Inside-out and Backwards - Operation Levity

The rare peaceful moment in the dark, early hours of morning at the prison was broken by the sound of a single ringing gunshot.

It only took a split second for the ever hyper-vigilant Daryl to respond. He was up, pulling on his jeans and the first undershirt he found on the floor, and out of the cell,crossbow on shoulder before he could even put a light on.
He’d run through the almost deserted prison and out into the moonlit yard, only running into Michonne once outside. Glenn and Maggie, confused and on edge as everyone else, had come down from their shared watch on the tower. 

The only thing off was the sound of the old truck running, and it was getting closer to where they stood. 
They were still for a second, weapons raised, until the truck pulled slow around the corner Rick at the wheel and Hershel riding shot-gun.
Hershel, leaning out the window, yelled to them from a distance. “False alarm people! Just the ol’ gal backfiring”.

There was an audible sigh of relief as the tension dissipated. The truck pulled up just as Carol came running out, medical supplies in one hand and rifle, complete with duct-taped flashlight in the other………….wearing Daryl’s shirt.

With the flashlight on and adrenalin no longer distracting them it was suddenly obvious………..And the giggling started.
“So uh… Got dressed in the dark did ya Daryl?” Rick was unable to keep the amusement from his voice.
Looking down, Daryl realised what everyone found so funny.

Partially torn, stretched beyond repair and only covering him to the midriff was Carols yellow and flowery, lace necked tank top.
“What about’chu?” Maggie turned to Carol now ” S’that all he left you on cell floor?”
Both Carol and Daryl had gone beet red and were making a hasty retreat back into the privacy of indoors.
“Thats right, go help each other back out of those clothes” Glenn yelled after them laughing as Maggie and Michonne
High-five’d, ready to collect their bet-winnings candy from Rick.