But the worse thing about growing up and getting older, is the way my friends just sort of drifted away. It is sad how someone can mean so much to you, and be such an important part of your life, and then, because of time, or other uncontrollable circumstances, you never see them again. For whatever reason they are gone, and you miss them, and everyday you hope and pray that you will see them again, if only for a second. But they go on without ever thinking of you, or knowing how much they have meant, or just how beautiful they are, and how your life will never be what you want it to be without them
—  Adam Stanley  All My Sins Remembered

I’m a senior design student at university, and have had a few internships and some freelance work. My mom calls me to tell me about how she got an artist to do character paintings for her for the book she’s writing. 

Client: Oh my god you should see these pictures he did, they’re so freaking beautiful!

Me: Send them to me, I’d love to see!

Client: He only let me preview them. I can’t have them until I’ve paid him $1200. It’s so damn expensive.

Me: Aw, well that’s usually how it works. You gotta pay the rest of the deposit.

Client: Hey, why don’t I give you the login information and you take a picture of the preview and redo it for me so I don’t have to pay!

Me: Welp.

A “friend” got in touch with the request for a series of logo designs. He offered money, but…

Me: If you need a logo right away, I’m afraid you’re going have to wait. I’ve got two projects due this coming week for different clients.

Client: I see. Well, I figure if I was going to pay someone $40 to make my logo, it would be someone I know. Your loss.