Transforming Old Books into New Art

For more lovely literary art, explore the #bookart and #booksculpture hashtags on Instagram.

Marlene Marques (@a_novel_idea_21) spends up to four hours a day folding up and tearing through pages of old novels—but never destroying them. “Book art is about giving books new life,” she says. “Especially in the age of e-readers and e-books, it’s a great way to bring physical novels back into people’s homes.”

Marlene, originally from Portugal and currently living in New Jersey, first started creating book art as a personal pastime in the off-hours from her job as a 911 emergency call dispatcher. Eventually, she started sharing photos of the finished products on Instagram, and selling her work online.

“In the end I think I’m inspired by a love of books, and their smell,” she says. “What better way to recycle them than to re-create them into works of art?”