Height problems! Shawn Mendes cute imagine + pictures

Anon asked:  Hi can you plz write me an imagine where I’m shorter than Shawn and he’s rlly cute about it? The plot can be whatever you want :) I love your writing btw

Here you are sweetie :) Sorry it took me a long time to do it, but I had other requests to do first. I know it’s short but I think it’s kinda cute and plus, I added some pictures. 

I hope you like it and as always let me know what you think about it cuz it means a lot for me :) Enjoy it :D 

You and Shawn have been together for a while and you’d always remember the first time you’ve met him at one of his meet&greet. “Hey Shawn, can I hug you?” you softly asked as he leaned down to hug you as you whispered against his chest “you’re so tall… Or me, I’m too short”. He placed a sweet kiss on your forehead and comforted you “don’t worry, baby. You’re so cute”. He then asked you to follow him in the backstage, you talked the whole evening and he gave you his number. And now, here you are.
He’s currently at your house cause you’re parents are away for work,so you’ve asked him to spend the night with you. Being a short girl has pros like cute kisses on your forehead, be picked up or feeling protect when someone hugs you, but it has also disadvantages like you always have to ask someone to help you get something off the top shelf, even when you wear heels, it makes you “normal sized”. But cooking turns into a hard work out because you have to climb the counter. 

Shawn was sitting on the couch watching some music videos. You decide to make you and Shawn brownies to eat then while watching a movie. “Do you need me, baby?” he asks as you reply running your hand through his soft hair “Nope, but thanks anyway”. Cooking with Shawn isn’t funny at all because you’d end up throwing food at each other and you’d be the one that has to clean the whole kitchen.
You need flour and of course you couldn’t reach it since it was on the top shelf. You don’t want to interrupt him so you just climb the counter to reach it. You stand over it and when you grab the flour, suddenly he walks in and exclaims “are you crazy? Baby girl, why didn’t you ask me to help you?”. “Fuck Shawn, you scared me”. He immediately picks you in his arms avoiding you to fall on the ground. “What if I wasn’t here and hold you?” he mumbles and you sigh “I didn’t- I didn’t want to interrupt you. And that’s not your fault if I’m too short”.
He wraps his arms around your neck, kisses your forehead and whispers “ cutie, you know that your height isnt a problem for me. I love you and you’re super cute”. You crack a smile “yeah, whatever. The solutions are two: I’ll always wear heels so that I become normal sized or you have to lean down and kiss me cause I have to stand on my tippy toes”. He laughs showing his beautiful smile “or I can pick you up when I want to kiss you” and so he did. He picks you up as you wrap your legs around his waist and he exclaims “now it’s better”. You press a kiss on his cheek and smile against it. He gives you a sweet kiss before you ask “put me down, I have to finish the brownies if you want to eat them while watching the movie”. 

“So baby, what were you looking for? I mean, when you were on the counter” he questions as you smile “I need flour. So, will you be so gentle to get me what I need. Please”. “Here you are sweetie” he hands in the flour so that you can finish mixing all the ingredients. He hugs you from behind and places soft kisses on your neck especially in you ear zone. “S-shawn, let me finish this” you mumble ad he groans “does it taste good?” referring to the mixture. You stick a finger in it and tease him “wanna taste?” putting your finger in his mouth. “It’s good” he happily say. You put the brownies in the oven and while you wait for them to ready, you clean the kitchen putting away the ingredients. You stand on your tip toes, but you groan “ughhh, why is it too complicated?”. He furrows his eyebrows “what’s wrong, hun?”. You give him a glance and state “I’m too short. I can’t reach the top shelf to put away these things”. He walks near you and hug your tightly resting his chin over your head. “Baby, you know what? One thing about being short is that I feel safe, protect when you hug me” you admit as he bites his lips “I’ll always protect you, my princess” 

Eventually, once the brownies were ready, you spend the whole night cuddling on the couch, watching your favorite movie eating brownies and other junk food.


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Camp counselours! Nash Grier imagine

winnyrivas0515 asked: Could you do a Nash’s imagine where both of us are camp conselours and the kids he’s taking care of tease him because he likes you and make him ask u out pleaseeee? I love you tho

Here you are sweetie ;) Thank you so much for the request and sorry it took me a long time to do it but I had other requests to do first. 

Hope you like it and as always let me know what you think cause it means a lot for me:) Enjoy it ;D

You couldn’t believe, you will spend the whole summer with Nash. You are both camp counselours in a summer camp. You and him are friends but he’s your secret crush

A new week has just began. This means, new kids and new groups. “So, guys. The new kids are expected to come this morning. Nash, Y/N, Andy and Sophie will look at them. If you have any problems, you can just ask me and I’m more than happy to help you. Now, get ready and organize some activities for them” your “boss” suggests. You all nod, you guys sit down on the table and Nash speaks “Guys, what should we do with them?”. “Mmh, what about some boys vs girls activities?” you suggests as the other three agree with you. After a while, you choose what to do with them and around 10, all the kids arrive at the camp.

“Welcome to our summer camp guys. We’re Andy, Nash, Y/N and Sophie and we will be your counselours for this week. I’m sure we will have so much fun” Andy states and then Sophie adds “Ok, we decided to do some boys vs girls activities so girls, come with me and Y/n and you boys go with Nash and Andy”. When the two groups were ready, you speak “Now we’re going to make our own t-shirt. Here you have some white tee and you can decorate them, you can do whatever you want”.

