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You're probably the best godmother ever tbh

I’m absolutely not. I once made my godson laugh so hard by playing airplane with him that he puked all over me. I just deadpan stared at him and said “wow, to think I was going to read you a story before your nap”

he got so upset and ran off so I just had to chase him with a book while apologizing frantically, still covered in goddamn vomit.  

and whenever I’m with him he just goes “Aunty?” (I’m not his aunty but he calls me that and it kills me) and sounds like he’s preparing to ask me a really important question and I say “yeah buddy, what’s up?” but he doesn’t continue, he just interrupts his own question and says “Aunty?” like in the past fucking 0.5 seconds he’s found a more pressing and important question that must be answered first. he does this again and again until I’m just like



When Trix cereal was fruit shaped

When Cartoon Network actually had good cartoons

When MTv showed music videos

When Pluto was still the 9th planet

When Mountain Dew was spelled out and not abbreviated on the bottles

When you could go to the movies and not leave broke

When everyone said “PSYCHE!”

When you got up early Saturday mornings to watch cartoons

When Goosebumps were the hottest thing

When the radio actually played good music

When all the little kids were collecting Pokemon and Yugioh cards

When everyone made those paper fortune things

When everyone was outside riding bikes instead of inside facing a screen

When all your school supplies were “Lisa Frank” brand

I miss the old times.

arms tonight - a revamped eremin mix {listen}

it's what they call the inseparable bond you can't escape from even if  you try, you know?

01. arms tonight - mother mother || 02. el manana - gorillaz || 03. campfire - satellite stories || 04. relax my beloved (acoustic) - alex claire || 05. disparate youth - santigold || 06. love in the time of human papillomavirus - andrew jackson jihad || 07. breezeblocks - alt-j || 08. viva forever - spice girls || 09. gold - sharks || 10. rather be - clean bandit || 11. forever and ever - royal wood || 12. rose marie - leyla mccalla