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dear, when you are your saddest self, remember the old piano. the dusty keys, and plucked out notes. when you are your saddest self, remember the light through the trees, and the old country music that made you feel a hundred years old. remember your mother’s laugh and her hands on the steering wheel. when you are your saddest self, remember the smell of brewing coffee before you liked the taste of it and remember swinging from strong hands and windy rooftops and rainy gardens and long bus rides at night. remember these moments that are not you, but make you you. remember.
—  a.l. | remember
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I’m saving your ask for Admin V to answer with one of her classic long posts, but I’ll share a few short thoughts on my favorite pairing. (I’m getting over a cold, so please excuse the brevity. I would normally let my fangirl-y spirit free haha.) But what do I love about Onkey’s relationship?

I love that a lot of their affection is subtle and appears private. Much of their physical affection happens off-stage and can almost be overlooked. I love how they appear to have a quiet intimacy, which is noticeable when they break-off from the group at the airport or overseas to grab coffee or shop. (Not to mention their “airplane buddies” and “bathroom buddies” tendencies.) It’s also noticeable in the playful way they speak to each other (Key’s “old man” nickname).

I love that they seem to support each other and help with the other’s insecurities. When Key says he worries about his accent slipping out, Onew says he likes accents. When Onew says he is shy about his thick thighs, Key says he loves thick thighs. Every time Onew makes a joke Key laughs even if others just seem confused and Onew always turns to see if Key is laughing. Onew tends to rank Key first in looks and he compliments him, knowing that the media often ranks Key last and that Key is insecure about his looks (basically all of Onkey’s commentary on the vacation DVD). Key often finds Onew on crowded stages and pulls him towards the center so that he’s not hiding in the back. In interviews they often compliment how the other thinks, how the other works hard, or how the other handles adversity. They seem to have a lot of mutual respect for the other’s strengths, especially the ones they lack themselves, and I feel like there is a certain intellectual comradery there. Lots of things along these lines…

I’m sure Admin V will have a more complete answer with specific examples, but I couldn’t miss a chance to share a few thoughts on this pairing. In general, I think that Onkey have personalities that fit together in a way that makes them both better versions of themselves and I find that to be wonderful to watch.

- Admin C

Maybe one day I will be able to afford Yves Saint Laurent clothing…

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Graffiti in Richmond, Virginia

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Love this colours match, and remember always wears slim or skinny fit jeans ;)

No words to say … Ideal for a spring/summer relaxed but chic style. Don’t you think so ?