“Y/N, can we make handprints on it? So that, we have the same tees?” one of the girl of your group asks as you nod enthusiastically. Nash kept look over you, so with a hand full of color, you walk near him and, hiding your hand, you tease “So guys, how is it going?”. “Well, really we-“ Nash starts to speak but you interrupt him by placing your hand over his face. “Oops” you smirk at him as all the boys and girls laugh. Then Nash whispers in your ear “Heey, you little one! Watch out Y/N”.

“Ok guys, now since it’s a really hot day, what about having a balloon fight?” Andy proposes as you all agree. “What we have to do is, fill this balloons with water and divide the field in two, one for the girls and one for the boys. Then, when one of us say go, you have to throw your balloons against the other team. The team who has the most people in it, after 10 minutes, wins. Are you all understand?” you explain as you all did what you told. (A/N: I know I suck at explain things. Keep reading :D)

After like 10 minutes, you and Nash were the only one in each teams. “Nash gooo” one of his boys motivates as Nash hits you with his balloon. Then he adds “That was for your handprint on my face”. You just laugh sticking out your tongue. “Boys 1- Girls 0” Andy states as the boy group all hug and scream.

“Don’t worry girls. We have other activities to do and I know we can win” Sophie comforts your group. Then, since it’s almost noon, you decide to eat your lunch.

In the afternoon, you decide to play an activities called “Smurfs and Gargamels”. Nash explains how to play this game “We have two teams standing on opposite sides of the area. The smurfs are one team and gargamels are the other. The smurfs have to run away from  the gargamels. The gargamels have to try to tag the smurfs. You have 10 minutes to catch as many smurfs as you can. Then, we will exchange the team and we will do it again. The team who catches more, wins”. When the game finishes, you announce “This time girls win! So, now we are 1-1”.

At the evening, you decide to sing all together around the bonfire eating marshmallows and telling other stupid jokes or silly things. When it was bed time, Nash and Andy put the boys in bed as you and Sophie did the same with your girls.

*in the boys area*

“Did you have fun today, guys?” Nash asks them as they all nod in affirmation when one of them speaks “Can we have some boys time before going to sleep?”. Nash and Andy laugh and agree on talking about boys things. “Can we talk about the girls? Tomorrow we have to win” another boys exclaims as Andy asks them “Do you like any of the girls?”. Some of them say yes, some of them say no, but then one of them smile “I don’t like them, cause they’re girl and they can be strange sometime. But we all think that Nash likes Y/N”. Nash immediately blushes as he tries to justify “Me? Y/N? Pff.. no. I mean, we’re only friends”

Then, Andy teases him “Nash, tell us the truth! You like her, huh? You’re not only friends”. “Yeah Nash, ask her out” or “You’d be so cute together” the boys tease Nash as he couldn’t help but blush and smile. He clears his throat “Time to sleep guys. Tomorrow will be a long day and we have to win”.

When finally they were all asleep, you and the other counselours sit down near the bonfire to talk about the days and the activities you’d do the next day. But then, Andy and Sophie announce that they were tired and they went to sleep.

“So, Y/N, finally we’re alone” Nash sighs as you look over him and smile. “It was a long day, but we had so much fun” you state as he takes a deep breath before asking “Ehm, I have something to tell you”. You pat on his leg to comfort him giving him a reassuring look. “Well, I realized, thanks to the boys, that I kinda have a crush on you, I mean I’m so happy with you and I started to see you more than a friend. And I wanted to find a cute way to tell you but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. And I don’t know what I’m saying but – “ you interrupt him by saying “Nash, don’t worry cause I have a crush on you too. But I was too scared to tell you cause I didn’t want to lose you and I think you didn’t like me”.

He’s smiling ear to ear as you press your lips against his cheek, then you rest your head on his shoulder. He then speaks “What about going out, me and you only?”. “When?” you smile as he gets up grabbing your wrist to help you getting up too. “Now. Don’t ask me where I’m gonna take you, cause I won’t tell you”. After like 10 minutes, you get to the lake, he sits down on a bench as you sit on his lap “Wow, Nash. It’s beautiful here” you exclaim as he offers you his hoodie “Here, baby. It’s freezing and you’re only wearing a tank”. You snuggle up to him as he gives you a sweet kiss on your forehead. Then you smirk “Nash, you know that this hoodie will automatically become mine? Can I please with this?”. He just laughs “You’re so cute, baby. Of course you can hold it. I have other hoodies I can wear”.

“Gosh, I’m so tired right now” you yawn as he runs his fingers through your hair. He stands up before whispers “Come on, jump on my back. I’ll give you a piggy back ride. Just don’t fall asleep on me. No, I’m joking”. You jump on his back, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. Then you rest your head in the crook of his neck and gently whisper in his ear “Thank you so much Nash. We should do it more often”. He turns his head to kiss your cheek and giggles “What about doing it every nights?”.

matt walsh is actually half an old sandwich that someone found in the garbage and taught how to speak pass it on

sweetbabygroudon asked:

☢- Our muses during a radioactive breakout. (Old ask meme but Ha! Does it anyways)

“What are you even doing in here? This area is off limits.” Of course, that doesn’t apply to him. He’s a legendary. That sign pertains to humans only. He’s clearly not breaking in and causing the radioactive break out while freeing the pokemon in the lab. Nope.

I can’t decide what meme I would get tattooed… do I want to go old school, classic meme? do I want new wave meme? there are so many options

I CAN HAS OLD MEMES? - a playlist for the inexplicable breakdown of linear time in the blogosphere

The Hampster Dance Song Hampton the Hampster / The Mysterious Ticking Noise / Neil Cicierega / Dragostea Din Tei O-Zone / Never Gonna Give You Up Rick Astley / Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix) Caramell / They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard Erwin Beekveld / Everybody To The Limit Strongbad / Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! daniwellP