The old idea that words possess magical powers is false; but its falsity is the distortion of a very important truth. Words do have a magical effect — but not in the way that magicians supposed, and not on the objects they were trying to influence. Words are magical in the way they affect the minds of those who use them.

"A mere matter of words," we say contemptuously, forgetting that words have power to mould men’s thinking, to canalize their feeling, to direct their willing and acting. Conduct and character are largely determined by the nature of the words we currently use to discuss ourselves and the world around us.

—  Aldous Huxley, Words and Their Meanings

Projects up next are 1920-30 dresser which is not in as good of shape as the pictures may fool one into thinking. Top veneer has been repeatedly repaired and varnished. It’s coming off. Right down to it’s oaken core. The drawers to be lined with top fabric and tho some will feel it’s heresy, it is getting a paint job. The veneers are good on the front so I’m taking my time puzzling out what stays original and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, every layer of varnish just went straight over the old one, so on closer inspection it’s not as pristine as one would think. Some scroll work is broken off too. Also, not original hardware. That always sucks. They should have been metal so the glass and wood almost seem out of place on it. And whoever has been repairing the drawers needs a swat to the head. Several if the dovetail joints are splintered and broken because of the nails hammered through the hundred year old wood. Great idea. (Eye roll) so it’s a fixer upper.
Piece two: quaint little china hutch, same era. Love that era. People see it as antique here, because we’re in the west, but it is coming up close to one hundred, so, it can definitely be rickety. This cabinet is in really reasonable condition with only three minor fixes, leg, top design & one of the wooden pieces laid behind the glass. This baby is going a really beautiful linen colour & a rich deep masculine blue inside. The drawers are getting lines with the bottom fabric (I actually get butterflies when I think of that detail & picture this piece finished) Original hardware and I’m not sure yet on the cute details, but I’m thinking…
I love the little stuff an owner will see in like a year from now, something under a drawer or whatever.
The overall idea to this is, taking the pieces that people don’t want in their homes because they’re cheesy, ugly, wrecked up, and making them usable but mostly, loveable again. True blue, something loved. To be passed down to someone. Heirlooms discarded and finding a new family and home.
Scheduled tonight for pick up are two hideous, like really bad, seventies cabinets. One metal because I love metal pieces and retro crap being brought to the modern day industrial vogue, and the other, icky dark brown drop down liquor cabinet with book shelves. I already know where I’m going with both so I’m happy to be getting them here so I can start them.

And this is where my creative outlet is being used these days. I have nearly finished another dinning set and still have a dresser (which is being fought over by my oldest girls) to finish. I’m running out of warm weather to work outside so I’m on a deadline for some of these pieces.

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Tom, do you have any idea how old the following characters are? Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, Carol Danvers. Or do you think that I'm right with the assumption, that Reed and Tony are in their early 40s, Bruce in his late 30s and Carol in her early 30s?

That seems mostly right, though I think Tony is only in his late 30s.


had this idea since around half a year ago. flipped versions under cut.

I will learn to colour properly someday.

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