Kahwin Khronicles Dah Kahwin!

So, who?

#kahwinkhronicles lah, macam you all donch already know eh. Hahahah

I know in the previous post I said that I’m waiting for Farhana to post about her wedding but she said that if I did, I’d probably already be married or some brides may have already get pregnant! Hahahahahaha Okay lah pantin baru, awak pi enjoy honeymoon awak oteh!

If you noticed, the invite has a scratch-off portion which my sister eagerly and clumsily scratched off! Kalau aku yang scratch, bersih putih ah tu card. Hahahaha. Even my Mom commented that it was a pretty neat idea. She said “Did you already know before you scratched who is getting married?” I said “Yes, how else did the sender know our address kan”. ‘—-‘

Zal couldn’t take leave for that day (public holiday weiii banyak orang dah snap dulu) so I was left to attend alone. I even wanted to return the seat to Farhana; who knows she might have a long waiting list of people to invite but she insisted I bring somebody.

So when Shahera emailed me to chit chat about my ring, I just spouted if she wanted to be my date for the wedding! Hahahah and she said yes! So yay me!

Maybe we can buat escort service eh. Hahahah eh jangan pikir bukan2. As in, we are a group of BTBs who obviously enjoy and adore weddings - but sometimes we might find ourselves in a situation where we can’t find anyone to go with when our misters are unavailable. So perhaps we can teman each other and attend said wedding and at the same time look see look see as well? Cool idea, no?

Okok, so on the day itself, Nunu & Areff actually came to pick me up (awww sho sweet kan) because she didn’t want me to ride Dora in a dinner dress hahaha. Yang dia tak tau I dah pernah naik my bike pakai skirt pendek, skirt ketat, baju kurung, kebaya semua and all with high heels. Heehehehe. But still, appreciate the thought Nu! Saved me from having helmet hair too!

So when we reached Silat Federation, this was what greeted us:

It looks like a normal photobooth right, only that the camera is unmanned and that you have a huge-ass reflector looking right back at you. That huge-ass thing right there lah yang membuat we allz lookz so jembuz macam lembuz.

After all the kecoh-kecoh in the photobooth, we were pleasantly suprised and jakun giler to see these as our seating chart/plan:

Cute gilerrrr kan. I think my avatar matched mine pretty well tapi….MANA RAMBUT SHAHIRAH PAT DALAM SINI?! Hahahahahaha

I’m super impressed with the accuracy of this seating chart lah, because I only told Farhana that Shahera was my date FOUR FREAKING DAYS BEFORE HER WEDDING and she still managed to selit in this minor little detail amongst worrying about other wedding-related woes in the grand scheme of things. But oh well, we are talking about Farhana here. It’s not shocking lah actually kan? Hahahaha

So this is her hall setup, very pinky with a dash of mint here and there - I likeeeeeee. And her theme is scallop (which makes me want to EAT scallop actually slap me please)

Her favours were macarons; which I shamelessly asked Farhana’s sister for a second pack hahahahahahaahahah mesti dia pikir “Siapa sak ni pompuan mintak dua berkat tak malu keperrrrr”

The view from our table:

And our table number:

The dais setup….omgggg the flowersssss, hearts dalam mata segala!

We arrived pretty early, so we went around looking at all her setup details. Kaypoh lah, senang cakap.

I knew she loved this idea so it’s pretty endearing to notice that she incorporated the Honeymoon Fund box on her guest table:

Pretty nak mampos kan her setup <3333

And while we ogled at everything, here’s her photographer Nazri from Bliss capturing her rings among her desserts!

Eh boleh gila lah siak tengok her desserts………

As though one dessert table is not enough, she kasi another spread:

She also had this gantry lined with bulbs (ala ala dressing room) which is totally made useless in my camera sebab tak boleh nampak hapa benda hahahahah

Shahirah myweddreams and her wet wed dreams…hahahahaha

Ni kesian kan amek sendiri…

So I took for them! Nunu twentyninejune and Areff!

The lady who said yes to being my date! Shahera brideside who is literally Little Miss Brightside!

Mana boleh kalau takde gambar yang kita suruh the boys to amekkan kan….

And after the arrival of the bride and groom, they gave a speech!

And after a few speeches after that, we finally got to eat! Hahahaha lapar giler dok. Actually salah sendiri ah. We were supposed to grab the food right when we arrived, but nobody NOBODY inched towards the buffet table at all so takkan this group of BTBs nak start dulu kan. Hahahahah

I amek 2 udang kan…in the end I kopek like 5 or 6!!! Sebab ada lah orang orang tu kan yang segan silu nak kopek udang. Hahahaha

Ni gambar semua dah kenyang, dah amek dessert segala…tu pasal muka banyakkkk senyummm

And finally, we got to meet Dyan from deardyan! We actually intercepted her from going home actually. Farhana didn’t seat us together so that’s why earlier on tak jumpa.

