything, but they are so carelessly written that they resemble
the way we left the house with the broken words and bottles scattered everywhere.
When you pass me, you look at me but for only a second.
I found you. I found you.
Your daughter is pulling on your arm and you are too distracted to pay attention.
We turn into a painting but there is no time for it to dry.
The watercolour is running and you are running for all you’re worth.
The moment passes. We both exhale like we just made love.
You carry on walking, leaving your old heart behind,
and you don’t look back even though you want to.
It was always going to happen like this, wasn’t it?
We’d meet somewhere again and neither of us
would be prepared—neither of us could say a thing.
But i hope you know that you painted a mural in me that would make Van Gogh proud.
I hope you think of how well you did when you sleep next to her at night.
—  Salma Deera, Murals and Rosary Beads

anonymous asked:

You reference "representation" with your little sister a lot but you're really white? I'm confused.

hi friend! you’re right, i’m pretty darn white. in fact here’s a picture of me being pretty darn white:


…but you know, while we’re using visual aids, i’ll pull out a picture of my sister too. here’s one of her baby pictures:


man, it’s almost like we’re not related by blood. i mean that first kid looks like a huge dork, but the sister is super adorable isn’t she?? 

or something like that.

my sister is korean.

…i am sure you were well-intentioned, anon, but it’d be really cool of you to remember that adoption is a thing