Heh heh heh ni kesian shot sebab earlier 2 shots si bride singkirkan husband baru dia. So third shot kita kasi dia sympathy vote lah, meh sini amek gambar ngan kita plak….with the bride showing off her true colours by the side hahahahaha

And finally one on her scallopy, fish-scaly dais :) Ya, jangan nak sebut eh. We allz knowz wez pendekz. Hahahahah Shahirah, next meetup PLEASE PAKAI FLATS TENKZ

We received hard copies of the Hello Forever shots too so gembira sungguh!

Macarons from Ola Lola which are absolutely delightful. They’re so soft and melt-in-your-mouth kind, macam menyesal plak amek 2 pack jer. Hahahaha perangai eh patut dapat satu jer seh, lagik nak lebih

And these were taken from her Dessert Atisan’s table! Love that everything is according to theme! 

If you love anything you see here, you know where to find them lah eh. If you don’t, here’s Farhana & Saliheen’s list of vendors :)

Congratulations again, you two! Besok pi honeymoon jangan lupa bawak monopod yerrrr.

I tell you, the stuff that went into my bag that night was enough to last me a few days worth of pigging out! Hahahaha. My sister sampai cakap eh bag kakak dah macam Barney bag seh macam macam goodies ada pat dalam thanks eh dah lah aku pakai purple that night zzzz

Rina & Rizal

I was quite excited for this wedding as Miss Rina Ruzanna is my first “online friend” yang terbawak sampai ke realiti..we go way back since my livejournal days and have been on each others’ many channels of social networks ever since.

Our kinship and affinity may also be explained by our matair’s (now husband, for her) love for Royal Sporting House. Mana-mana yang ada RSH, situlah dorang nak masuk. Even though we just went a couple of days ago, or when we mall hop. E.g. You know how Suntec and Marina Square are linked kan? On some really boring days, my boy and me would walk from Suntec to MS and dua dua RSH dia nak masuk! Menyamz! Kedai sama, benda sama. Entah apa steam tah!

So, usually apa Rina and I do? We Foursquare-d (time app ni masih hangat di pasaran hahaha!) everytime we were dragged into RSH! I’m surprised neither of us made “Mayor” haha!

So yes kids, that was how Rina and I are affiliated. Hahahahaha ok now to her wedding sebab my intro sumpah dah panjang sangat..

I really love this shot of her and her hubby! So cantik! And her hubby looks charming too. I know, I know..laki orang, tapi I’ve seen FDR in most of Rina’s photos and seriously takde sampai berseri bersinar beruang sebegini, you! Seri pengantin abes! Hurhurhur. Rina, cam gini you tak bleh kasi FDR pakai tanjak and baju melayu bila dia keluar randomly tau, danger! LOL

Her macaron tower cake from Ola Lola :)

Pengantin tengah sibuk makan ayam masak merah! Think she managed more than 2 spoonfuls so worth it lah hahahahah. AND WHAT THE HELL LOR YOU TAK MAKAN NASI MINYAK?!

My boy saw me taking this photo and said “You must say this is YOUR plate hokay…amek punyalah banyak, later people think it was me who makan macam tak makan 3 hari 3 malam”

Thanks eh, thanks eh! Tapi I didn’t have breakfast (konon ni justify my perangai budak gemuk ayam daging ikan semua jalan terus) so I piled on for lunch - notice how there’s no vegetables? Hahaha!

Her favours! The cupcake towel was in my inspiration for my favours! But since I’m thinking of DIY-ing my favours, I figured ni kerja susah and carik penyakit sendiri and brapa minggu seh aku nak lipat tuala jadi cupcake gini?! Rina bought hers at Batam, quick fix gila! So I decided on an alternative (easier too!) favour that terlarat akak DIY. The 2nd thing I cannot figure out apa kebende, handkerchief eh?

And because I love this shot so much, here’s another one sans colours!

Kemarok. Kalau sendiri punya wedding photo agaknya satu gambar boleh upload 23 kali sebab satu ada colour, satu black and white, satu sepia, satu blue tone, satu red tone, and in one of each of the available Instagram filters agaknya…………hmmmm sounds quite like me if I think of it hahahahah

For more details of her wedding vendors, click here :)